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Arrrrrgh!* by Snuppy
Wednesday, 20 September 2006, 7:44am
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*WE had this post ready for yesterday, but then a certain beloved Penguin popped in with her delightful post about cheesy pick-up lines and, well, what can we say? We love us some good cheese! So, tho’ a day late and a doubloon short, we figure we might still have time to capitalize on Pirate Fever (catch it!) if we hurry.

*     *     *     *     * 

AVAST YE HEARTIES! WE don’t want to alarm anyone, but today is yesterday was… (brace yourselves)… INTERNATIONAL PIRATE DAY! Woo-hoo… we mean… Arrrrgh (be still your hearts). Just in time (we guess) to coincide with ABC’s newest version of WIFE SWAP (or vice versa), which aired last night two nights ago. Of course, we have no intention of watching Wife Swap, with or without the pirate theme, because we think it’s a stupid premise for a TV show. Besides, we’re quite certain THE PIRATE ELECTIONS were much more entertaining and commercial free, making them the Pirate programming of choice. In all honesty, we wonder why they were slighted in this year’s overall Pirate Day celebration–we’d like to believe it was just an oversight, but we’re in the process of making inquiries, just to make sure. 

NOW if you’re like us, and are unfamiliar with the innerworkings of “Pirate Speak” (take this QUIZ to see how much you know) we are more than happy to provide you with this HOW TO TALK LIKE A PIRATE video, along with this helpful printed GUIDE. OR, you could simply cheat take the easy route and have your text automatically translated for you by using THIS translator, eh hearties? Whatev. We expect to have everyone soundin’ like Cap’n Jack Sparrow in no time flat by 19 September 2007. Savvy?

WHAT can we say? Slow news day.

~ snuppy


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Ahoy, Jim Lad…a fine day to sail the seas. How are ye saucy wrenches today? yarrrrrrrrr!

Comment by Penguin

ahoy, Penguin! i just added another tool for enhancing our ability to talk the talk o’ the sea… hopefully it will make for smooth sailing… or at least a fair amount of hilarity! xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

arrrr… t’was me up there.

Ahoy! all buckos o’ t’ Snark Park! sorry t’ be late with t’ Pirate Day Celebration… hope everyone still has fun! (t’ translator be cool… tho’ somewhat limited. oh well… ’tis still fun, right maties?)

Comment by snuppy

Arrr, but that were funny! I be sore at the sides from haarrring. What say we pull anchor and sail withthe sun to ye warmer climates? There be saucy wenches on their beaches! Yarrr! 🙂 D

Comment by FelineFrisky

Ahoy, me hearties! Shiver me timbers, that was mighty fine fun!

Comment by Penguin

Ahoy maties and yo ho heave ho! I got a 50 on the quiz so thankfully I have a whole year to brush up! One of our favorite movies is the big screen to video Muppets’ adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island! Argh! I can see we wenches need some pirates around here today!

To the saloons for a TGSL!

Comment by Capt. LongLamp Silver

Argh Snuppy – tis fun indeed!

Comment by Capt. LongLamp Silver

Cap’n LongLamp: i`m glad t’ know ye like this, me hearty! i thought ‘t be fun, too, e’en if we technically missed th’ real event, ever’ tide can be Seafarin’ hearty Pirate Tide in th’ park, as far as i`m concerned!

by the way… i changed the link to a different “translator”, because i thought it worked better/faster and was a little more fun. but i can change it back if you guys want me to! Arrrrr. or is that Harrrr? i forget… xox

Comment by Cap'n Snupp

Ahoy me hearties…things be fine here now but the early mornin was spent dodgin scurvy dogs, squiffies, and scallywags that be clutterin the highway. It ain’t no place for the lily-livered that be for certain.

Comment by BoBo the Buccanneer

WordPress has a filter you can download for pirate translation. 🙂 In honor of yesterday’s day I added the filter – but because of the importance of the day (Thea’s birthday) I decided not to activate it. But since we’re having pirate day here I activated it. 🙂

Me loves pirates!

Comment by peg leg cj

Ayy I should have known there were some scallywags on the loose and responsible for me flat tire as I sailed the Expressway this very am! Luckily landlubbers need service stations and one wasn’t far off on the horizon! By the time I’d finished me tankard of coffee, I was ready to hoist the sales once more!

Argh! Now I need to go read the Guide above. Ahoy hearties!

Comment by Capt. LongLamp Silver

Ay peg leg! Didn’t see ya there – ahoy!

Comment by Capt. LongLamp Silver

That be me tankard of grog with me booty still in the backseat of the car (another food delivery)! After I’d thrown the jack who change me tire his pieces of eight for the deed, I headed me furner back on the roadways to pursue me sweet trade!

Me like this dialogue and can converse with me little hearty Julian who loves to speak like Mr. Krebs (or Crabs) from Spongebob! Yo-ho-ho!

Comment by Capt. LongLamp Silver

jus’ had a triple grande soy nay cat o’ nine tails mocha an’ ‘t be tasty.

Comment by BoBo the Buccanneer

Ahoy, Bobo the Buccaneer! i jus’ sailed’ ou’ an’ got a triple grande soy nay cat o’ nine tails mocha meself. an’ ’tis definitely hittin’ th’ spot! xox

Peg Leg CJ, i`ll check ou’ that filter, lass, be ‘t better than this? or does ‘t jus’ do th’ translation automatically? Cap’n Snupp be wonderin’ about such things don’t ye know… arrrr. xox

Comment by Cap'n Snupp

‘Twas lectured me was. It’s not Arrrgh. It’s YEEARGH. Methinks though that this pirate was just pulling my wooden leg. ‘Twas mutiny, I tells ye. Mutiny!! Then again…he gave great pirate a few leagues back. Arrrgh. I mean. Yeeargh. There was a talk of a plank and everything!! Shiver me timbers! Now if I can just get him to swab me decks ’twill be a fine day upon my ship. Oh aye…thar she blows indeed!

Why is it that my pirate talk is seemingly smutty? It must’ve been the threat of a cat o’nine tails. Meow! Yo-ho-ho, pass the rum, me hearties.

Comment by The Wench

thar’ be our girl! so glad ye could make ‘t, lovely Wench! i knew ye wouldna want t’ miss this fun, e’en if ye be feelin’ a wee sea sick after that maple donut! arrrrr. or is that yearrrrgh? yarrrrr? or harrr harrr harrrrrr? xox

Comment by Cap'n Snupp

an’ aye, th’ smutty talk be a dead give-away, ’twere ye, Wench! (i mean that in a good way) xox

Comment by Cap'n Snupp

I be so angry I canna get me filter t’ work on me blog! I want t’ speak seafarin’ hearty!

Comment by ckmunson

According to that scurvy bastard it’s “Yeeargh” but methinks he be needin’ more rrr in thar else he be soundin’ like someone stepped on his toe.

Aye the smutty be me! ‘Tis a marvelous day when I can say “swab me decks” and “booty” and “Jolly Roger”. ‘Twill be no risin’ of the eyebrows atall! YeearRRRRgh!

Comment by The Wench

Pirate Filter
can be found there!

🙂 There ya go!

Comment by ckmunson

in answer to that comely wench Minka, ye can inspect t’soles of yer feet and lots more curious booty ta boot, as twere, when theres a shiny mirror on the ceiling over the bunk in the captains’ quarters!

Comment by FirstNations

Wench: harrr and harrr and a ho ho ho (nay that i be callin’ ye that, mind ye) xox

FN: i got a good yo ho ho ou’ o’ that one, lass! ye`re in fine form today! harrrrr! xox

peg leg CJ: thank ye fer th’ help…not sure i c’n get t’ filter up, but i be grat’ful just the same! xox

Comment by Cap'n Snupp

Does this have anything to do with The Flying Spaghetti Monster?

Comment by Short John Brass

nice o’ ye t’ show up, thar, Short John Brass (if that be ye name)… an’ th’t be Flyin’ Spaghetti Monstarrrrrgh to ye, scallywag! xox

Comment by snuppy

Hail me hearties! I be here to give ye thanks for that right good and true mention of THE PIRATE ELECTION, which was as honest and fair an election as ye’ll see for many a long year in these waters.
I’m not averse to a bit o’ wife swappin’ here and there, but am generally busy with other booty, an ye ken my drift.

Comment by William Roberts

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