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Regina Monologues* by Snuppy
Saturday, 21 October 2006, 8:45am
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It’s Saturday.  I thought it might be a nice break for SNUPPY to sleep in.  And she shouldn’t feel guilty that as she does, I am already at violin school with Tali.  No she should not.  She should sleep and be well while I volunteer and set up the snack table and make an urn of coffee.  I’m sure I’ll catch up on my missed sleep by 2014.  On the topic of music…

I heard this song in the car the other day.  I must admit to dancing in my seat as I drove.  I’ve heard it before, but this is all I know of this artist’s music. I’m a sucker for a good pop hook and a quirky independent songwriter.  So you’ll either love it or hate it, but without further adieu, click below and meet Regina Spektor singing Fidelity.  This is her official site so I couldn’t copy the video here.  Just click on “Video” when you get to her place and it will play. Okay maybe you have to click video twice and blow a kiss at your monitor.


So what’d you think?  What?  You didn’t listen?  I took the time to put her here and you didn’t… oh, you did.  Okay.   Now speaking of earworms, new music, redheads (ahem), why don’t you tell me what you’re grooving to lately.  Go ahead tell us what’s on your turntable (that’s my oldschool self shining through).  Any new faves?  Any old faves?  Any rags? Any bones? Any bottles today? (sorry Marx Brothers stream of consciousness).   

Okay, so in the words of MIZ CattyYummy:

“That’s all you get!” 

Happy Weekend Snarksters – let the good times roll!

*This Title was lifted  borrowed from an Interview magazine article (link? nah who cares what they say, I didn’t hear about her there). This might have been a good blog title, but never mind.

~ Lampsha

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damn, girlfriend! this was just a treat on every level imaginable! and i LOVE Regina Spektor… and that video is FABULOULY CHARMING. (the whole black and white set/attire, the puff of color at the end… LOVELOVELOVED IT!) why do i think we’ll be hearing this song on Grey’s Anatomy one day, soon? xoxo

Comment by sleepy snuppy

oh yeah… and “that’s all you get” was hilarious. (as Miz B’s sign off *and* as your quote!) now i’m off the ponder my musical contribution to this here post… off the top of my head would be anything and everything by Afro Celt Sound System… i’ll have to see if they do videos (first heard of ’em on an NPR station in Philly 7 years ago, and have been completely hooked ever since!) xoxox

Comment by snuppy

Hey! Glad you liked. I noticed in my sleep deprived brain, only “Lampsha” came through which is perfect becaue it sounds vaguely Russian which is where Ms. Spektor was born. So I’ll leave it.

Afro Celt System – you’ve mentioned them before, I now must hear them!! But first a shower and a general getting together of the act since I got a pass on the early AM music school with Tali.

Have a great day all. Oh and yeah, love MizB’s sign-off and it just popped into my head.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

hee hee! now see? i thought “Lampsha” was Yiddish for Lampshade Lady. and i think it works rather well, *especially* for this post! xox 🙂

Comment by One Hot Puppy

“I call you killer, cause you slay me!”

Comment by Lampsha

*blushes* why thank you… comin’ from a seasoned assassin like yourself, that’s a real compliment, NBFF! by the way… *nice* touch on the Marx Bros. i can never get me enough o’ them! xoxo

Comment by snup doggie

Great video–there’s so much great stuff out there that I’ve never heard of. Poor me. I really liked the black-and-whiteness of that video,btw. Very artistic. I’m a sucker for catchy pop tunes as well. I think the group Bowling for Soup has many catchy songs.

Rock Bottom Remainders? I’m hearing David Barry on “Wait, wait, don’t tell me” admit that he’s in a band. Maybe I’ll have to scout this out…

Comment by actonbell

I like her sound. “That’s all you get” is a classic, isn’t it?

Comment by Walela

Hey guess who didn’t go to violin?

Snup Doggie: Who loves ya babe?

Actonbell: Bowling for Soup! Love it. Scout it out and report back. We love new music!

D, er Walela: That’s it – she has a “good sound”! Tagline written all over it.

Comment by Lampsha

Actonbell: Dave Barry’s had that band for many years now… and they are terrible (in a wonderful kind of a way). i think he plays with Stephen King, Matt Groening, and Amy Tan, among other authors… you can see their website HERE (what? i’m a Dave Barry fan from *way* back!) and joel and i were just trying to find “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me”, but it’s not on WNYC at the moment… how weird is that? xox

Walela: Miz B is a veritable soundbite waiting to happen at any given moment on any given day (and i mean that in the BEST way) xox

Comment by snup doggie

oh, and ACTONBELL? i already sent “DJ Lampsha” this link, but i’ll share it here, as well. THE DITTY BOPS are charming and wonderful and whimsical… and, Actonbell, for some reason, every time i listen to their CD, i think of you! (Joel gets credit for “finding” them and downloading their music to my ipod, by the way!)  depending on the couple, their song Four Left Feet has “wedding dance” written all over it. xox

Comment by snup doggie

Cool song and video…love being exposed to new talent.

Comment by BoBo

okay… now i’m listening to Bowling for Soup (lovelovelove the name… *always* a good start) they’re great! sound a little like Bare Naked Ladies, doncha think? (“happy” music is always good for me) 🙂

Comment by snup doggie

Me too Bobo!

Snup Dog and Tinkerbell (just kidding): Okay, we’re take a minute dance marathon recoup. Julian and I have been having a dance riot. When I sat down, he said “Come on – get up!”. Good instructor. We started will a little Bowling for Soup – High School Never Ends (raucous I tell ya) and then headed over to the Ditty Bop’s jukebox. Oh we do love them!

We’re going back now!

Comment by Lampsha

I have to admit this is the first I’ve heard of Regina Spektor. I like it. Reminds me a little of Ivy. I also can’t get enough of that Corrine Bailey Rae song, Put Your Records On. Yeah, I’m getting old and listening to girly music. So what?

Thanks for the tune. And at least you posted something today. I plan on fighting with Blogger for a few more hours and then hitting my head with a hammer for a bit. Expect a new entry on my blog some time before Easter.

Comment by Diesel

I’m sure you’ll figure out what I meant to say above. They’re either my typos or Julian swiping at the keys…

Comment by Lampsha

DJ Lampsha: no one’s gonna notice the typos as long as you’re shakin’ it like yer Sister Kate! i have visions of you and Choo Choo dancing it up over there… and, i have to say, it’s pretty sweet! xox

Comment by snup doggie

I really liked the black and white shoes she had. Hummmmmm I wonder where I can pick myself a pair like that. Ohhh Wait, I am really bad picking out that stuff. I best just admire her’s!

I like the video. I may see what else of her’s I can nab on itunes.

Me? I love the barenaked ladies…. 🙂

Comment by cj

I liked the “Fidelity” video; the colours were great, but I didn’t care too much for the way she sang that song. I did like the song “Better” a whole bunch. Very catchy tune!

(20 minutes later) You know, I listen to a bunch more of her songs on the radio player, her voice quickly grew on me. thanks G!

Comment by Pavel

Diesel, Don’t worry, we won’t let your friends over at M > W know that you’re a girlie man. Hey, I liked the music you linked in. I’ve heard Ivy, but Corrine Bailey Rae I didn’t. Very stylized. Nice.

Snup Dog: Yes indeed, like a “bowl of jelly on a plate”! I have heard of them on the station that you know also (WFUV) come to think of it! One of the songs…anyway, thanks I am enjoying them.

cj: Well we all know your propensity towards “colorful” shoes which I’d like to go on record as defending their wearability. Anytime I hear a BNL song, seems I like them.

Pavel: I think she has that effect. I think people have a strong reaction one way or the other to Fidelity (well the song…come to think of it the concept). Glad you liked in the end.

Comment by Lampsha

Diesel: did you drop off the Blogosphere? because i just tried to look at your blog, mister, and it’s gone! disappeared! vanished into thin cyberspace! wha’ hoppened? xo

Comment by snup doggie

I have a feeling those terrible men over at Men > Women found out what kind of music he was listening to and…

Comment by Lampsha

Lampsha: you might be right! and i suspect those same assholes are trying to keep me from leaving a comment on your new post, as well (really, i’ve been trying and trying and trying and… nothing. i HATE when that happens!) actually, i just checked, and apparently Deisel broke out of the bonds and is back in bloggy business. whew. another Blogger crisis averted. xox

Comment by snup doggie

Yeah, I’m now fighting a war on 2 fronts: Blogger and Winsave, my hosting provider. I made the mistake of picking a hosting service based almost entirely on price. I think the site costs me $8/month. I know, how can you go wrong paying $8/month, right? I mean, unless the site just goes down at random intervals and support is nonexistent. Reminds me of the time I bought 10 hacksaw blades for a dollar, and the first one I tried to use broke in half in about 3 seconds into using it. And I think I was cutting dental floss.

I’ll refrain from venting more on your site, but you can read how I really feel here. I know, I’m shameless….

Lampsha – Thanks for keeping my secret. BTW, don’t you love the fact that “M > W” kind of looks like the W is yacking endlessly at the M, who is stoically ignoring the W?

Wow, I’m going to make some friends today. 🙂

Comment by Diesel

Diesel: Your secret’s safe with us here in the Snark, dont you worry. I have to admit I might have inadverntently chuckled at that same thing. But once I started reading…whew I did leave a comment on I believe Woman + Math = Disaster. Now I’ll never return! Well glad to see that you’re safe, sorry about the blogger issues.

Comment by Lampsha

OH MY GOD! I just made it in and just saw that video and I am in love, IN LOVE with that Regina chick and were I a lesbian or a guy I would so want her and since I am not then I will settle for wanting to be her and if ever I had a music video (if ever I could sing to begin with! You so do not want to see THAT!) that one would be it and those lyrics speak to me and I wonder what voices cause I hear voices and is she crazy, am I crazy… how did this end up being about my insanity? I loved it! FO SHO! BANG and SHABAM! And what a beautiful website too! I want a site like that! And the detail in the video and…

This’ll never end! Plus her other work rocks too… *sigh* Can I be her?

And oooweee! I am being quoted? Catch phrase? Tagline? Soundbite? Y’all are good for a bohemian’s fragile ego and as my face burns red I send you a huge kiss, muchas gracias, an added I just love you to G and Snuppy and my brotha and with that…

That’s all you get? Well, maybe for this one,

BoheMia OUT!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

That’s my other fave of yours – “BoheMia OUT!”

Ooh I’m so glad you liked – feel the same way – she’s gorgeous, sings beautifully and it’s all so stylistically aesthetic. I was watching singing along, wanting my nails just like hers…okay, now that’s out there.

Somehow I knew you would like it, somehow. And that you’d be all over that site (it’s great isn’t it). Sending a big smooch back, what can I say, this Snark and I just love us some MizB! Have a good weekend and don’t pack too much. xox

Comment by Lampsha

my toenails are painted like hers, does that count? 🙂

okay, i’m off to read Deisel and then i think i *have* to check out M > W because… damn.

sooooo glad you were able to wade through your sea fans in order to pay us a visit, dearest BoheMia!! xoxo

Comment by snup doggie

i don’t know what the heck is going on with our template… but I CAN’T READ ANYTHING ON THE SNARK RIGHT NOW!! or is it just MY computer that’s making all the type look terribly terribly tiny?? whatever, aieeeeee! (hopefully whatever’s going on will be fixed soon??) xoxo

Comment by snup doggie

Hope all is well with your computer. I know mine was acting up a bit, but then again I believe it was Blogger striking again.

By the way, toenails most cetainly count!


Comment by Lampsha

Oooh! Toenails count FO SHO! I think painted toenails are sexier than painted nails… and I never paint my nails because they chip right away and with my OCD it irritates me to no end! So if I ever do paint anything ’tis the toenails…

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

Toe painting is always fun. I do it a few times a week… its my secret weapon agains bordeom for my 4 year old. 🙂 we always have wildly painted toes.

Have a great weekend!

Comment by cj

CJ: yep, it’s a well known fact that painted toenails are the secret weapon against boredom and/or ugly feet. (at least that’s my justification for those pedicures i occasionally treat myself to!) hope everyone had a fabu weekend, too! xoxo

Lampsha: i must have downloaded something weird that turned all the type on most of the sites i was looking at (including this one) into teensie tiny and *highly* unreadable print. i reset it my computer (thanks for the tutorial, Bobo!) and now all is fine (of course i have NO freaking idea what it was that caused the problem, so let’s hope i don’t do it again!!) xox

and Miz B: i agree! (for me, at least) the color belongs on my toes (deep reds, plums, purples are my favs) if i do any polish on my nails it’s one coat of a very sheer pink, or i do french manicures. hope you’re weekend was magnifico, amiga! xox

Comment by snup doggie

sorry…not my thing and my eyes are kinda trying to roll into focus as well, after all those shapes and stuff.

At the moment…Mr. Justin Timberlake gets me good and going. There should be a law as to how much sex appeal you could put into one man!

Comment by Penguin

Maybe if you closed your eyes?

Comment by Lampshade Lady

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