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Er…um… by Snuppy
Thursday, 21 September 2006, 7:43am
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YIKES! We don’t know what we were thinking when we went to bed last night, but we’re pretty sure we were extremely tired. Which is why we didn’t bother to come up with any potential topic* for today. Which is why we don’t have an actual post up, yet.

WHILE you’re waiting for us to get our thoughts and or typing skills together, why not enjoy a little DAILY SHOW EXTRA, a funny hilarious clip featuring the Ste(v/ph)ens (Carell and Colbert) in a segment they used to do on a regular basis (one of the many reasons we were and are such humongous fans of the show). Or, if you prefer, you can simply look at a bunch of really CUTE KITTENS (thanks Sweetney, again).

WE fully intend to have something else up here later today, especially if we don’t have to write it. Heh heh, just kidding. Sort of. Well, maybe… but then again, maybe not.

*this is what the SUGGESTION page is for, kids…

~ snuppy


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Does this mean we can’t talk like pirates anymore? Is pirate day over? Damn, that was fun…good, clean, fun.

Another crappy commute this morning boys and girls…can’t wait for the world leaders to leave town…really crimping my morning style, such as it is.

Lampy…did I read that you had a flat tire on your way in yesterday…yikes.

Comment by BoBo the Buccanneer?


Forgive my absence but I have had no time to truly go into the links and being OCDish well, perfection is the game and so I miss you too much and so here’s a fuck you to that and huge besos to you! Can’t stay, hope to be back soon as Cousin S and New Wife S are coming over to babysit as we take off to tackle the business (gotta be outta there by the 30th! DIOS MIO!)…

So, bohemians hereby pledge to try to join in on the fun again cause it’s been toooooo long! And dear Snuppy de mi corazon, no matter what you write, you are simply brilliant so learn to live with that! BRILLIANT I SAY! FO SHOETTY SHO!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

Good to hear from you CYM! Hope all is well and not too terribly crazy.

Comment by Basic BoBo

You know I just come by for the pictures, whether they speak to me or not – eh. Really I just come by to see my friends and join in the commentary. And my NBFF is a most welcome sight – whatever is up!

Yeah people, let’s go with the suggestions! This way I don’t feel guilty about barely keeeping my little blog afloat, no less never chipping in here. Throw them out there!

Bobo – Ahoy, that was good fun I must say. Pirate speak is just too much fun! Ay you did read correctly – a flat tire it be (can’t help myself). Thankfully, I learned pirate speak so I didn’t have to keep dropping the F bomb. Although it happened in the best of places and I only had to drive with my flashers on for about 4 blocks to a service station. Ten bucks lighter and ten minutes later, I was on my way again.

All’s well that ends well. May your lousy commutes end soon. I mean is something really getting resolved at the “United” Nations?

There’s MizCattyYummy! She came out of her boxes! We miss you here FO SHO! FO SHO! So please know you are in our hearts and if we could help to pack, we’d be there!

Comment by Capt. LongLamp Silver

Morning everyone! A terrible commute bobo? Too bad you can’t work from home. That is what Erick does when traffic is a bear. 🙂 Damn world leaders. Did you smell sulfur in the air? *LOL* I guess Chavez said he could still smell the sulfer in the air from the devils appearance (Bush). I have to admit it made me chuckle a bit. But really was there a sulfur smell in the air in NY from him? Is it true? 🙂 Good luck on the commute home, that is the one that really matters. 🙂

Good luck MizB on the packing and move. I can’t wait until your back to your all new normal!!

🙂 I’m ready for the coffee post whenever you guys are!

Comment by peg leg cj

You know as I look back on my comment, I just want to clarify for those who don’t know my plight: I don’t mean the pictures eh, as in I could take or leave them. As Snuppy knows, my company although allowing (for the most part) access to videos restricts the sound on them. So I check in anyway and then check them out from home. Whereby, I often have a good laugh and in some cases, call the little people to gather round and we watch together.

Now carry on – CJ – I like that coffee post – I know that’ll generate a lot of interest! Will you be providing samples?

Comment by Lampy's Back

Coffee is good…mkay? I say fire away CJ…enquiring minds want to know!!!

Comment by Basic BoBo

Oh, and Lampy…thanks for clearing that up…saves the cost of an independent investigation, special prosecutor and the like.

Comment by Basic BoBo

I adore the Steves! Last weekend I saw Little Miss Sunshine. Snuppy, my beloved fellow snarkster, if you haven’t seen it yet – GO! Grab your Bobo (oh my!) and go see it ASAP. You will laugh your ass off.

Comment by Sar

Anything for the Snark Bobo. Now I can’t wait to see the Steves!

Comment by Lampy's Back

Sar: Little Miss Sunshine is one of the 2 (count ’em two) movies we saw over the summer, and it was amazing. especially Steve Carell. love him. xox

Lampy’s-Back-and-Forth-and-no-longer-Flat (tires, that is…): i ALWAYS feel guilty about the links… but then i figure you’ll see ’em eventually and (hopefully) enjoy! and i *dare* you to watch that kitten video with your kids! trust me… it is BEYOND CUTE. show it to Choo Choo at bedtime… it’s very sweet. (you’ll lovelovelove the Steve’s, too!) xox

CJ: i’ve been out most of the day… i’ll send you an email as soon as i finish this comment! xox

Back-to-Basics-Bobo: save ye piratical talk fer t’ weekend, matey…. arrrrrgh (or will that be ahhhhhh?) xox

CYM: in and out and in and out! just happy to see you whenever and wherever, beautiful BoheMian!! xox

now? what the heck did you guys do with our Penguin??? (or did she get lost in that adorable Kitten Video. trust me… it’s so cute you guys will weep. WEEP i tell you… WEEP!!!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

arrrrgh. or aieeee. or, whatev. that was me. but you guys knew that, right?? xox

Comment by snuppy

The Steves were funny. I giggled. A lot.

I was in an online chat last night and somehow we got on the topic of pirates (yeaaargh) and I confessed: “My pirate talk went smutty. I don’t know how it happened. I read everyone else’s, we used the same words but mine became smutty.”

Him: “How smutty?”

Me: “SMUTTY!!! REALLY smutty. Want me to show you?”

Him: “You do know I’m at work. Right?”

Me: “Oh absolutely. Why do you think I told you?”

Boys are fun.

Comment by The Wench

The kittens were cute but was I the only one waiting for something rude and crude at the end? Like a kitty with rabies or something?

Comment by The Wench

Wench: i’m laughing because i can *so* hear you having that conversation! (i’m guessing he didn’t mind too much!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Wench: HAHAHAHAHAHA! yeah… it occurred to me, too. thankfully, this was just ooey-gooey sweet (and way too cute for it’s own good, right?) xox

Comment by snuppy

ah-ha! so teh PENGUIN isn’t hiding, she’s just been busy with her own new brain-teaser post. oh, and LAMPY? that’s a pretty FABU email-turned-into-a-post YOU have up today, as well! (by the by, i’m sending you those recipes ASAP) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

Snuppy…if he minded, he hid it really well!! Especially when he went looking for an outfit for me to wear. Why is it that the boys are always trying to put me into a pirate wench costume? That’s the second time that’s happened to me!!!!

The kittens were cute. I’ll give them that much. The music though…unh…the music…

Comment by The Wench

Wench: yeah…the music leaves a *lot* to be desired.

i used to work at a restaurant in San Diego called Gulliver’s–and had to wear a costume like the one you describe. but then, we were referred to as “serving wenches”, so i suppose it only made sense. (the costumes were very low cut, too, which was a problem because of a certain tiny tattoo i have on my left, uh, breast, that the management didn’t like… which was always hilarious to me, because we had to wear push-up bras to accent the low cut, as well as heavy eye makeup and dark red lipstick (to look extra wenchy) but they made me cover my tattoo… how weird is that?) xox

Comment by snuppy

hellooooooo everybody….A wonderful evening here, late afternoon there 🙂
Snuppy, I second Miz B: even if you feel liek you got nothin´ you still bring a smile onto our faces. Isnæt taht all that matters?!

Comment by Penguin

Oh those kitties are relaxing – and I’m a sucker for hypnotizing, er relaxing my kids into the ole bed. G’night! Yeah I’m with the wench I was waiting for something rabid to jump out and upset the whole apple cart. Ah the Stev/ph’s – NOOO! YESSSS! FUNNY! Love them both.

What’s this? Ye wences still be in costume. Smutty wenches! Snuppy – an interesting dilemma –

Rest Manager: We discourage the display of tatoos
Snuppy: What tatoo?
RM: The one on your er, br-clevage
Snuppy: What are you doing looking there!?

So it goes ay? She works hard for the money.

I may just laze off and post emails from here on in. That’s why I posted it because damn it, whom amongst us can’t relate? Well probably a few but that’s not really the point 🙂 Ooh and we’re excited about some new recipes. I may even venture one.


Comment by Lampshade Lady

LL: then i best be cracking typing, eh lassie? and those kitties are wa-a-ay too cute. but the music *is* relaxing… hopefully enough so your little ones will drop off into sweet sweet slumber before they have a chance to say “mommy… can WE get a kitten??” hee hee! i’ll work on those recipes tonite… arrr…i mean yummmmm!! xoxo (glad you liked the Stev/ph’s (i had to change that, thanks for noticing!) i KNEW you would!!!

oh, and the WORST part about the whole Gulliver/Tattoo Controversy (as it came to be known) was that the manager was a woman! a woman who insisted on the hoisted breasts/black eye-liner/whore/wenchy thing. go figure…. xoxoxo

Penguin: STUPID FRIGGIN’ BLOGGER! it’s down for another maintenance! ARRRRRRGH! so, in case i can’t get back over to your site tonight, here’s my second “clue”:

“his LAST name rhymes with the middle name of a *famous* American poet (as well as that poet’s son, who was a famous American Supreme Court Justice in the early 1900’s.)

i know that’s obscure… but to say more would be to give the answer away, which would completely upset our hostess. and i don’t know about anyone else, but i’m not about to ruffle teh feathers of teh beautiful Penguin!”

good thing i copied it, right? not sure i’d have remembered it, otherwise. if i *do* get back on, i shall cut and paste, post haste! (a little rhyme, in honor of you. why? i have no idea!) xoxox

Comment by snuppy

CJ: just because i haven’t sent you that email yet doesn’t mean i forgot. i didn’t. forget, i mean. (or send you the email yet, for that matter.) but i will. oh yes… i will!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

d’oh! that was me… i totally screwed up that long comment and i had to log on so i could fix it. sorry. won’t happen again. (okay, it might…)

Comment by snuppy

Oh Snuppy I understand – you just don’t like me very much.

🙂 hahaha I was so kidding. Its been a busy week here, and I totally understand. We’ll catch up and make the coffee post when time allows! 🙂 Really I do understand.

Comment by peg leg cj

Very Zen today, Snup.

Comment by Walela

Walela: kittens have that effect on me. i probably should have written the post *before* i watched that little video. my bad (or good. or… uh… nothing) xox

Comment by snuppy

peg leg CJ: i’m a maroon. without a doubloon to buy a clue. i’m really sorry… trust me, i’m gonna send you that note, because we *really* want that “coffee tawk”!! thank you for your patience! xox

Comment by snuppy

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