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Bowie? SpongeBob? Gervais? All Good. by Snuppy
Thursday, 12 October 2006, 9:24am
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WE were somewhat shocked to read THIS headline yesterday, but only because we thought DAVID BOWIE, the man who’s been making sweet sweet music since 1967, would be above inserting himself into a cartoon, any cartoon, and most certainly a silly kid’s cartoon featuring the likes of SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS*.

OH WAIT. Did we say “shocked”? We meant delighted. Especially because we have it on good authority that the Hunky Dory Man Who Sold the World to the Rising and Falling Ziggy Stardust and Spiders from Mars has a fantastic sense of humor:

DID we mention we’re also big fans of RICKY GERVAIS? Well we are, and we don’t care who knows it. But this post isn’t about Ricky, it’s about Bowie. And, just in case we didn’t provide you with enough fodder to satisfy your Diamond Dog needs, we’re linking you to one of his classic videos HERE. We dare you to watch and tell us we’re wrong about the man’s aforementioned sense of humor, ‘cuz as far as we’re concerned, that hairstyle of his is a regular laugh riot.

*In case we left anyone with the wrong impression, we happen to be huge fans of SpongeBob and his Squarepants.

~ snuppy


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Morning Snuppy,

I think everyone is caught up in the Blogger smashup on I-95!!!

I’ll just hop around the park for a while.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

morning, GDB – aka “Birthday Boy”! i suspect you’re right (about the traffic) i’m on my way out the door, too… hopefully the roads’ll be clear by the time i get on ’em! i’ll be back, but for now let me say Happy Birthday!!  xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Firstly, if you’re still hopping around – Happy Birthday GDB! You share this birthdate with my mother in law. Enjoy your day and do something special for yourself. I think you recall my feelings are that birthdays are to be celebrated in everything you do!

Now could I not be happier to see the pairing of Bowie and SpongeBob (both hold iconic status in the Lampy household)!!!! Thank you for this heads up!

Oh and watch out for the traffic.

Comment by SpongeG Lamppants

I am still laughing at the Gervais/Bowie clip…that was awesome!!!!!!!

Comment by BoBo the amused

Thanks Lampy and Snuppy for the birthday pellets, they were yummy.

Comment by Gone to the Dogs ate my Bunny

By the way…congrats big time to Snuppy, who after winning Sar’s caption contest last week is once again a finalist this week…holy moly!!! Although who knows what it might do to her ego, I encourage one and all to visit Belle and cast your vote for Snuppy.

Comment by BoBo

…sorry Walela…you’re my solid second choice in the caption contest.

Comment by BoBo

SpongeG Lamppants (and haha for that!): i totally agree, Bowie will be a lovely addition to the Squarepants family. i can’t wait! (and i knew you were a fan, which is why i added the link to the video. sorry you can’t watch it at work, but you’ll have fun tip-toeing through the Bowie Tulips when you get home!) Happy B-day to your MIL!! xox

GDB: i’m with the luscious Lampy, birthdays are for celebratin’, pure and simple! hop (heh) you’re having a great one! xox

Bobo the Amused: *blush* thank you honey. i decided to hold off on the Shameless Promotion for at least a day. of course, anyone reading these comments is welcome to vote for me HERE! (please?) oh, and i had a feeling you’d love that clip as much as i did!! xox

BY THE WAY: guess who’s back swingin’ through the trees? that’s right our own SWEET BABOO! hopefully he’ll find his way back to the park sometime in the near future…

Comment by SnupBob Sweatpants

That’s right – Sweet Baboo handles security detail, particularly now that we’re an urban jungle.

Congrats SnupBobSweatpants (laughing as I type that one) – I see you’re off to a pretty intimidating lead already. But I think you got yourself a winner in that caption fo sho (channeling MizbYummy)! I know this because I like to read it (with proper inflection) as I look at the pic. SOme may think I have a job to do, some would be right….


Comment by SpongeG Lamppants

Don’t feel bad dou, oops “walela” – yours is pretty good. I’d suggest you jumpstart some percentage points and at least vote for yourself.

Speaking of Walela – is she named after a Ladysmith Black Mambazo song?

Comment by SpongeG Lamppants

SpongeG Lamppants: i believe your votes put me ahead in my efforts to win two–two–TWO caption contests in a row! that said, i loved Walela’s caption, too. oh, and i’ve wondered about Walela’s name, as well… it sounds Hawaiian to me, but you’re probably closer to the inspiration source. maybe the Dawg will stop by sometime and fill us in on the 411.

nitey nite, NBFF!! see ya manana! xoxo

Comment by SnupBob Sweatpants

OMG, I’m laughing uncontrollably. I love how he rubs his nose at the end of the clip. Pug, pug. Pug. Pug. I’ll be singing that all day tomorrow, I’m sure.

Also, if you need any crabby patties, I have loads of them. Two kids under the age of 7 will do that to a girl. Thanks for the laugh!

Comment by Angela

Extras really is the funniest thing out there right now.

Comment by Buffy

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