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Paraskevidekatriaphobia* by Snuppy
Friday, 13 October 2006, 8:32am
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OOOOH. We’re so scared. Are you? Okay, so we’re not really scared, because we don’t believe there’s anything to fear. So what if today’s Friday the 13th? Big deal. Still, we couldn’t help but wonder what the hoopla was about, so we did a little Googlery, and here’s what we got:  24,800,00 hits.

HEH HEH. Uh, okay… so you know what? We actually discovered quite a lot, especially after looking HERE, HERE, and HERE. And if you’re thinking what we think you’re thinking, you’re right. That’s a shitload bunch of information. Honestly, by the time we finished reading, our heads were spinning so much we had to lay down and take a nap. Eventually we got up and found ourselves feeling better, but then we realized there were just too many tidbits of superstitious trivia for us to process, much less try to condense for the purposes of blogging. That’s right, Snarksters, we gave up, dammit.

That said, we invite you to share any and all superstitions you may have regarding this day — or just stuff you do (or don’t do) to insure good luck and/or to ward off bad. You provide the fodder, we’ll provide the entertainment, in the form of Stevie Ray Vaughn performing the Stevie Wonder’s Superstition. Of course, you can always listen to the version RICK SPRINGFIELD did, or a less-than-stellar cover of the same song by some Malaysian talent-show (OIAM) contestant named FAIZAL, but why would you want to? (Trust us, you don’t.) Today’s Moment of Zen: 

NOW that we’ve provided you with a little light entertainment for this less-than-folly-ridden Friday the 13th, we’re hoping you’ll show your gratitude, and go do the VOTING VOODOO that you do so well. (Don’t look now, but that was a cheesy attempt to toss a little superstition into our pathetic–not to mention shameless–Self-Promotion. Vote now, or bad luck might be yours.)

*An irrational fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia–which is a specialized variation of triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13).

~ snuppy


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okay… so maybe i’m the only SRV fan in this bunch? by the way, Rick Springfield’s version of Superstition is mildly amusing (it’s no Jessie’s Girl, that’s for sure)… but Faizal? beyond hilarious (that show was no American Idol). xox

Comment by snuppy the 13th

Didn’t even realize today was Friday the 13th, although that explains the opening act of “My Name is Earl” last night…not as random as I thought…had to do with black cats circling. I’m not really superstitious…my only real reverence to fate is the ocassional knock on wood.

Love Stevie Ray Vaughn’s version of the song by the way.

Comment by BoBo

I totally forgot it was Friday the 13th but I’m so tired from being up at until 2 am misbehaving in an IM conversation that really…it’s still Thursday. Yup…more IMing…LBP style. My evasive manuevers were called “cute”. Sigh. Damn.

I need a nap and I’ve only been at work for 1.5 hours.

The SRV version rocked but he’s no Faizal.

As for superstitions: I still don’t step on the cracks…but I remember stomping on them heavily when I was mad at my mom! Nothing happened. But yet…years later…still avoid the cracks.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

*yawn* I ain’t scared of no Friday the 13th. It takes snakes to scare me. Well, just ONE snake would do it.

I do say “bread and butter” on appropriate occasions. If I ever found a real four-leafed clover I would keep it. I say “bless you” when someone sneezes…I guess I’ve got a bunch of rituals that are superstition-based, even if I don’t actually believe in them.

Comment by tanlucypez

I like Friday the 13th. A girl like me has to find ways to live dangerously snuppy!

Comment by kyahgirl

i’ve never been one for superstitions, either… broken mirror? buy another one. spilled salt? refill the container. that said, i’ve had two accidents that resulted in hospitalization, both of which occured on a Friday the 13th, so you’d think i’d have a little more respect for the potential for folly. alas, i do not! xox

Comment by snuppy the 13th

BOO! Scare ya?

Whenever I’m home, it cuts down on me blog time. Actually we were over Grandma’s for dinner. Just a quick hi because violin school calls early. LOOOOOOOVVE me some Stevie Ray Vaugh doing Superstition. Love SRV (have Scissors to thank for that).

G’night all.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

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