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A Moment of Zen by Snuppy
Friday, 6 October 2006, 8:23am
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FRIDAYS are tough… it’s like the weekend, only not. Sadly, our brains are already in a bit of a weekend mode, making it extrememly difficult to conjure up topics that may–or may not–be post-worthy.

FORTUNATELY, thanks to our bestest buddy, the oh-so-clever PAVEL, fodder is not a problem today. Earlier this week, he posted the following video, which features 21 members of the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe in an absolutely mesmerizing presentation of the Thousand-hand Bodhisattva Dance. Beautiful and brilliant in its own right, what makes the choreographed synchronicity even more spectacular, is the fact that all the dancers are deaf. Trust us, this is stunning. Hence your Moment of Zen.

BY the way, before everyone schleps off to parts unknown today, do us a favor, will you? Stop by HERE and vote for the one truly funny caption you’ll find in the side-bar. We don’t think we need to tell you which one that is, but in case you get confused, the funniest (in our humble opinion) is also the shortest. Do that, and not only will we have a better day… you will, too! And, just in case you’re wondering, we are definitely NOT above bribing anyone, but it would seem inappropriate to do so here. In public. Where anyone and/or everyone can see what we’re up to. (wink wink.)

~ snuppy


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Fabulous clip! Amazing, and they’re deaf?? Such coordination and grace! I am in awe. D :}

Comment by FelineFrisky

good mornin’ FF! you’re up and at ’em early today! i agree… this dance is so beautiful and so impressive – especially when you realize the performers are deaf. that’s why i was compelled to steal borrow the video from Pavel! xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Happy, happy Friday to all snarksters. Give yourselves a hand.

Comment by Walela

Happy Happy Friday indeed! I have been meaning to watch that video and will definitely see it over this looong weekend 🙂 Yay! Not that I’m withholding votes, but I can’t get in to vote! Boo! There’s no thingey to check off to vote for you. I don’t even get to see the fifth contestant. Now I’m going over again to try…let’s see.

Comment by Lampy


Very inspiring video, I will have to watch it again at home with sound. I will not be around this weekend as I am taking a blogging break after I post on Sat.

Have a great weekend.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Walela: a “hand”? oh hahahahaha! (actually, that was pretty damn funny). happy friday to you, too, sir! xox

LL: howdy my dearest friend! if you haven’t had a chance to watch this, be sure to do so… it’s amazing. as you can tell, i ran out of adjectives to describe this thing… the only thing i *didn’t* say was that it was reallyreallyreally GOOD!! xox

GDB: we’ll enjoy reading Real Magic and YOU take a well deserved break and enjoy *your* weekend with your lovely wife! xox

Comment by snuppy

Morning everyone!! Ok its afternoon but somewhere its still morning. I am totally in awe of how talented those dancers are. I think it just goes to show that some of us (not me) were born to dance!

Comment by cj

That video was nothing short of amazing. What a beautiful performance…such a visual treat!

Comment by BoBo

Okay, we’re out of the sukkah (truth is we were too cold to have dinner there tonight). The dance troupe is amazing. I think you’re right cj, some people are just born dancers.

By the way, NBFF, the poll is back in order and your pulling in close on 1st (these percentages are getting me though, I like hard cold numbers – not too competitive ay?). What’s this about TVI for president? I have to go back and read…

Comment by Lampshade Lady

And in some other breathtaking news, Pansi has decided to seek treatment for alcohol abuse (we have been credited in offering support or something NBFF).

Comment by Lampshade Lady

LL: so sorry the weather took that turn for the cold at such an inopportune moment. you have 7 days to celebrate, right? hopefully one of two of ’em will be better than tonite! (i still miss you, NBFF)

oh, and you’re *right*! apparently on our questionable sage advice, PANSI has tossed down the bottle and picked up a few AA flyers. thank goodness, too… did you see the PICTURE of her laying in that alley? not pretty. she deserves better… we all do. xoxo

Comment by snuppy

I’m sorry I had to see that before bedtime! It’s for this reason that I try to avoid that rag (or at least never admit to reading it).

Oh and thank you – on the Holiday, we’re pretty easy going (well aside from Julian’s wailing “I want to go in the suuuuukkkkkahhhh!) 70 degree weather is apparently somewhere close by. Have a great weekend.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

LOVED my moment of Zen. Thank you!! I’d make you a cup of tea if I could!

Comment by Angela

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