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We Got… Noth–ACK! by Snuppy
Monday, 25 September 2006, 9:49am
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WE know we should be brimming with interesting factoids and/or funny links today, but  we’re not. Blame it on the fact that some of us were away for the weekend. Or that some of us were spending the quiet start to ROSH HASHANNAH reflecting with our families, strolling through a beautiful FALL DAY and/or crazily trying to wrap up our lives in SPAIN in order to return to our beloved San Francisco.

 WHATEV. We know we’re la… ACK! What th’…?


Let’ s see, how do these Snark controls work now?  Uh, this is BoBo…I sent Snuppy on a wild goose chase before she had a chance to publish her morning post.  You see fellow snarksters…there is something the young Snupster is hiding from you all and if it were up to her you would never know…but I just can’t let that happen…for today, this very day, this 25th day of the ninth month is none other than Snuppy’s birthday….heeheehee…boy is she going to be pissed when she sees this.  Happy Birthday dear, dear Snuppy! 

Now, let’s see if I can figure out how to post this…eyes closed, fingers crossed…is it this button?


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Happy Birthday Snuppy!!!!!!! Love you!!!!

Comment by BoBo the birthday reminder dog

I am cracking up because hello Bobo, in your haste to get this up did you see the big HAPPY BIRTHDAY post that follows. I can just see you fumbling through the posting of this blog (only because I am a fellow fumbler)!

Anyway, I just followed your lead, so don’t be embarrassed dear NBFF – Celebrate! Don’t make me take this lampshade off to really shine on you!


Comment by Lampy's Back

again… not one but TWO posts?? so much for quietly spending a day reflecting upon the finer points of aging (you’d think i’d have that down by now… after all, i’ve had a LOT of practice!!) thank you Bobo (aka Honey, aka “you’re name is Mud, altho’ since you took the day off to spend it with me, i guess i have to forgive you!) and thank you NBFF!! (speaking of reflecting, isn’t that what YOU’RE supposed to be doing right now?? oh wait, this counts as one of those acts of kindness… okay, your name goes into the Good Book this year!) xoxox

Comment by snuppy

Happy Birthday, Snuppy!!!!

Comment by Pavel

Lampy…had total tunnell vision when publishing the post…fingers shaking on the keys…deathly afraid I would hit the wrong button and Snup’s birthday surprise would be that I had nuked Central Snark! Hi, my name is BoBo and I’m a maroon…hi maroon! Oh well.

Comment by BoBo

Bobo – that’s why I was laughing because that is exactly what I envisioned when I saw this! So funny.

Hey you two – have a great day! It’s a perfect one for a birthday 🙂

Comment by Lampy from the heat

Well, Have a happy! Make Joel do the dishes. Have some cake for me! Yum. D 🙂

Comment by FelineFrisky

Happy Birthday Snuppy!!!

Comment by cj

Happy birthday Snuppy!!!!

Terribly sorry I wasn’t around for the Shakespeare Snarketh Fest but I’m frantically shopping my brains out! Sigh the things I do for my holidays.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Quiet day – just came over to see if we were lighting the candles. Monday Monday.

Hope you guys are having birthday fun! Check in before I go…

Comment by Lamp-y

well it was worth two mentions, right??
happy happy snuppy!

wheres my email, huh? 🙂

Comment by FirstNations

Happy birthday Snuppy 🙂

Comment by casper


Forgive my late entrance to the party and my absence at both your and Joel’s sites… out other laptop just crashed and for some reason our PC has a bug and it isn’t letting me into any typepad blogs!!!

So here I am! How fitting to be in the Snark…

I hope you had an absolutely beautiful day today and may you have a year full of joyus and rewarding surprises, much health, love and just all around good and beautiful things constantly in your life because if anyone deserves it dammit, it’s you!!! I am blessed to know a soul as sweet and amazing and positive and just plain brilliant as you… thank you for your sweet friendship and now, LIVE IT UP Y’ALL!!! IT’S PARTY TIME!!!

*sigh* And with that, off to bed I go!!! I am packing away as I need to be done by Thursday instead of Saturday since that is when Cousin S can grab a van and help Loverboy move the boxes from work over on to our home… oy! And then come paint touchups for me there so off I go because I will be up in about 4 hours! Dios mio!

Besos to all and with that…

BoheMia OUT!

PS~ And for those who don’t like it mushy… PFFFFT! Then don’t read me dammit!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

PPS~ I am actually mushier than that but I would rather save it for a phone cal but yeah, even for all my mush to any dissent it still stands… PFFFFT…

I wish we could do sound effects… that one surely is funkified!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Happy birthday, Snuppy!

Comment by Walela

aw shucks…. you guys! Bobo took the day off to stay home with me, and we’re having such a nice (and lazy) day… now we’re getting ready to eat salmon tacos– then time for a truly decadent ice cream cake. i wish you were ALL here to share in the fun (not to mention the calories).


Comment by snuppy

Starting to get the hang of this knew who everybody was by the second sentence. The Boho of course from the second word

Once again have an amazing birthday. Salmon tacos? I iive a very provincial life

Comment by pia

Well I could be there within the hour…haha! Enjoy your cake. Hope you had a great day and wishes for everything good in the year ahead my dear NBFF!

Sorry about the lowkey thing, but wherever I went today, I heard rumblings of your birthday. You handled it like a champ though 🙂


Comment by Lampshade Lady

Happy Birthday Snuppy!!!

Comment by Square-ish Girl

“Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu, happy” ! I suck at singing.
All my best birthday wishes to one of the most amazing ladies I have never met!
You are caring, helpful, friendly and pretty. Bobo is sooooo lucky! I hop eyou have a wonderful day, many laighs and mexican food. ’cause you know!
All my best!

Comment by Penguin

CYM: i missed your call and for that i say WA-A-A-A-HHH!!… but your words were beautiful and meant more than i can say! thankyouthankyouthankyou! and besos right back at yA, beautiful BoheMian… along with hugs. lots ‘n lots of hugs! xox

Pia: yep. two words and we’d know our BoHo anywhere (which is why we love her!) thank you for your kind wishes! xox

Lampshadin’ Lady: what can i say? thank you so much for this (well the one below) birthday greeting and for the beautiful sentiment behind it (tho’ i know that, deep down, you’re just thinkin’… “yeesh. am i ever glad i’m not as old as she is!”) hope you had a fab day, too! xox

Squarish Girl: thank you! (it’s nice to see you here! you’ve been a little silent lately… does that have anything to do with your current state of wedded bliss?? hope so!) xox

Penguin: your singing voice is lovely… just like you! and thank you for those sweet words. oh, and never fear, the Mexican food was beyond yummy — the chocolate/chocolate chip ice cream cake wasn’t bad, either… sigh. i believe the diet starts back up, tomorrow! xox

Comment by snuppy

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