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Thursday, 28 September 2006, 9:00am
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IT’S no secret we don’t get out to the theater much, because we’re just frumpy enough to think staying home to watch the 19th re-run of any episode of Friends is more fun that paying a lot of money to see crap. That said, since we’re such gi-normous fans of SACHA BARON COHEN, we can’t wait to see THIS FILM as soon as it’s released and we can drag our asses off the couch and into the theater in order to do so. Fortunately for us, we have until November to figure out how to do that. (You can read more about the character behind the film on the website dedicated to all things BORAT. It’s weird, it’s funny, it’s right up our humor alley.)

BY THE WAY, we have the same sense of excitement regarding the opening of THIS MOVIE, featuring the extremely dry political humor of AL FRANKEN, which we wouldn’t miss for all the tea in Minnesota.

SO? Any upcoming film any of you Snarksters are getting psyched up to see?  Wait wait, let us guess. It’s THIS ONE, right? No? How ’bout THIS? (Which, by the way, our kids can’t wait to see and we have to admit looks pretty cool.)

HONESTLY, we could care less what kind of movies you like, as long as they aren’t like THIS. That said, don’t worry if that’s exactly what you’re planning to see (if you haven’t already)–we’ll still like you, but we’d sure as heck wonder why.



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For those of you who can’t link to this stuff from work, the first two movies mentioned after Al Franken are FLUSHED AWAY and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES–which are both animated and feature non-human characters who manage to find their way into the sewer, only to wind up having amazing adventures and/or naming themselves after famous Renaissance painters. The last one is JACK-ASS 2 (which opened last week)
just thought you might like to know! xox (snuppy)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

I love Al Franken, actually I was at a fundraiser dinner not too long that he was at for the DFL. Anyway….

I DON’T get Jackass. I saw something where they were bitching about how offensive it was that the one guy would staple his scrotum to his leg on stage. And it was then that I realized that his momma fed him paint chips and I just won’t ever get that kind of humor.

Comment by cj

Let’s see…movie theater…that would be those large, dark places with a lot of seats that serve grossly overpriced popcorn, right?

Comment by BoBo the enlightened

Quiet in the Snark today – I don’t know if any of these will break my movie dry spell – they just might – tossup between Borat and Flushed Away.

See you all later. Working on finishing things up as I will not be in tomorrow.


Comment by Lampy

a day off tomorrow for my NBFF? excellent! yeah… i’m thinking Borat will be “must see” (that’s a new trailer i linked to and it’s hilarious)… and probably the Al Franken flick. Flushed Away looks cute, i’m guessing we’ll wait ’til it shows up on cable! but our boys are totally psyched to see TMNT (along with the Transformer movie, that comes out in a few months!)

yeah… quiet day around here. i might have had a more inspired post today, but i forgot about an appointment i had this morning and, well, you know how it is! (besides, Borat is getting all kids of buzz right now, as is Jackass 2–go figure!) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

I can’t wait to see Transformers next year! Yeeeeah baby.

Back to the grindstone. Ooh. lunch!

Comment by Little Blue Pill

……….fine. i’ll be seeing ‘Jackass II’.
when it comes out on video.
and to further my reputation as a connoisseur of the finer things….
I’m waiting for the remastered origional ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ they’ve been advertising lately. Tobe Hooper! yeah!


Comment by FirstNations

Stop scaring everyone FN! Nobody’s going to come out. I can’t deal with scary/gorey movies. Although having said that The Blair Witch Project did scare the daylights out of me and I watched it all the way through – by myself!

Comment by Lampy

What is up with making all these damn pre-quels? Are there really that many people who are wondering “Gee how did it all start?” I admit, I have the first one on dvd around here somewhere ….. but remakes, pre-quels…. make me sick!

Comment by cj

First nations – can you report back on if the prequel was any good. *LOL* Although I despise prequels… I still watch them on demand late late at night when I fold clothes just for the fun of it. 🙂

Comment by cj

LBP: you and my sons… they can’t wait, either (actually, it really does look pretty cool, from what you can tell from the trailer, which isn’t much!) xox

FN: hah! i’ll see Jackass II when it shows up on cable, too. (actually, it’s getting great reviews… go figure!) xox

CJ: i’m no fan of “prequels, either! xox

LL: you watched the Blair Witch Project by yourself? whoa… color me impressed! that was one freaky flick. i mean, i did too once, but only after i had seen it in the theater with Joel (then it didn’t seem quite so scary). xox

Comment by snuppy

Many high five sot you snuppy!

1) the 19th re-run of a Friends episode is as good is teh 45th will be 🙂 I love Friends and I don´t care what society-and with society I mean my MOM!- says!

2) Ali G aka Borat. i canæt wait. Lovelovelove him. (this word wasn´t in your pist today, so I felt the need to mention it!)

3) For not liking Jackass. I just donæt get it. And there are three dude sin Iceland on national television just as moronly insane…drives me nuts!

Hello, everybody!


Comment by Penguin

There are quite a few movies coming out/already out that I want to see. And damn I’ll look hot going to them in my new expensive boots!

Odds are I won’t make it to the park tomorrow so you guys wait until I get back in two weeks before you do cool/fun stuff, ‘kay? ‘Kay.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

nope, its not a prequel, its the ORIGIONAL texas chansaw massacre, just cleaned up digitally. yeeow!
oh dang, blair witch scared the jeezly christmas outta me. Biker started cracking up seriously when she was crying into the camera and kind of boogery? and it kinda ruined the rest of it for me.

Comment by FirstNations

Sorry I’m late – errrrr…..I showed up for a Friday post too early.

Bunny & I are going to go see Open Season this Sunday. Seemed like a funny trailer when we were last at the movies. We’ve been going a lot more this year for some reason. gasp…could it be that Hollywood has actually stumbled upon some talent??!!!!!! It was just a coincidence…lol D :}

Comment by FelineFrisky

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