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Oh, the Humor! by Snuppy
Saturday, 14 October 2006, 9:23am
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IT’S no secret we love history, old black & white movies, and campy comedy. So, we confess, we were more than a little delighted to trip over this little Movietone Newsreel parody whilst perusing Comedy Central a few days ago.

NOW, before anyone gets snippy and accuses us of having questionable taste, it should be noted we in no way condone the mockery of tragedy. No one on this blog disputes the fact that the firey explosion of the helium-filled German zepplin, HINDENBURG, over Lakehurst, New Jersey back in 1937–a disaster so terrible to witness it caused one reporter on the scene to cry out over the airwaves “Oh, the humanity“–was horrific. We, uh, just thought this video was a clever tribute to a kinder, gentler, decidedly more naïve way of looking at the news. The fact that we laugh each time we watch is unfortunate.

~ snuppy


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Morning Snuppy,

Well I tried watching it but the video kept cutting out and stopping. It wouldn’t have anything to do with You Tube being bought by Google the owners of evil Blogger????

Comment by Gone to the Dogs Ate my Bunny

mornin’ GDB! that’s pretty weird… i’ve watched it several times now without mishap. that said, i *do* look for YouTube problems in the future, what with that Google buy-out, and all. hey…wait a minute! aren’t you supposed to be spending a leisurly birthday weekend with your lovely wife?? what the heck are you doin’ here?? (hope you guys are having a great time) 🙂

Comment by One Hot Puppy

that was me 🙂

Comment by snuppy

That is a very clever parody–I enjoyed it. And I had no trouble watching it, either.
Happy Saturday!

Comment by actonbell

Very clever…thoroughly enjoyed it.

Comment by joel

That was way, way, way funny. Laughing at tragedy is better than crying over good fortune, I sez. If that happened today, they would outlaw radio towers.

Comment by Walela

walela: i had a feeling you’d appreciate this. and i’m so glad you did–i’d hate to think joel and i (and actonbell) are the only ones around here with questionable tastes! as for the outlawing of radio towers… give ’em time. xox

Comment by snuppy

I have one thing to say, “aplause, aplause, aplause” or hahaha!

Comment by That Dame Lampshade Lady

I think I missed some p’s in there come to think of it. Oh the humanity!

Comment by That Dame Lampshade Lady

“Another example of the unhappy marriage of gas and fire.” Well said, sir.

Comment by Diesel

Hey, it made me laugh. I am German, what can I say?

The hindenburg? How do people come up with soemthign like that? Phallic symbols everywhere. Saying that…the newest shopping mall in Icleand, when viewed from above looks convincingly like “you know” in all its details. Boy, I really should get a picture of it.

Comment by Penguin

Deisel: welcome, and how true! xox

Penguin: okay, now i’m just laughing like crazy at the thoughts of your new mall! pleeeeese get a picture!! as for zeplins and/or malls and/or buildings, as far as i can tell, if a man built it, chances are it’s gonna be phallic in some way, shape, or FORM. it’s the law (pathetic tributes to themselves, i suppose) 🙂 xoxo

Comment by One Hot Puppy

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