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Sleepy-Livered Coxcombs by Snuppy
Saturday, 23 September 2006, 9:29am
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THE BLOG woke up this morning and didn’t know where it was for a minute or two. Then it remembered, some of us were on a “weekend get-away”, the first one we’ve taken in, golly, something like 5 1/2 years (since a certain black Tibetan Terrier came to live with one of us). It took a minute or two to clear out the cobwebs and reorient, but we thnk we’re fine, and ready for a fun day. That said, our fun day will probably NOT be (entirely) spent frolicking in the park. No offense, but did we mention some of us are on a mini-vaca?

FORTUNATELY, once we were able to focus long enough to plug in the laptop (which we don’t mind using, but gee those keys are small and difficult to use when our fingers, being connected to the rest of our tired bodies, are not moving as well as they might….but we digress) we flashed on an extremely fun post we did a couple of months ago, when just about everyone ELSE was on vacvacation.  Something we called simply:  SNARKETH . We’re linking to the page containing the post AND the comments, because a certain BOHEMIANWENCH had us in absolute stitches that weekend, as they competed with each other to come up with the best Shakespearean Snarkspeak. Seriously, we split a gut reading their various offerings throughout the day, and we’re quite sure you’ll enjoy ’em too.  

Of course, if you’re like us, and are are tired and/or simply too lazy to do that right now, or you simply prefer to come up with your own tasteth zinger, you can start by going HERE.* But be forewarned! This is not only fun, it’s addictive. And this blog can’t be responsible for any ensuing lisps that develop because of it’s overuse. With that in mind, let the insults begin all ye “fusty beef-witted measles”.

*Before we get too heavily into our snarkisms, we want to take just a moment to wish our dear NBFF GINA (aka LAMPY) , as well as all our Jewish friends, a glorious and peaceful ROSH HASHANNAH. May this be the start of a beautiful and prosperous New Year for all.

~ snuppy


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Mini vacation? Oh I wish I could go on one of those… soon though, March isn’t that far away!

Gina enjoy the holiday and best to everyone in this new year!

Comment by cj

Greetings from our mini-vacation aka long weekend…nearest Starbucks is 40 minutes away – can you believe it? – so we had to find a substitute, which we did. Quaint little coffee place in a quaint little town with killer muffins and pretty decent mochachinos. It’s a rainy day but beautiful here nonetheless.

Comment by BoBo

What, you egg! Young fry of treachery! (Macbeth)gosh… apparently we picked a good weekend to fly the coop…unless you guys are just a bunch of “superficial, ignorant, unweighing fellows” (Measure for Measure)… and are avoiding this place because of it’s lack of original content. sigh. and i got up early(ish) to do a post, and this is the thanks i get? you’re all hanging out somewhere else, aren’t you? yeesh. it’s because it’s a rerun, right?

Why dost thou taunt me as though i were naught pray a sack of humours, a bolting-hutch of beastliness, a swollen parcel of dropsies, that huge bombard of sack, a stuffed cloak-bag of guts, a roasted Manningtree ox with pudding in her belly, a reverend vice, a grey Iniquity, a father ruffian, a vanity in years?

paraphrased from: Henry IV, part I — which made me very tired. now i have to go back to mini-vacationing…

and, CJ…did you not spend glorious days on that lake with your family? we’re out of town for 2 nights… first time in 5 (count’em FIVE) years!! you’ve got nothin’ to complain about, girlfriend! xox

hope everyone who’s NOT here is out doing something funfunfun. otherwise, there’ll be hell to pay when i get back. HELL, i tell you HELL!! just kidding… i don’t feel slighted because no one’s coming by today, except for our lovely CJ! xox

Comment by snuppy

Hi G! Enjoy your holidays!

Snuppy, I thought you’d be out of town for a least this weekend. Run, snuppy, run!

Comment by Pavel

Oh, yeah. Catty and Jenna I remember it like yesterday. I insult people all week long so I’m going to relax and enjoy the good time.

No I won’t. LBP, thou art loose like the girdle on a harlot long dead but never entombed.

Comment by Short John Brass

FIVE YEARS? FIVE? Did you just say 5 years?
I’m stuck on this… 5 years. 🙂 ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY AWAY FROM HOME because Grace will be in Kindergarten the next time you get away if that keeps up!

Comment by cj

Juat stopping by to say “Hello”. Quiet day at the ranch, nothing to do but blog, watch NASCAR @ 1, then maybe some FoodTV for laughs – or if we’re really adventurous, ComedyCentral! Oooooooo! Ma & Pa Kettle type excitement. I was never informed that growing up/old could be SO much fun. Sigh….. D 🙂

Comment by FelineFrisky

Short John Brass: Me thanketh you, m’lord.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

okay… so we’re back (and we had fun) and it’s clearly been a slow/sluggish weekend in the park.

FF, Comedy Central was running some great movies today… so i’m guessing you at least had something kind of fun to do after NASCAR & Food Channel (i know you don’t mind the former, but that would SO bne nap time for me!) xox

CJ: i’ve been to Hawaii 2 times and New Mexico twice as well, and Joel’s had a couple of trips to California, but the last trip we took together (without puppies) was almost 5 years ago, when we went to Costa Rica to visit our son (who was there for 6 weeks–part of a program he was involved in through one of the high schools he attended). so, yeah, we really NEEDED this little trip… and gosh i hope you’re wrong — i’d really like to think we’ll be traveling together again in the near future! xox

Short John Brass: did i mention how funny that moniker was? because i laughed when you first used it last week (on Pirate Talk Day). apparetnly the Little Blue-Pilled Wench is ALSO out and about, and therefore NOT playing nice with her friends in the park. (thanks for trying to lure her out with that churlinsh loose-girdle talk) xox

sigh. oh well… lucky for some of you guys this Snarky Snuppy (and Bobo) had fun this weekend, otherwise i’d be calling everyone who DIDN’T show up “gorbellied spur-galled giglets” (and you know who you might have been if i’d have been in the mood to call you a name! which made sense until i actually wrote that sentence out.)

hope to see everyone tomorrow…? xoxo

Comment by snuppy

ah…the Little Blue-Pilleteth Wench doeth maketh her presenteth known. finallyeth. (yay for you!!) xox

Comment by snuppy

presenteth? i don’t know why i wrote that. it should have been presenceth, right? long weekend. fried brain(eth) xox

Comment by snuppy

Oh you shant tricketh me into insulting anyone – Shakespearian or otherwise during these ten days. Yes I shall beith impeccable with my word. For these are the “High Holy Days”. I may laugh and be silly, but insulteth another, not I!

Snuppy and Bobo! So glad you two had a weekend away, and roughing it too! No Starbucks for 40 miles? Thankfully you got back in one piece.

Thanks to all for the Holiday wishes. It’s been a nice holiday thusfar. See you all tomorrow.


Comment by Lampshade Lady

Five years… I am still stuck on Five years. 🙂 My parents are going to take the two dogs and three kids while Erick and I are in Vegas in March. Thankfully they are nutty like that and like taking the kids so we can go on small vacations.

Comment by cj

Snup and all, I didn’t meant to reuse Short John Brass as my pirate name but to place it in storage until next pirate day. Even blogging is too precise a science for me.

Comment by Walela

Walela: i figured as much… but i’m glad you did because it reminded me to tell you how much i liked it! so your arrrrgh was mightily harrrr in my book.xox

Comment by snuppy

Ahhh…I get it now! Lmapy was talking on Penguin´s blog about New year and Penguin was slightly confused…she doesntæ know any Jewish people yet and feel almost embarassed for not knowing.
She has a good Chinese friend that celebrate New Years in February though.
Penguin doensæt know how to congratualte lampy in appropraite terms as well to the beginning of this New year for Lampy, but she sure wishes her and her family all teh best!
*tiptoes outa here*

Comment by Penguin

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