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Columbus Day/Canada’s Thanksgiving* by Snuppy
Monday, 9 October 2006, 11:29am
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WE’RE in favor of holidays. Quite honestly, we don’t think there are enough of ’em. So, naturally, we’re thrilled by the fact that this particular Monday in October has been set aside in honor of a momentous event that happened in the Americas over 500 years ago. As such, we plan to celebrate in a fashion reminiscent of the person responsible for this noteworthy occasion. That’s right, just as that great Italian explorer Christopher Columbus did back in 1492, we’re gonna crash into someone else’s property, park ourselves on their front lawn, take them hostage, rob them blind, turn them into slaves and/or kill them, and eventually return to our own homes in hopes of being honored for “discovering” a place no one but the inhabitants knew existed. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

IN HONOR of the day, we thought we’d share a wonderful-yet-disturbing excerpt from a powerful new documentary, which we were hoping to load straight to this page, in order to make it easier to watch. As you can see, we failed miserably, and have been forced, instead, to provide a link. We apologize for that, even as we urge you to watch this brief clip from an award winning film, THE CANARY EFFECT — which we believe provides an excellent reminder that America’s History, while certainly impressive, was not always as noble as it’s too often cracked up to be.

ORIGINALLY, we had also planned to show a little Peabody & Sherman clip about the way Columbus really managed to find America, but then we discovered (heh) we had to pay around $1.98  in order to use the entire video. Unfortunately, since we haven’t raided explored the neighbor’s place yet, we couldn’t afford to do that.  Qué será, será.

*D’OH!! In our haste to note the dubious origins of the holiday that is Columbus Day, we COMPLETELY forgot to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to our friends in CANADA!! So, um, Happy Thanksgiving! We hope this day is filled with joy, fellowship, and, above all else, tasty treats for all our dearest friends who live north of our border! 

~ snuppy


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Disturbing to say the least…makes you question just about everything you’ve learned in school.

Comment by BoBo

Explore does not equal conquer. Something lost in most Western tellings of any history.

Comment by Mutha

You mean the Native Americans were not as happy as they look in the pictures they show in text books about Thanksgiving? Say its not so!! History has always been written by the winners, and nicely edited.

I grew up on the trail of the Sioux Uprising. They have historical markers all over. In my parents back yard on a huge tree is a sign that says “Thorssen was killed here” with a hatchet on it. I always thought that was pretty damn eerie to go for a walk with all the markers where people were killed. Of course they only put the markers up with very little explanation – so it looks like a buch of norwegian immigrents were killed. When that isn’t the whole story.

Also, on an interesting note. Mankato Minnesota is about an hour south of here. My parents went to college there and we’ve gone to a few football games with the parents this year (bonding you know). Mankato is just finishing a new park where they commemorate something or other that just happens to be in the same spot they had the largest mass hanging in US history. Yeah Mankato had the largest gallows in the US -and used them.


May I ask what the PC way to celebrate this day is?

Comment by cj

How do you say “there goes the neighbohood” in Sioux?

Comment by a

so very disheartening to so what noble beginnings we had in the new world.

Well, oddly enough, Columbus day and Canadian Thanksgiving coincide so I will choose to look in that direction today and say Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow snarksters.

Comment by kyahgirl

I remember the teachers pounding the pilgrims & the indians into us up to 8th grade, seemed like there was nothing else. 1492 Columbus discovered America. That was the big deal. In HS, we barely got to the Revelutionary War. It is pitiful. and now on top of all that, ahem, crap, it’s a lie. I’m just gonna celebrate HonBun’s B-day on the 12th and forget Columbus. D :}

Comment by FelineFrisky

Great idea lampy! So how are we celebrating Thanksgiving today?

Grace, Thea and I all went to the Y today. Grace got kicked out of daycare. (She is a bad seed.) We enjoyed a lunch together and later I am off to have coffee with friends!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Comment by cj

Kyahgirl! d’oh! i completely forgot that today is Canada’s Thanksgiving!! HAPPYHAPPY Thanksgiving to you, dear friend! (i like this–it’s a much better way to celebrate this day!!) xoxo

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Love this post! I think I remember that Peabody and Sherman clip, too. Cartoons used to be so much more intelligent.
The Canary Effect: there, I’ve typed it, and will remember it. We like documentaries, and will make a point of seeing it–thank you for the recommendation.
And Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians! I’m too uneducated to know that today is/was their Thanksgiving.

Comment by actonbell

Happy Thanksgiving!

Comment by Logo™

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends! By the way cj, thanks – it seems I have better ideas when I’m not here :)!

Here’s a handy rhyme that I use to remember Columbus who didn’t really discover America day – “In 1492, Spain kicked out every Jew”. What a world ay?

I celebrate it by enjoying the day off from work and hanging out with my family. See when I’m home, I don’t make it around as often as I’d like.


Comment by Lampshade Lady

D’oh – one of my main reasons to make it here was to congratulate Snuppy my NBFF on a fine taking of first place in captions and shameless promotion! Way to go Grrrrlll!!!

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Happy Thanksgiving

My almost 16 year old goddaughter would have rather gone to school than celebrate Columbus day–she’s Hispanic, brought up in no religion, and hates all racists, etc., and despises celebrating a holiday for a man who didn’t discover America

Very proud of her. She’s been questioning ever since the Florida election when she was nine

Comment by pia

Thanks Snuppy! *woof*

Comment by Casper

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