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A Glozing of Bloggers? by Snuppy
Friday, 29 September 2006, 9:32am
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*UPDATE: one of our own, the fabulous LAMPSHADE LADY, has done an excellent guest post for the STILETTO, on a topic that’s almost related to this one. Almost. Okay, technically, it’s on families, but to our own bizarre way of thinking, it’s close enough.

* * * * *

WHAT term do you use to describe a group of Bloggers, besides “group”, we mean. Normally we would never wonder about such a thing, but then one of us (the one who had a birthday on Monday) got a really cool trivia book* from our sister, and we found a page entitled, Nouns of Assemblage, which provided a fascinating list of names for grouping together different animals, birds, and people. Consider the following:

  1. a malapertness of peddlers

  2. a spring of tealsteals

  3. a gang of elk

  4. a murmuration of starlingsmonkeys

  5. a wilderness of monkeys

  6. a chattering of choughs

  7. a cete of badgers

  8. a pontification of priestspiglets

  9. a drift of swine

  10. a coven of witcheswitches

  11. a glozing of taverners

  12. a drunkship of cobblers

  13. a sounder of wild boar

  14. a murder of crowspeacock

  15. a muster of peacocks

  16. a barren of mules

  17. a doping of sheldrake

OKAY, so maybe we actually knew one or two of those terms, but, a “murder” of crows? A “cete” of badgers? A “chattering” of choughs? Nope, nope, and nope. And, instead of cobblers, shouldn’t a group of taverners be referred to as a drunken? And then what’s up with that last one… “a doping of sheldrake“? The only Sheldrake we could find was some SCIENTIST who looks a lot like Bill Murray. Why doping? Is his family on drugs?

ANYWAY, all this to say, we want to know what the term for a bunch of Bloggers hovered over their keyboards is. A hovering, perhaps? Seriously, we think we may be on to something here, perhaps a way to create another addition to our ever growing Blogging Lexicon (we’ve already submitted Googlery and Wikipediot, and are waiting to hear back from the lexiconic powers that be). Thoughts?

*source: Schott’s Original Miscellany

~ snuppy


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Good Morning – in the royal name of Ferdinand, I declare first!

Was late for yesterday, early for today!

Group of bloggers? hmmm……gonna hafta think on this for a bit, my brain is digesting this idea. Be back soon. D :}

Comment by FelineFrisky

hello, came by way of Sar to check ya out.

Comment by jodes

A boondogglery of bloggers?

Comment by BoBo

Snuppy there is only one posibility.

“A hutch of scriblers”

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

if I was a cobbler (peach? bumbleberry?) I could be a drunkship! Hey! I WILL be a cobbler!! Whoot!!

And it’s a snarkery of bloggers. Bloggery of snarkers? All I know is I’m a container of pills.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

we may need to hold a contest down the road to see which of the proposed–and excellent–terms we should use!!

LBP: shouldn’t you be packing for your trip? and will you be taking a bunch of suitcases with you (or is that a pack? parcel? shitload?) or is this the kind of trip you pack lightly for? (new boots stay at home, right?) xox

Comment by snuppy

I may have to switch professions. I so want to be part of a malapertness it’s all I can imagine joining.

Cacophony seems right.

Comment by Walela

Hey thanks for the shout out – it’s totally related! A smathering of snarks? Oh I’ll have to think about this. What a great book. Cacophony does strike a chord.

LBP: Happy trails – enjoy your holiday! Don’t pack too many shoes 🙂

See you all later. Being home and guest blogging are conducive to getting nothing else done!


Comment by Lampshade Lady


a BADINAGE of bloggers

Comment by FirstNations

Name * Email *&pstn;Websibe XHTML: Vrei formatare cu taguri? Poftim:<a href="" title=""> <abbr title=""> <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <cite> <code> <del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong>

Comment by Tessa

Walela: it’s either part of a malapertness for you or a murmuration — tho’, the latter applies to starlings, so i guess you’re S.O.L. (wonder if instead of starlings “murmuration” might apply to starlets? seems to fit…)

and speaking of *Starlets*, murmuring or otherwise, LL (aka NBFF) that was a FABULOUS guest turn you had (and have, since it’s still going on) over at B of the B’s! as for cacophony? perhaps. not unlike the one in my head after no more than 3 phone-calls that added up to no fewer than 5 hours of non-stop listening/talk! (CYM–i’m not talking about your slice of that conversational marathon–talking to you is *always* a delight!)

FN: a BADINAGE? like you, girlfriend, that word is fun, clever & witty. oh, and nicely jocular, n’est pas? xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

i really should log off before typing comments.

Comment by snuppy

Ok, I’ve thought about this all day – all I keep coming back to is : A blather of bloggers

Doesn’t sound too impressive now. Humph D :}

Comment by FelineFrisky

FF: i *like* blather… and i say it’s definitely a contender! or should we make it BLITHER? BLAHBLAH? BABBLE? BLABBER?? ummmm…. nevermind. xox

by the way… you kids should all make it a point to stop over and say “hi” to MO’A PRETTY KITTY HEELS… she has a brand new and BEAUTIFUL post up about an amazing doll-maker. trust me, it’s quite special and i know you’ll all enjoy reading the inspirational story. (end of commercial. or should i say PSA?) xox

Comment by snuppy

Unfourtunately my vocabulary of English is not that extensive…I knew a coven of witches and that was it!

So I´ll leave you guys to figure out a term for scribbeling bloggers and will take the final result without complaint.

G- a wonderful guets turn at the brawl. You write so liquidy (it´s sorta word 🙂 It flows!

Comment by Penguin

Penguin: somehow i suspect you’re every bit as capable of coming up with a term for a team/group/gaggle/bunch/cluster/coven and, yes, scribbling of Bloggers…as any one of us–and, to be honest, more than most! oh, and you’re right, G’s writing is definitely liquid and/or fluid and flows beautifully. she did a great job at Sar’s (i loveloveloved the video you posted today, too!) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

yes blather is pleasantly alliterative, if judgementally descriptive. so blather up I will, a suggestion for a “café of bloggers”

Comment by jc

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