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Sigh. by Snuppy
Thursday, 19 October 2006, 8:58am
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WE meant to write a really fabulous post today. We went to bed last night believing we had fodder for some serious fine writing and/or discussion. Not only did we have a few great ideas of our own, we were incredibly inspired by a few of our dearest friends*:

A certain BOHEMIAN, who absolutely delights with her first ever video post. (the word “sassy” comes to mind)

A certain ICE QUEEN, who absolutely challenges with her weekly Brain Teasers. (whenever she gets around to doing ’em, that is)

A certain LAMPSHADE LADY, who absolutely tickles us with her thoughts on sleep-deprivation in a “quick post”. (which was funny and smart but not short)

AND, a certain glamorous-yet-plastic NG4J SUPERSTAR, who absolutely intrigues with sordid tales of dirty laundry being aired over the blogwaves. (a story that just keeps on giving)

UNFORTUNATELY, all that inspiration went to hell in a hand-basket when we tripped over the following music video, which may — or may not — be one of the worst we’ve ever seen. We apologize in advance for what you’re about to see because, like a terrible train wreck, it’s completely awful, and yet, if you’re anything like us, you will not be able to turn away:

WE’RE hoping to get our shit act together in time for something more, shall we say, interesting and/or educating by tomorrow, but don’t hold your collective breath. That said, it should be noted that a certain PAVEL CUBANO is constantly sending us stuff that cracks us up to no end — even as he posts some of the most interesting and/or amazing and/or CUTE videos on his own site — so, who knows? Tomorrow may be the day we decide to share it with the rest of you. (The stuff he sends us, not the stuff he posts for himself. Try to keep up.) Only time and/or our ability to “just say no” to crappy music videos will tell. Stay tuned.

*WE’RE inspired by many of you kids, too, but because our ability to stay focused long enough to do this post was limited, we were simply unable/unwilling to include everyone today. Trust us, we’ve BEEN THERE, so you know we know how it feels to be left out. Get over it We apologize and promise to work on our linkiness in the future.

~ snuppy


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the dance moves alone will make you wonder what the hell these folks were thinking! and you don’t need to hear the music to appreciate the awfulness of this video, by the way… (i know it’s hard for some of you to watch these things from work. heh heh it’s hard to watch this no matter where you are!)

hope everyone has a happy happy day! xox

Comment by snuppy

The video is a classic or, er, anti-classic…the train wreck you just can’t stop watching. A day late but I have to say…

CONGRATS to my dear Snuppy for her back to back wins in Sar’s caption contest…back to back…WOW! I’m so proud.

Comment by BoBo

aw… *blush* you know, i didn’t want to sound like a boastful bitch and toot my own horn, thanks for doing it for me, honey! (this is one of the MANY reasons i lovelovelove YOU)  oh, heh heh, and i’m glad you enjoyed the video. how funny was that? the dancers, the singers, the lack of choreography… all perfectly awful, right?? xox

Comment by snuppy

..by the way…I think you and I could be a part of that dance troupe…cause, uh, we can dance…well, you can.

I wanna love you tender…a classic for sure…had to watch it a second time.

Comment by BoBo

Who needs the Dodgers when you have Snuppy ay Bobo? Two in a row – bam!

I will watch when I go home this evening because it sounds so bad, I can’t not. Thanks for the nod (haha pun intended) dear Snuppy. I will make my way around soon. I already watched MizCattYummy’s vid last night. Just love it. You’re a natural Miz!

See you all later.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Amen Lampy…by the way…you must watch this video because it is truly so very bad that it inspires amazement and wonder.

Speaking of baseball (as you did)…big 7th game for the Mets tonight…will the Lampshade household be painted in blue and orange?

Comment by BoBo

That video is going to give me nightmares. Dear Lord….

I am going to rush right out and check out those links. I feel like I’ve been gone forever.

🙂 See you guys soon!

Comment by cj

OMG! That was so awful in its cheesiness!!!

Comment by Pavel

Are you guys making fun of my choreography? You too can dance along. Ready? 5-6-7-8

We must, we must, we must increase our bust. Raise your hand if you’re sure. (repeat sequence)
Whip it until you can’t whip it no more. k-kish!!
Dodge the dog pooh. Dodge the dog pooh.
Lawnmower your ass off!
Spin it baby…just like in the old synchro swimming movies.
Octopussy baby!
This? It’s my crotch. You like? You wanna love me tender?
Electric guitar giddy up…groovy
Who farted?
Oooh shiny
My boob! Harassment!
My pillow. Mine
Let’s get it on! Yee-haw
See my rose? Want it?
Yes…give me your rose.
Groove it sexy.
I’d dip more but my pants are kiss ass tight
The “aren’t i too cute” shuffle
Twirl my pretties…twirl!
And three more…two more…one more
And for the big finale…let’s rip of Grease.

Admit it…y’all love me tender.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Snuppy, I have to second the statement that you don’t have to hear the music to appreciate it. Obviously the dancers couldn’t hear the music, so why would we need to?

And the production values! Those costumes alone must have cost hundreds.

Comment by Diesel

snuppy, you do such a good job at posting…I can’t imagine what it would be like if you were ‘in fine form’. this is excellent. I appreciated the reminder to visit a few of our excellent friends!

Comment by kyahgirl

snuppy, you do such a good job at posting…I can’t imagine what it would be like if you were ‘in fine form’. this is excellent. I appreciated the reminder to visit a few of our amazing friends!

Comment by kyahgirl

look, it posted both my comments! sorry about that 🙂

Comment by kyahgirl

That’s the darnedest thing ever. What country is that from? I’m always interested in tracing my roots and the rhythm and grace seem familiar.

Comment by Walela

Walela, are you seeing yourself in that blond guy with no buttons on his shirt?

I finally got a chance to have a look at this video and am still chuckling. I’m pretty sure snuppy was one of the girls in the chorus line.

Comment by kyahgirl

LL: i loveloved (“LL”, get it? meh) your post! and, as i said, i relate more than you can possibly imagine. when our kids were in school (high school, as opposed to the “continuing education” they seem to be experiencing now) i used to get up before 6am in order to fix breakfast & lunch for those spoiled brats them. what a dope i was, eh?. fortunately, i’m over that “mommy” phase, and, as a result, am feeling much more rested these days. xox

CJ: if you have *any* hopes of Thea continuing to be enthusiastic about dancing, do NOT show her that video! (just sayin’…) 🙂 xox

Pavel: i hate to say it, but “cheesy” would be good compared to this. xox

LBP: damn, girl, you’re good! (still laughing at “Who farted? Oooh shiny My boob! Harassment!”) where were you when that travesty of a video was being shot. oh wait, you’re young… you were probably still a twinkle in your daddy’s eye (let’s just hope he wasn’t seducing your mom in a shirt like the one that singer is wearing, cuz… ewwwww!) xox

Diesel: hundreds? i was thinking “dozens”. but can we attach a price tag to this level of tackiness? i think not. xox

Kyahgirl: you are way too sweet, girlfriend! (thank you) and i’m glad to be of service… that said, any chance you’ll want to return to this Snarky fold you helped to create? (if only from time to time????????) we miss you! xox

Walela: i fear it’s Nordic. and i fear it even as i recognize the fact that it serves to explain my lack of dancing ability, as well. (apparently you should be dancing with me in our kitchen… sounds like we’ve got the same crappy uncoordinated moves.) xox

Kyahgirl: hah! re: Walela, you took the words right outta my mouth! and yep, that’s me in that video, all right… oh, and who’s that next to me?? why i believe it’s YOU! (golly i loved it when you twirled me, by the way… and i thought we looked quite spiffy in those outfits! i still have mine, do you?)

 : P xoxo

Comment by snuppy

It’s all about forgiveness:)

Great post, and congratulations on your two-in-a-row win over at Sars– You’re the tops, you’re on a roll, and I can’t hardly wait ’til tomorrow–even if, even if, there’s another scary video…

Comment by actonbell

You Tube was down on me… oh no that sounds bad… You Tube was not working right and now that I finally made it in… OH HORROR OF HORRORS! It even caught Loverboy’s attention with a “What the fuck are you watching?” escaping his gasping face! Ha, ha, haaaa! He thought I had lost it and said NO to my “Hey baby! You wanna love me tender?” question! Thank god!

Sassy? Moi? Oh you flatter me you beautiful Neva of the Puppytoes clan! Seemingly burpalicious is more like it though that wasn’t a burp cause I cannot burp at will and so it was more of a damn-this-sucks-so-here-comes-a-frog-like-croak thing… Ay!

Well, off to bed go I for early am yoga! I have been a lazy ass freak the past two days and need to pack tomorrow! PACK I SAY!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

snuppy, I thought we danced beautifully together. ♥

Comment by kyahgirl

Okay, well now just saw the video – Snuppy are you sure that’s not you and Walela in the lead?

You love me I want to love you tender
Now go stick my head in a blender
turn it up high or
go on a drinking bender!


Comment by Lampshade Lady

Awful, that was just awful. The video I mean.
I got my post up 10 minutes past midnight…I am so bad this week, I´ll try to be more dependable next week 🙂

Comment by Penguin

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