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What, No Harmonicas? by Snuppy
Saturday, 7 October 2006, 10:18am
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OH we’re in quite a tizzy, you can be sure of that. Especially on this particular Saturday, when we have many Important things on our minds, like:

1. WILL the LAMPSHADE LADY get her family into that questionably crafted-yet-beautifully decorated  SUKKUH in order and/or time to enjoy celebrating SUKKOT? (we are suckas for this kind of stuff)

2.  WILL TEH PENGUIN manage to get all the way through that book she’s reading without taking a break now and again to sneak a peek in the Blogosphere?

3. WILL CATTY YUMMY MOMMY get the rest of those boxes packed up/sell that house/sell that car/get the hell out of Dodge (aka Spain) and back to her Heart’s Desire (aka San Francisco) by Thanksgiving? (as some of us hope)

4. WILL BOBO ever get around to writing a post of his own, instead of relying on the less capable and/or credible and/or clever writing stylings of his loving wife (aka Snuppy)?

5. WILL the aforementioned SNUPPY win this week’s BELLE OF THE BRAWL caption contest with her cleverly comedic caption? (and not be accused of being a vote-mongering whore in the process?)

6. WILL the wayward star of NG4J, i.e. PANSI, get to rise to even greater heights after she completes her 12-step quest to sober up for Jesus? (We’re extremely interested in this and plan to visit the topic at length in the near future.)

7. FINALLY, as cool and/or entertaining as the following short music video is (to those of us who are easily amused), couldn’t they get someone to pretend play the harmonica?

To quote the director of the video (and creator, apparently, of the Incredible Mouth Band):  “I thought “wouldn’t it be a good idea if there was a band that, instead of playing instruments, just repeatedly spoke the title of their instrument to the tune of the song” then I thought “No it’d be terrible and they’d get nowhere” So I tried it myself.” We’re glad he did, even as we practice our best vocal viola, in hopes this guy will attempt something classical, next time around.

~ snuppy


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So many questions…so little ability to focus and concentrate…what to do? I love that video and think it is truly inspired, although as previously mentioned, it’s Saturday morning and my brain function is certainly not at optimum speed as yet so take all that is said here with a huge grain of salt.

Comment by BoBo the fuzzy

…and lo and behold I am first…the bigger question today is will I be the only????

Comment by BoBo the fuzzy

The answer Bobo: you will not! And Snuppy has taken a lead in the captions! The poll is back up and running!

I may just put a live Sukkah Cam on my my blog – that would actually be fun if I were even 1/10th of a techie – hahaha! Well we’ll keep you updated if we actually spend any time there 🙂 Very funny post indeed Snuppy. I’ll be back as Julian is grabbing onto my arms making it impossible to type cjjer;eiureu3u3

Comment by Lampshade Lady

the only one and only you are Bobo, is mine. meaning you’re MY “one and only”. the only one for me. not that i only want one, altho’, naturally, i only do want one. i have to stop now only i can’t seem to come up with only one way in which to do that! xox

LL: ah… i’m very anxious to see the fruits of your collective labors (i loveloveloved Talimuffin’s new post–hope you don’t mind that i linked to it!) a Sukkah Cam sounds like a grand idea! what? you can do links but not camera/internet hook-ups? come to think of it, neither cam i. (unintentional typo made me laugh so i left it in!) hope you’re having a happy day! filled with great feasting and merriment and, uh, all that other stuff you’re supposed to do over Sukkot (or is it Sukkos?)

i’m thinking your kids will like this video–in fact, i can see them working up their own version of a Mouth Band (assuming they haven’t already done so) xox

Comment by snuppy

Tune in next week…
and I’ll have to! Geez, I missing too much:)

Comment by actonbell

..and I meant to say that I hope everyone’s having a great weekend in the central snark:)

Comment by actonbell

I have great faith that my friends here will accomplish all they desire this week. 🙂 I mean, how hard can it be? 🙂 Good luck everyone on your adventures and quests!

Comment by cj

The sun is out which means…we should be outside! haha! We just cracked up at the video. I think the kids may have advanced beyond the mouth band, but hey what’s to say Scissors and I can’t start our own?

As in all things Jewish there’s 3 ways to say 1 thing – Sukkot is the proper Hebrew name for the HOliday and how the Sephardic Jews pronounce it. Sukkos is the Ashkenaz (or jews from mainly Germany, Hungary, Poland – Eastertn European descent) pronunciation. The Ashkenaz pronunciation was influenced by Yiddish. So Sukkot (sounds like SueCoat) Sukkos (rhymes with “took us” – not to be confused with tuchus).

Join us for tomorrow’s discussion: Sometimes a sukkah is just a sukkah.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Ooooweee! Finally get a breather to jump back in into the Snark (where I have been a damn lazy ass and not pulled my weight but you are just doing brilliantly I might add so THANK YOU oh forever brilliant Snuppy I bow before, BOW I SAY!) and I have a mention? Hear ye, hear ye on the questions and I SO HOPE the answer to them all is YES!!!!

I am working on it FO SHO and in the meanwhile wish you all a berautiful weekend! Dearest Snuppy, I love you dearly and wish you a fabulous weekend and thank you on yet another fabulous post…

LL… oooh! Some cam action? I have been debating that myself seeing that there ain’t much time to think it up these days! Ay!

Well, my eyes are closing on me so I’d best go spray something in them with a slight burn to keep going… ha, ha, haaa… I am not THAT freaky porfavor!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

By the way, we are going out now, but when is Bobo going to write a new post? Just wondering. I know you’re all caught up in the Mets/Dodgers series but it will be over after tonight (sorry I can’t help a little friendly baiting). After all, it is just about time for me to get my jumping shoes on. You know to hop up on the bandwagon.

As I say to the kids Cattyummy – “Go sleepies”.


Oh CJ – haha “how hard can it be” said the woman who paints on crutches.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Oh Lampy…surely the Dodgers are just setting the table for one of those epic comebacks that they’ll be talking about for years to come. Or not…must keep hope alive.

Comment by BoBo the delusional

🙂 Oh Lampy…. it was a walking cast, I did paint in a cast but it was a walking cast. Crutches are for weenies. *LOL* or people with bad breaks. 🙂

Comment by cj

Oh!!!dear I am not that easily amused….sorry….but I do miss all of you….Mother and Dad are demanding a lot of my time lately…..never mind next weekend I will be sailing to Bermuda….. 🙂

Comment by Pretty Kitten Heels

Actonbell! we are SO happy to see you here! and yes, you’ve missed a wee bit o’ fun, but nothin’ to write home about. lovelovelove your newest template design, girlfriend… très magnifique!! xox

CJ: i agree with my NBFF, of course anything and *everything* seems possible to you, missy! that said… i hope you, too, have a wonderful (and FUN) weekend! xox

Oh Lady of the Lampshade: apparently the gods are smiling on you, my dear NBFF, for the weather this afternoon was perfectly splendid for a Sukkot in the sukkuh (where you’ll plant your tuchus?). and thanks for clearing up the pronounciation thing, because i really was confused! only i’d read the Yiddish version rhymed with Book Us. same diff, tho’, right? xox

CYM: we all know you’re the busiest BoheMian on the planet right now… always happyhappy to see your face around here, but it’s completely understandable why you’ve been a little MIA!! (sorry i missed your call, too, sweet friend… we were out on a walk when you tried. wah, i say… WA-A-A-A-HH!!) much love to you–hope you’re resting well and close to all your dreams — and GOALS!! xoxo

LL: a fair-weather baseball fan? i can dig it! i told Bobo i’d watch the next round of the play-offs, if the Dodgers manage to win this leg. (i don’t mind a game or two, but i can’t muster the enthusiasm for as many as these teams play in a season! oy.) xox

Mo’a Pretty Kitty Heels: now see? i just knew your tastes were more refined than mine were. oh well… perhaps YESTERDAY’S post will be more to your liking (it was so beautiful… i hope EVERYONE takes a peek). Bermuda?? BERMUDA??? okay. we lovelovelove Bermuda. we love renting those little scooters and scooting around the island, we love the people, we love the Museum that features all those cool shipwreck artifacts… and all that glorious pink sand. sigh. (can you tell i’m jealous?) xox

Comment by supportive (sort of) snuppy

I’m sorry to report that Pansi has experienced a setback. I’m about to post the sad story.
Thanks for linking to us.

Comment by weirsdo

Mrs. Weirsdo: oh… that was sad news to discover first thing this morning. naturally Pansi will remain in our thoughts… and i hope she knows we’re all here for her, should she need support and/or fewer stairs. xox

Comment by snuppy

🙂 Things are possible arent they? 🙂 I hate admitting things when they are not possible…. you know like sleeping in on a sunday!

Comment by cj

all things ARE possible, CJ, *except* for posting on WordPress today (monday) apparently. stupid WordPress… if they keep this up we’re gonna have to move into a new neighborhood!

i’m trying to put up a new post, but having a great deal of difficulty. manymany apologies to any and all who may have stopped by this morning! xox

Comment by snuppy

Not being one to easily give up…..I gave the video another try…..since there was nothing else to do here…..Sorry about being so snarky…..wait, wait, here I have permission to snark ;0
Oh!!! I still don’t love it, but this time I laughed…that is progress, I would say.
Happy Monday to Joel and please remember Lief, who was here first 🙂 🙂 🙂

Comment by Pretty Kitten Heels

Ooooooooo!!! Technically I am first 🙂 🙂 🙂

Comment by Pretty Kitten Heels

Wow. That reminds me of the Replacements high on graham crackers.

Comment by Walela

Watch what you say about the Replacements!

Comment by Lampshade Lady

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