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Hello? by Snuppy
Monday, 18 September 2006, 8:29am
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GOLLY. We know this is a busy time for everyone, but would it kill you to stop by once in awhile? Maybe call to tell us you’re okay? WE type our fingers to the bone on a daily(ish) basis, and all we ask in return is a meager “hey how’s it goin’?” or a happy “how-dee-doo“. Instead, we were, for all intents and purposes, ingnored. Sigh. Keep this up, Snarksters, and we’ve got a good mind to leave this page empty. Maybe let you guys fill it out yourselves. How’d ya like them apples?

OKAY, we’re not really going to do that. You know we love you and only want you to be happy. Seriously, we’re just whiny today because we’re assuming many of you were out doing something very INTERESTING and/or possibly HEALTHY and/or extremely ENTERTAINING over the weekend, while we, on the other hand, were stuck at home minding the blog. Or did we miss something HUGE* while we had our pathetic noses pressed up against the computer screen?

*language alert

~ snuppy


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The “End of the World” was awesome…will be watching several times before the day is done. Well…it’s Monday. yep. Monday. Awful commute…on a Monday…and uh, oh yeah…it’s Monday.

Comment by BoBo

Oh, how I LOVED the string thing and the end of the world clip! Too funny! Thanks for the laughs, Monday’s should always start like this! Thanks and I’ll be back! D 🙂 FIRST!!!

Comment by FelineFrisky

honey…an hour and a half definitely qualifies as an AWFUL commute! sorry you had to have that… especially on a Monday (adding insult to injury, right?) xox (snuppy)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Ok, so I’m second. But it’s okay – it’s BoBo! 🙂

Comment by FelineFrisky

uh-oh… sorry FF… looks like you and Bobo were commenting at the same time! glad you liked the links… the End of the World has actually been around for awhile, but the one i linked to is an updated version. i loved it, too! wonder if California, Hawaii and Alaska really will wind up hangin’ out in the Pacific some day? hee hee! xox (snuppy)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

That was hilarious.
The End of the World strip was fantastic. I watched it three times in a row 🙂
Just delightful.
I had a post ready for today, 5 minutes after you posted yours. Now I am glad I wasn´t 6 minutes earlier 🙂
Just funny!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Hey! How’s it goin? I’ll be back I promise because I need to see the hilarity which I may have to see later, but if that’s the case I’ll just be back and chat? lymymi!

Comment by Lampshade Lady

One hot puppy up there was me. The one with the one with all the smileys 🙂
Sometimes I forget to log out.
What the heck I´ll watch the end of the world strip one more time 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Hi snuppy! Busy weekend. Hope yours was good. Hope everybody’s was great! Gotta go check out the videos!

Comment by Pavel

Well as soon as I get Grace down for her morning nap I will be looking at those links. 🙂

My weekend was pretty good – spent a lot of time with the family which I suppose is nothing new. 🙂 On Sunday we went to a Rally For Change and saw John Murtha and Thea ate donuts. Really it was a beautiful weekend here in Minnesota – perhaps you all should have joined us!

Comment by cj


Comment by Walela

Penguin: so? this means the post for tomorrow is already done?? excellent! and YAY! (glad you liked that video… i had a feeling you’d think it was funny!) xox

LL: a couple of those links are to articles and/or other blogs… the last one is the one i guess you’ll have to watch at home (sorry) and, even tho’ it’s really cute, there’s a bit of “language”, so you definitely won’t want to let the kids watch! xox

Pavel & CJ: busy weekend? what’s that like? (hee hee… ours was lovely, just very low key) xox

Walela: ‘sup? xox

Comment by snuppy

y’know, there were pastries in the gazebo here yeaterday and now theres none today (buuuurp)
i think someone needs to go on a donut run.
meanwhile i will be busy applying duct tape to all the cracks in the playground so the park doesnt break off and slide into the pacific.

Comment by FirstNations

*returns from the donut store, face covered in chocolate*

here you are guys, they only had 5 left! Bunch of police cars parked outside teh store…

Comment by Penguin

I wish I had a low key weekend… I haven’t had one in 4 years!

Comment by cj

I would love to hop by more often, but I have been digging in the garden and the feline guardian chased me off. 😦

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Oh no you don’t Bunny! I’ll not have you give the wonderful Snarksters the impression that I keep you on a leash! In a cage, maybe. LOL Weren’t the vids great!?? I had to watch it again and I’m still playing with the string thing! Isn’t it sad how little it takes to amuse me? sigh. Thanks again! D

Comment by FelineFrisky

*Rattles bars* Free the Bunny !!! Free the Bunny!!!

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

That kitten sure runs a tight ship around teh bunny household:)
Ok, everybody…I am truning in and see you all in teh morning!

Comment by Penguin

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