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Friday, 15 September 2006, 7:53am
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BELIEVE IT or not, our brains are still spinning from all the fun we had trying to find horses/faces/sense in the wonderful pictures our beautiful BOHEMIAN friend posted Wednesday and the Idiom Enlightenment/Word History lesson teh fabulous PENGUIN provided us with yesterday. So, with our brains in such a mangled state and without any better ideas, we figured we’d give you all a couple more things to screw with your minds. Yeah, we’re like that.

FIRST, we present a mind-boggling-mind-reading MYSTICAL BALL. The directions are easy (assuming you can do simple math, and we know you can). All you need is a 2 digit number, a calculater, a Mayan calendar and…heh heh, just kidding. Actually, the directions are on the site. Trust us, follow them, and you’ll be amazed. 

SECOND, now that your brains are warmed up, go visit TEH PENGUIN. Her Thursday Brain Teasers have become legendary in our own minds, even when she doesn’t post ’em until Friday. Just make sure you do NOT give away the answer if you actually know it, otherwise we can’t be held responsible for what may happen.  Suffice it to say, teh Penguin doesn’t take kindly to killjoys. Word.

FINALLY, we offer a little visual delight, courtesy of who else? None other than PAVEL! A man with the means to find the most amazing links on the ‘net (and he’s not afraid to use ’em). Fortunately, today he let us borrow one that’s mind-bendingly TRÈS MAGNIFIQUE. Merci Pavel, vous êtes le meilleur! (Gosh we love speaking in French. Unfortunately, we don’t know how. Fortunately, we have BABEL FISH, otherwise we’d be goin’ all bluh bluh bluppitty bluh on your asses.)

I vill a little t’ink.” ~ Albert Einstein

~ snuppy


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Funny as always.
By the time I came to Einstein´s quote I wa son the floor. 🙂
Thank you for the link to my site…you are very lovely indeed!

Comment by Penguin

so I did the mystic ball thing…and I do numbers not very well.
So the symbol I had in mind was wrong, but teh computer calculated right…
it is scary stuff!

Comment by Penguin

that quote is one of my favorites! and the Mystic Ball is pretty weird! actually it’s clever… tho’ i hope no one gives away the “trick” (for, of course, there is one!)

and your Thursday Friday Brain Teaser is a GREAT one (no pun intended) so how could i NOT link?? besides, i was only trying to keep up with the theme you and the lovely Miz B had going here, tho’ these aren’t really in the same category. actually the pool table/dominos trick is just cool. and made me ask “how the heck did he do that?”, so technically, it kind of fits in! xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

d’oh! guess i forgot to log off. xox

Comment by snuppy

Just saw Pavel´s video…that must be such a bother playing that game. I mean you get to use your stick once and than you spend a day putting teh dominoes back in place 🙂

Comment by Penguin

ha! now *i’m* on the floor, laughing! xox

Comment by snuppy

That mystical ball even worked when I got my math wrong. Just like Penguin but she’s my long lost twin, y’know.


Comment by Little Blue Pill

Wow…that billiards domino? Coooooool.

Granted there was a lot of time on his hands when he thought of that. How drunk do you have to be to put dominos on a pool table?

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Someone please tell me how that mystical ball works so it won’t haunt me the rest of the day. Amazing.

Comment by BoBo

Bobo, see if you say play again…and you hit that button adn than you see that the sogns for the numbers change? Go from there…´caus epuppy siad I cnaæt tell you how it works, I won´t. I love her too much. But she didnæt say anything about hinting and we all know how fond I am of hinting 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Bobo…. you don’t think it’s done through magic? that said, i confess it drove me crazy for awhile, too! xoxox

excellent hint, Penguin! (i knew you were a clever girl…) xox

Comment by snuppy

oh, and LBP, i’m with you, how drunk, indeed! as an ADD girl, what blows my mind the most about that pool table trick is how much time it took to set up. and you just know there was a lot of trial and error, before he perfected it, right? so Penguin’s actually correct in saying it must be a reallyreally *frustrating* “game”! 😉 xox

Comment by snuppy

…so all I’m going to get is hints?

Comment by BoBo

🙂 Hey Joel – if you notice that each time you try again on the magic ball the chart changes the images. My honey the math geek says that its just an equation that always ends up the same and then the shapes change to meet the equation’s constant answers. *LOL* But I don’t know if I buy that, I would like to keep thinking its magical!

Comment by cj

What is all this about mystical balls!? I’ll find out later…


Comment by Lampshade Lady

cj: what about “I hope no one gives away the trick” *didn’t* you understand??? (kidding… for, of course the magic *is* in the math!!) xox

Comment by snuppy

not to worry…in my head math does equal magic…my brain doesn’t work that way. Math, maps, directions…Greek, Greek, Greek, to me.

Comment by BoBo

snuppy: Min engelsk er forferdelig ! Det tapt i trasnlation ! (my english is terrible. It must have been lost in translation!)

🙂 The domino’s thing was nifty, thea loved it. I am thinking whoever figured that one out was suffering from insomnia and had lots of time on his hands.

Comment by cj

cj: ¡para no preocuparse, novia, está de ninguna consecuencia! (how much do we lovelovelove Babel-Fish?) xox 😉

Comment by snuppy

i found a potato that looked like mystical balls.

*sprints away whimpering from all hints of mathematicalness and numberosity aaaaaaak*

Comment by FirstNations

Somebody help Bobo out so that I can know the answer too!

Snuppy, “¿de ninguna consequencia?” ROFL!!!

Comment by Pavel

FN: a mystical-ball-shaped potato? mathematicalness? numberosity?? hahahahaha!! i’m dying here! xox

Pavel: you of *all* people should be able to figure this out. well, maybe. you liked “de ninguna consequencia”? then the time i spent on Babel-Fish was not in vain! 😀 xox

Comment by snuppy

¡Usted todo es apenas maravilloso!

I tried babel Fish for teh first time and I am loving it 🙂
Good night everybody. It is almost midnight here and I had a wonderful day with you all!
Nighty night!

Comment by Penguin

psssst. the secret to the mystical ball is the magical number 9. pass it on…. xox

Comment by mystical-spoiler-girl-who's-usually-snuppy

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