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Monday, 25 September 2006, 9:39am
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It seems that a certain little Snuppy went away this weekend.  It seems it was the first time in 5 1/2 years that she and Bobo have been away – together.  I hope you both had a beautiful time and really enjoyed your time away.  Call me selfish, but if you’re going to be away, I’m glad it fell on Rosh Hashanah when I wouldn’t be around.  But let’s get down to business – perhaps the occasion that inspired your trip was I’m guessing – YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!

So Happy Birthday to you my dear NBFF!  Hope you have a beautiful day and the sun smiles upon you throughout!  Since I am at work, my links and graphics are limited to what my limited mind can come up with on such short notice (and as you can well appreciate without proper caffeination) of this wondrous event.  

That leaves it up to you dear Snarksters.  Have any interesting birthday links, any links, so that the Puppy doesn’t need to lift a pretty paw around here (unless of course, she wants to), link away in the comments.  

And please join me in a rousing rendition of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU” cha cha cha.  That last addition is from attending too many children’s parties where that’s added on.

Happy Birthday Snuppy, Puppy, NBFF – may the day be as beautiful as you!

Love, Lampy



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d’oh! you are SUCH A DOLL!! thank you soooo much! as you can see, i was working on a post, then Joel hijacked it, and well… i’ll take his down (no need ot beat this old birthday horse when she’s stuffed full of TGSNWM’s and ice cream cake, right??) xoxoxo

Comment by snuppy

by the way… our family “Birthday Tradition” involves a worn out Sesame Street casette tape, which has an ALL-TIME favorite birthday song we like to make up verses for. (next year i’ll sing it for you, i didn’t want to this year because i was afraid it would scare you, and since we were so newly annointed NBFFs, i didn’t want to take that chance!) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

Hahaha…now the world will know! Happy Birthday Snuppy and many, many, many (with me) more. I love you!! Now how about that TGSNWM…my treat.

Comment by BoBo

Double birthday wishes?? Double the cake!! Yeah, right on! I’ll have another slice, thank you! YUM! Have a beautiful day, Dear Snuppy. D 🙂

Comment by FelineFrisky

*Smirk* Snuppy… I believe I have that cassette myself. I believe I got it cicra 1982. I do know the birthday song and I’ll be singing it in my heart just for you!

We hope that you have a happy happy birthday!

Comment by cj

That was lovely, lampy!
Unfourtunately this here Penguin has been away all weekend as well. Riding horses and sheep (asexually!) and really gotten her fingers bloody. Incident sabout to be posted soon.

I wish Snuppy all the best, it is impossible to do otherwise. She inspires goodness and deserves nothing but that coming her way!
Thank God that she also got a bit of an edge…otherwise I would have to rethink the whole concept of Saints and stuff 🙂
Happy Birthday Snuppy!

bytheby…why didnæt you let us know in advance..,Pst could have been prepared, voices practiced…cakes baked…I make one mean chocolate/banana cake!

Comment by Penguin

Penguin: chocolate-banana? oh my! SOME day we’ll have to see if we can’t figure out a way for me to sample that! (seriously, my favorite milkshake is chocolate/banana, made with fresh bananas, of course, so i have NO DOUBT your cake is fabulous!) thank you for those loving and kind wishes–and i can’t wait to hear about your poor bloodied fingers, and can only hope you’re feeling better (i guess that’s true, since you’re able to type, right? still… what’s up with these injuries?? first your foot, now your fingers… this is NOT ACCEPTABLE!! you have to start taking care of yourself, sweet girl, otherwise we’ll have to send out someone to do that for you!!) xoxo

and thank you, again, NBFF for helping to make my birthday SO MUCH FUN!! as you know, Bobo & i are very low key, so, aside from a surprise 30th birthday party my beloved sister threw for me (shortly after i turned 31–i’ll explain about *that* some other time) this was the closest i’ve come to a “party” in years! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

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