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Hey by Snuppy
Tuesday, 10 October 2006, 9:20am
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WE’RE feeling a little spent this morning. Maybe it’s because we were afflicted with “busy mind” when we went to bed last night, as we tried to sort through the various intersecting plot lines of NBC’s new show, HEROES. We think it’s a good show. We want it to be a good show, but we’re gonna need to see how the pieces fit together pretty darn soon or we’re gonna go back to watching our DVD’s of FRIENDS and/or DEAD LIKE ME. Of course, maybe we’re only tired because, later in the night, one of us pretended to be asleep while our husband (still grieving the fact that the Dodgers will NOT be going to the World Series this year–which makes one of us feel terrible) had to deal with dogs in need of a 3AM potty break. 

WHATEVER it is that’s caused our brains to feel challenged, we want you to know we’re working on it, even as we type. If you are in search of something more meaningful, we’d like to remind you that today is Tuesday, which means, of course, that a certain LADY LOGO has posted her weekly QUIZ–something we plan to take as soon as we clear out a few more cobwebs from our so-called brains.

AND for those of you with a need to peruse something more–shall we say–provocative, may we suggest a trip over to see our dear and oh-so-bawdy pal, FIRSTNATIONS? The pictures alone are worth the mouse-click, but her captions will make you stay, even as you find yourself repeatedly wiping off your computer screen after spewing whatever beverage you might be attempting to enjoy while reading ’em. Trust us, it’s just that funny. That said, keep the kids at arm’s length, her site’s not for young ‘uns, sissies, girly-men* and/or prudes.

*NOT that there’s anything wrong with that.

~ snuppy


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Back in the office which means I can actually make it here before noon. Yes that is a vintage First Nations post. I do hope MizCattyYummy makes it over there between packing! I may not look at you the same again NBFF 🙂 hahaha

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Comment by Lampy

I so badly miss DLM… *sigh*

Have a good day everyone!!

Comment by cj

LL: i howled when i saw FN’s post… damn that girl is funny! not sure *any* of us can look at each other the same! 😉

and i completely agree with you, i hope CYM manages a break from the insanity in order to visit, she’ll lovelovelove it! (i’m thinkin’ teh Penguin will love that Friends link, too!)

as for today’s quiz? yowie… i didn’t think it was all that difficult, but apparently my brain did. sigh xoxo

CJ: TV just hasn’t been the same since DLM and Arrested Development were cancelled, has it? (my favorite part of the link to Dead Like Me is that it features a loop of my favorite song from the show.) xox

Comment by snuppy

Morning snarksters near and far. The Penguin has returned and sees that she has missed much.
Neva, you just took half an hour out of my life, with teh link to Friends interaction! Shame on you! 🙂
Have to check out First Nation now…have to check out many a blog come to think of it!

Comment by Penguin

yippee! teh prodigal Penguin returns! yeah… i was afraid that Friends link would be too distracting for you (still, i’m glad you liked it!) so?? how was the book? (for that’s the reason we’ve been deprived of your company in recent days, right??) xox

Comment by snuppy

Neva, I’m never going to look at you and g in quite the same way, ever again 🙂

Comment by Casper

by the way #3004 (wILD AND UNTAMED): seen any good stallions lately?? xox

Comment by #216~peek a nboo

🙂 My favorite DLM quote is from Deloris when she was talking to Geroge about dating. “You know, when you are young like you are, Millie, it’s easy. Man, woman, bottom, top… sex is a big buffet and you are just a fat man with a fork. But, as you get older, it’s harder to get a fork. “

Comment by cj

CJ: so MANY great lines, right??!! lovelovelove that one (i adored Dolores Herbig). here are 2 more of my favs:

George: This is where I felt it the first time. The universe was cocking the fuck-with-me gun.

and Roxy’s classic: How about a hot cup of shut the fuck up?

sigh. xox

Comment by #216~peek a nboo

hah! that was me (you knew that, right?) i have GOT to stop using my #216 peek a nboo alterego. 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Who mehehe?

Comment by 3004 Wild and Untamed

gotta clear up one thing, though –
i love girlymen.
they can visit any time. them and the bears, the bluebirds, the dieseldykes, the trannies, the subs, the eelshoes, the grrls, the red sneaker crowd and the meltons.
even though i don’t know what half of them are because i made them up.

and pengie??? i didn’t include you because i felt that with relations between iceland and america being as tense as they are and all? with the nuclear testing and the roving gangs of trained mandrills armed with pizza knives and all? that in the interests of international harmony, i wouldnt risk the offense to…
hell, yeah, i forgot ya.
forgive me!

Comment by FirstNations

I was just going to ask about the red sneaker crowd. Girlymen rock!

Comment by 3004 Wild and Untamed

listen up… girlfriends! we ALL love girly men! i just figured they might not be too interested in that particular bare-nekkid(ish) post. i will be happyhappyhappy to edit the above so’s not to confuse and/or offend anyone! (for cryin’ out loud, some of my best friends are girly men!! yeesh!) xoxox

Comment by #216~peek a nboo

heh, feigning sleep while not getting enough:)
Well, I’ll just have to hop and over and see these pictures!

Comment by actonbell

Wow, Firstnations has your numbers,
tee hee
and she is giving them out!

Good stuff

Comment by logo™

Nah Snuppy – you say whatever you like – remember anybody reading that needs to remember “to take nothing personally”.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

3004~wILD AND UNTAMED: by the way… i’m off for a quick walk around the (3 mile) block… then i owe YOU an e-mail AND a call!! (roofing guy was here today–tough to concentrate with the noise. from the roof AND the dogs. yeesh!! email tonight, call tomorrow?) xox

logo™: i believe you’ve got my number today, too, girlfriend, and i believe that number is: 70. woot. (did i mention my brain was in poor working order???) xox

actonbell: you will lovelovelove the pictures… but i’m worried you’ll get yourself distracted again and look for more new ways to tweak your template (which looked VERY NICE last time i checked!!) xox

Comment by #216~peek a nboo

LL: hee hee… i almost forgot. you are SO right. take NOTHING personally! someday maybe we should post those agreements rules somewhere on this blog… 😉

Comment by snuppy

That kid from S.A.C.A.D.A. has a club with rules. (I just can’t think to link).

The dogs must have loved that hmmmm? Hey, just taking advantage of down time in the ofice. I’ll be there only til about noon tomorrow. So perhaps…

If I don’t cut back threw the Snark, have a good night all.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

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