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Let´s play… by Snuppy
Wednesday, 27 September 2006, 7:34am
Filed under: Teh Penguin

I thought it would be funny on this lovely Wednesday morning to play a game where we all could participate, learn something about each other and try to be witty at the same time.

The rules are simple…

1. go to the comment section and grant the wish of the commenter above but turn your own twist on that wish.

2. leave your own wish that the next commenter will have to say something about.

sounds complicated? *rolls eyes*


Penguin: ” I wish I was a bit taller!”

Snuppy:” Granted, but then you wouldn´t fit into your favourite pair of jeans


“I wish I could have Mexican food right now!”

Lampy:” Granted, but….”

See? And you thought it was gonna be tough commenting here today. All you need is two sentences, about 20 words and a working internet connection.

let´s play! I´ll start with a wish…

~teh Penguin~


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I wish somebody would clean my room for me today!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

OK, Puppy. Where do you keep the jewelry?

I wish no-one would respond to my comment.

Comment by Walela

granted~One Hot Puppy (aka Penguin)~but how would you FIND your jewelry?
I wish i could eat all the chocolate i wanted without gaining weight.
(totally FUN post, Penguin! lovelovelove it!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Okay, Walela, but then this would be a very BORING and QUIET post! (sheesh)

I wish someone would bring me a bag of Oreos to eat…

Comment by Pavel

hah! now see, Pavel? i was trying to grant Walela’s wish… (guess we posted at the same time, eh?) so the next commenter can grant Pavel’s wish… at least it involves chocolate! xox

Comment by snuppy

Pavel, alright…but imagine it would be me bringing them and there you would be sitting, munching those Oreos not looking all that dignified!

I wish the that fall owuld be the longets season.

Comment by Penguin

Okay, granted Minka. But YOU must rake all the leaves!

I wish that I had a chef in residence and an endless supply of groceries, so that I could have whatever I wanted whenever. Like, Prime rib, smashed potatoes, salad, roll, soup & broccoli for lunch. Yum! D :}

Comment by FelineFrisky

Granted Feline, but then you’d probably gain weight (which you’re losing so nicely). I wish I wasn’t at work right now…

Comment by Lamp-y

Granted Lampy, but if you werenæt you probably wouldn´t have time to check in on us once in a while!

I wish Mr. Right would find me already!

Comment by Penguin

granted Penguin, but then you’d be so busy YOU wouldn’t have tme to check in on us! (besides, how do you know he hasn’t?)

i wish were already finished writing a new post.

Comment by snuppy

granted snuppy, but then you wouldn´t turn your head and curl your hair around your fingers in that thinking lovely way you do right now 🙂
(If he has he´s managed to keep his identity secret very effectively;)

I wish my hair was thicker and a bit curly!

Comment by Penguin

Granted Penguin, but then you’d probably have to spend a lot more time on it.

I wish I’d lose these 10 pounds overnight!

Comment by Lamp-y

Just a little sneak comment – I like this idea Penguin! Fun!

Comment by Lamp-y

Ala-kazam its granted Lampy!!! But, now you need to go and buy a whole new wordwrobe and hold your pants up at the same time!

I wish my children were not ill.
(thea came down with the crap that Grace has had all weekend.)

Comment by cj

*wish of a wand* granted, but you get to spend so much more intimate time with them and showing them you are there come fire, come snow!

I wish it were 4 hours earlier and I wouldn´t have to get ready to go to work soon and leave you.

Comment by Penguin

Wish? Did somebody say wish! There you have it. But this brings you that much closer to being back in our fold.

I wish that my whole house would be clean and organized by the time I got home this evening.

Comment by Lamp-y

Lampy it will be done! *poof* But you may not know where everything is.

I wish, humm….. I wish for Erick to bring me home lunch because damnit, I don’t feel like cooking!

Comment by cj

as you wish, CJ… only don’t be upset if he brings home something you don’t want and/or like!

i wish i had around 29 million dollars–give or take a few. (and Lampy, i meant to say this earlier… but you’re right, this *is* a fun game!)

Comment by snuppy

Granted, snuppy, but then you’ll have relatives you never knew you had hitting you up for money.

I wish it was 5pm so I could go home and watch a few more episodes of Desperate Housewives (rented the Season 1 episodes)

Comment by Pavel

Granted Pavel. It is 5pm in the Mid Atlantic.

I wish I would finish my book so I can publish it and quit my job.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Granted GTDAMY: But if you quit your job, you and the Feline might get in each other’s “hare”.

I wish that I could quit my job and figure out what it is I should be doing…

Comment by Lamp-y

Granted Lampy, but that would eliminate the element of surprise, now wouldn´t it?!

I wish I´d speak Chinese perfectly!

Comment by Penguin

Granted Penguin! Now you can open your restaurant.;)

I wish I had a hunky guy in my bed right now. With warm massage oil, rose petals and chocolate.

Comment by Dewy Knickers

Granted, Dewy – but he’ll probably be too slick for you! (get it? Massage oil? slick? oh, never mind…)

I wish breathing constituted exercise, as well as blinking – high carb burners! lol

Comment by FelineFrisky

Granted FF – but then you might get too lazy for your beautiful walks.

I wish that I was on a plane to someplace exotic right now.

Comment by Lamp-y

By the way – exotic could be Pennsylvania. I just haven’t been on a plane in 10 years! I feel left out of figuring out how to get my toiletries into a quart see thru bag for carry-on.

Comment by Lamp-y

Granted Lampy, but you have forgotten your passport, thus Newark is as far as you get.

I wish that had 36 hours in every day.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Granted Bunnyman but don’t blame me when they make you work longer too!!

I wish I could afford $195 “date” boots.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

*poof* and they are on your feet, LBP… but they pinch! (because expensive doesn’t always = good fit)

i wish i knew how to use the scanner that’s hooked up to our computer…

Comment by snuppy

Granted, but it’s linked directly to your blog so we can all see what you scan.

I wish it were two hours from now.

Comment by Walela

*swish with the wand*
It is two hours later and you have missed the dude that came with free donouts to your office!

I wish you guys a good night! I really do!!!

Comment by Penguin

Granted, I had a lovely night this afternoon.

I wish I could find a gimpy rabbit.

Comment by Walela

Doug, granted…but even gimping you would realize he is still faster than you 🙂

I wish I had teh willpower to go to bed on time!

Comment by Penguin

Granted, but then you’ll miss the good stuff.

I wish I had done a few more things on the “To DO” list in my head today and the day before and the day before…

Comment by Lampshade Lady

I wish you all a good night too! Walela, you should have been here earlier – I thought I saw a gimpy rabbit. I did I did!

G’night all.

Lights out.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Ok you dudes and dudetes, thank you all for playing, you have been a wonderful crowd and you take directions very well 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Ok, you dudes and dudetes, thank you all for playing, you have been a wonderful crowd and you take directions very well 🙂

Comment by Penguin

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