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Pleased Demetri by Snuppy
Tuesday, 24 October 2006, 8:17am
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BAD PUN, we know. Silly us, trying to be clever and/or funny two days in a row. It’s just that we were so very excited to discover the following video, we couldn’t contain ourselves. But before we let you watch, we thought it might be nice to provide a little background, for perspective. Naturally, we’re not sure what perspective we’re about to provide, but as always, that’s beside the point.

WE first saw this 33 year old comedian — who looks more like he’s 17 by the way, and what the hell is up with that? — DEMETRI MARTIN on Comedy Central last year, when he appeared as a “Youth Correspondent” on The Daily Show (best TV program ever) in a segment called TRENDSPOTTING. (that first link is to a piece on Life Coaches, but our all-time favorite was his report on MYSPACE — which we think our new friend DIESEL might need to watch, because he and Demetri have SOMETHING in common — but we digress.) The point (one of ’em anyway) is that this kid is freaking funny. Needless to say, we were startled to learn he suffers from a rare condition, which he intends to chronicle in a series of short films, starting with the one you’re about to watch.

FOR more information on Demetri Martin and/or to hear a few wicked funny riffs, you can check out his other website at CLEARIFICATION.COM. Now, at this point, we suppose we should actually encourage a response of some sort from all of you, so we figure we’ll ask this question: Who’s making YOU laugh these days? Oh, but please don’t say MIZ BOHEMIA, because we’ve already got that covered — of course, if you’ve yet to see her latest recorded effort, which features some impressive Grade-A klutziness an hilarious exchange with her handsome hubby, Loverboy, by all means do so, now. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did. And if that doesn’t crack you up, perhaps this late night post addition, featuring a certain SINGIN’ DAWG, will. (sorry Doug, it couldn’t be helped)

~ snuppy


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That Demetri is an odd fellow…a funny fellow…just a little odd…very talented…also a great animator, by the way, but a little odd. We do like him though.

Comment by BoBo

Bobo: funny… odd… talented. all good things in our book, right? i don’t know, maybe i’m the only one who thought his video was hilarious! i don’t care, i just love his dry wit, and i find him nicly ironic, which *always* works for me! (okay, i know you really like him, too… i suppose i could brag on ya a bit, and tell folks you actually had a meeting with him last year, but that would only spark all kinds of unnecessary questions, and we don’t want that, right?) xoxo

Comment by snuppy


Comment by BoBo

oh, and i’m sorry, but Hyper Acheiver with No Direction and a Tendency to Overcomplicate Situations Syndrome? that’s funny. weird, but funny. (especially since this guy’s approach to humor is so laid back) 🙂 xoxo

Comment by snuppy

I think we’re the only ones in the Snark…I’m hearing an echo.

Comment by BoBo

Bobo…obo…obo… yep. you and me, kid. sigh apparently we *are* the only ones who think Demetri Martin’s a funny guy. who’d a thunk it? xoxo

Comment by snuppy

perhaps i should have posted something about Steven Wright?

Comment by snuppy

No!!!! Not that Steven Wright isn’t funny in his own, err right, but we love Demitri!!!! I loved his syndrome, well it’s sad indeed. I mean he couldn’t even enjoy a board game with friends because of it. Terribly sad.

And his Trendspotting. Well, let me just clear it up for you Bobo, odd = Great and funny! But you knew that being married to my NBFF. Wait that came out wrong. Never mind. Was he odd in the meeting? Did he pull a prank on you? Come on – spill!

Comment by Lampshade Lady

By the way, pleased demetri too!

Comment by Lampshade Lady

and THATS’S why i love you, LL! and why you’re my NBFF&F!! (you and Bobo are the only ones who ever get my cheesy puns… a blessing, to be sure. and yet, i’m thinking the other folks forced to read my drivel on any given day might regard such encouragement to be a curse, as well!) xox

Comment by snuppy

I’m with bobo, he’s funny in an ODD sort of way, oddly enough.

Comment by Pavel

That is pretty funny. It makes me glad I am at home with the children all day instead of being subject to persons who suffere from HAND TOSS. 🙂 And I am also glad I am not stuck playing a game of exiestance with him either!

Comment by cj

Oh man, that was funny. I thought his standup routine was even better. He’s funnier than Steven Wright, I think. I absolutely can’t stand comics who yell to compensate for not being funny (like half the people who make it to the finals in Last Comic Standing, for instance). I went to see John Heffron (who won LCS a couple years back), and he was great too. Low key = good.

And now for something completely different…

What do you get when you mix Blink 182, Queen and a marching band, set it to some hella creepy imagery, and throw in former child actor Lukas Hass? Well, THIS, as a matter of fact. You probably have to like this kind of music, but holy crap is this awesome. Sorry to hijack the thread, but it’s my new mission in life to tell everybody to see this.

Comment by Diesel

Stephen Lynch can make me giggle and giggle AND giggle. Super hero and Craig can get me giggling no matter what.

Now…will my links work? Hmmm.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

They do! My links do work! Whoot to da whoo!

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Wow it says my comment is awaiting moderation…what the hell does that mean?!!! Huh???

Comment by Little Blue Pill

look who i found in the waiting room… Diesel and LBP!  i don’t know why that happens, altho’, last week there were something like 50 spammy comments (everything from penis-enhancement to gambling… woot. all from someone know only to me as “Mr. Skin.” ewwww) i guess it’s good that WordPress at least holds onto questionable stuff, instead of arbitrarily deleting them! (now i’m off to check out these new links. don’t tell Mr. Skin, tho’, cuz he might get jealous!) xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

me. that was me. sorry. and now i’m off to check out these other links, even as i ask the musical question “what happens when it rains on a Black Parade”? (and, yes, Diesel, in case you wondered, your link has been “enhanced”. but don’t thank me, thank Mr. Skin.)  oh, and LBP, Stephen Lynch is very very funny! thanks! xox

Comment by snuppy

Hey Diesel…loved the video and your description of “My Chemical Romance’s” sound and influence is right on the money. Very cool!

Comment by BoBo

So…Diesel and I are questionable? Sweet!

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Ok, I’m only going to say this once during my lifetime, so listen up: Thank you, Mr. Skin!

Bobo – Glad you liked the video. I seriously love that song so much I want to have its babies.

Comment by Diesel

I’ll have to check out the vids when I get home. I have heard My Chemical Romance, but can’t call them up now in my brain.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

you guys are making a HUGE mistake if you don’t go into Clearification and click on “tours”, if only to hear him talk about the various cities he’ll be visiting. like: “Orlando… the only place you’ll find land between two O’s” or “Tampa… so close to feminine hygiene”. is it just me? or is that funny?

LBP: YOU i wasn’t surprised to find in the questionable/awaiting moderation pile. but when i found myself in there one day, i knew WordPress was being a little TOO zealous in its efforts to pluck comments out of cyberspace before they ever saw the light of day! xox

Diesel: Mr. Skin wants you to know he’ll always be there (or here) for ya… especially if he ever figures out how to penetrate (heh) our anti-spam security measures. xox

LL: it’s a great video…*and* song! (really fab) that said, i’m not sure i’d have its babies, but maybe that’s just me. xox

Comment by snuppy

I will be CLEARIFYING tonight! It’s funny. funny.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

The problem is when you go to clearification.com you end up staying there forever and you get nothing else done…which…by the way can be a real problem when you’re supposed to be actually, you know, working.

Comment by BoBo

Now that’s odd…I just posted a rather lenghty, and if I do say so myself, clever comment and it is gone…vanished into the ether that is the net. Have I too joined the “questionable” list along with LBP and Diesel…for shame.

Comment by BoBo

Bobo: questionable? vous? cool! oh, and you’re sooo right about Clearification.com causing major distractions… same thing happened to me… er, almost happened to me. (this got “trapped” in that spam catcher, too. what the fuck heck is up with that??) xoxox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

it finally happened…we have been reduced to spam.

Comment by BoBo

Well…at least I wasn’t alone in detention. I had Diesel! I can’t believe a song about superheroes landed me in detention.

I am aghast that WordPress sent you to detention, Snuppy. I mean…what the fuck heck is wrong with them? I mean…you’re so pure and shit.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

I think I was sent to detention again.


Comment by Little Blue Pill

Oooh, I just watched the MCR video again. It’s just that good. Like, out-of-wedlock-quintuplets good. Damn. Ok, I’ll check out the clearification site now.

Comment by Diesel

Dammitall! If it isn’t blogger then our connection goes nuts and You Tube won’t work for me! Damn you España! Damn you!!!

A psychotic hola and muchos besos to you dear Snuppy de mi corazón! Forgive my not being able to check out the oh-so-fab-sounding-links-I-will-get-to-in-the-morrow-which-is-really-a-few-hours-of-sleep-away since I must jet but I had to pop in to send you kisses… dentist and gyno visits and being drugged on antibiotics (because those damn things drug me and make me pass out) were in and the drug stupor is gone but bedtime is here… dios mio!

So off I go but not without thanking you for your ever so sweet words… especially on a day like this!

May you be having a beautiful week and hola and besos to all the Snarking buddies! Ciao for now…

BoheMia OUT!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

holy crap! i just checked and discovered no fewer than FIVE of you locked in detention! (cozy i know, but still…) soooo sorry about that. not sure what the dealio is, but there you have it. so? Miz B????? there was a trip to the DOCTOR in there, girlfriend, and inquiring minds (especially *this* one) want to know what the hell happened???? xox

LBP: i know… i’m pure as the fucking driven snow. stupid WordPress Police. maybe Diesel can have a chat with ’em when he’s through with all those mattresses. xox

 Diesel: quintuplets? now you’re just scaring me. xox

 HA!… this one was sent there, too! i had to rescue myself. thank god i had a nail file in my purse, otherwise i might still be in there.!

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Bobo: i, for one, think your Spamtastic! so screw you, WordPress, we’re going home (you are comin’ home soon, right honey?)  xoxo

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Ok, is it me…or doe sthis dude remind anybody of Kyan Douglas from Queer Eyes for the Straight GUy???? freaky stuff…The dawg´s singing should be advertised all ove rthe place, donæt apologize and I have to visit Miz B now…God knows, I have only been following stallions of late!
better hurry and make my rounds!

Comment by Penguin

What’s making me laugh – why Demitri Martin of course! Although Cleafication seems to be in a stalled mode right now, I’ll check back, the other links were just too funny. Thanks for the yucks Snup.

Oh and Pengy ~ I could see that.

Night all!

Comment by Lampsha

Penguin: you’ve been missed, girlfriend! of course, since we know your absence is due, in no small part, to that frisky & fabulous foal, you’re most definitely excused! you have to listen to a few of Demetri’s stuff to truly appreciate his humor, that said, yes, the Dawg’s singing is something that must be heard to truly appreciate. (hopefully everyone’s done so, by now!) xox

Lampsha: weird… altho’ i just clicked on and noticed a few new additions, so maybe he had it off while he tweaked? (anything is possible). i hope you DO get to hear the rest of his stuff, i am quite certain YOU will not be disappointed! (glad this — among a few other things — gave you a reason to smile today, NBFF!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Apologize, Snuppy. You’re very cruel but not to me.

Dmitry’s funny. His problem is not mine.

Comment by Walela

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