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Hump Day Levity… by Snuppy
Wednesday, 11 October 2006, 8:50am
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ALL of us went to college. Many of us even remember the stuff we learned. That said, at least ONE of us is having a hard time recalling a little something known as the MEISSNER EFFECT, despite the fact that she actually majored in biology. Whatever. ALL of us think this fascinating little demonstration of how the aforementioned Meissner Effect works is extremely cool, and we’re pretty darn sure you will, too.

IF that wasn’t WOW enough for you, allow us to share a brief video of the same Magnetic Levitation-based principle applied to a FROG.

BY the way, those of you impressed by this demo (the first one) may be happy to know you can buy a KIT in order to WOW your friends and family from the comfort of your own home. However, should you decide to try this with a frog, do us a favor, and don’t tell anyone where you got the idea.

~ snuppy


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Very cool although felt bad for the frog. I may have to buy a kit so I too can wow my friends. Oh wait…don’t really have any friends nearby. I know! Could just set it up at a table at Starbucks and wow the patrons…maybe even make a little spare change in the process!!! Vacation home here we come.

Comment by BoBo the amazed

Bobo: actually we could do it WITH the spare change! i felt bad for the frog, too… altho it did look kind of cool. thank goodness that can’t be done with puppies. (or can it?) xoxo

Comment by One Hot Puppy

oops. forgot to log out, again. that was me (you knew that, right?) xox

Comment by snuppy

Morning all,

I am doing better today than Monday, but just hanging on. I want to thank all of you who have come by to offer your support to us.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

Or kids? I suddenly recall a camping trip in grade school and we were attempting our own magnetic levitation. To this day, I think we lifted somebody off the floor with such currents. Or that certainly made for a better story than we dropped her.

Bobo – I’m only half cracking up as I dial Scissors up as we speak…

Brian: Keep on keeping on. We all want you to feel better.

Comment by 3004 Wild and Untamed

D’oh – that’s my “evening” mane er name.

Comment by Touch Lamp

kids, LL? hee hee… mine are so big i didn’t think of that! (hmmmmm, i wonder…..?)

GDB: glad to know you’re feeling better… hope the trend continues until you’re back to your hoppy self again.

oh… and EXCELLENT POST Bobo–thank goodness you’re finally back to writing your own stuff!! xoxox

Comment by snuppy

I want to wow my friends too! But the feeling will pass. I shall just have to wow my friends with me…which is so much more entertaining than floaty metal bits or weird frog stuff. Poor kermit.

Yes…I am BACK!!!

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Sorry to change the subject, folks, but I just heard about the plane/helicopter crash in Manhattan. Everybody all right?

Comment by Pavel

WELCOME BACK LBP!! we missed ya something fierce! (and i held on to stuff cuz i didn’t want you to miss out–altho’ we’ve had a few cool things up over the past several days… ) xox

Pavel: i just flipped over to the news… this is located north of where Joel works… and south of G (right G?) but i’m not sure where Pia’s place is… hopefully she’s okay. scary stuff. thanks for the update. xox

Comment by snuppy

That’s pretty cool. I want to be a magnetic frog when I grow up.

Comment by Walela

Walela: i’d pay good money to see that. xox

Comment by snuppy

LBP – Welcome back! How was your holiday? Back in fine form too I see.

You’ve all heard the sad news by now that it was a Yankee pitcher’s plane. Pia’s on the west side – this was all the way east. But I happened to be in the city for a meeting and I was on the subway heading back and I heard the news and Tali goes to school blocks from there so my heart was in my throat until I ran upstairs at the next stop and made a call to the school. The kids were all fine and didn’t even hear it. Thank G-d. I almost burst out into tears when I heard the reassuring voice of the woman at her school. Very sad about the plane crash victims.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

G, I’m so sorry for the scare you must have gone through. I’m glad you and your family are ok.

Comment by Pavel

Wooohooo! LBP is back!!! I think I may be too… my father is here until Sunday, arrives later today, so if I get many needed escapes in I should be good to go and it best be so cause I miss y’all!!!!

LOVED this Snuppy! Although it got cut off half way through but what I saw? Ooooweee! Makes ME wanna levitate that’s FO SHO! Hmmm…

Nope, no time to try but maybe when I am back in San Francisco I can be the levitating yogini… funkified FO SHO!

Just a silly way to say hola and quietly creep back into the thick of things!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

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