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Saturday Morning Jam by Snuppy
Saturday, 28 October 2006, 8:01am
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Look, it’s the weekend.  We’ve all got better things that we should or could be doing.  And so what?  You want to laze about, have some coffee, listen to some music, catch up with your blogging buddies.  Is that so wrong?  I would love to join you, but I do have better things to do.  No, not really.  Just bring my daughter to violin school which lasts into the afternoon.   Then I’ll be right back home lazing about.  That’s the plan – don’t anybody do anything to mess it up.  Like say a fumble picking up my son at Grandma’s (my MIL) which causes us to be there too long.  But I digress.

Since you all liked Regina Spektor last week (more or less) and even if you didn’t, I thought I’d just link on in another perhaps new-to-you voice because well, I – one, love to hear new music and two, sometimes even more so when I don’t have to actively seek it out and it just comes my way.

This artist’s name is KT TUNSTALL and she is from Scotland.  She’s got a great voice and I think that we’ve already established that I’m a sucker for a good pop hook.  Must be all those summers of my youth spent on the porch steps listening to AM radio Top 40. Now before you get all “that’s not new on me”. I know. The album originally came out in maybe 2004, but I believe the US version came out this past year which is when I snapped it up. It’s pretty solid all the way through in the driving to work cd sort of solid.  You can probably at this juncture see why a career writing music reviews is not in the cards for me. It is infectious and she does have a nice voice. Anything else is open for debate.

Now I don’t know if this will make you want to have her babies or not, ahem Diesel, but it may make you at least check out both songs linked here.

Are you done with the Weekend Section? Trade you for Entertainment.

DJ Lampsha in da house!

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i ADORE the song Black Horse in a Cherry Tree (it was actually performed rather nicely on American Idol this past season, not that i’d know that from having watched that terrible show…) and Suddenly I See is a FABULOUS song and the video is wonderful! (but i’m a sucka for whimsey… so shoot me.) tho’ Diesel may not want to have her babies… i might be interested in it, myself! (grandkids? noooooo. not ready for that *just* yet!) THANK YOU Lampsha for another poppishly ROCKIN’ weekend! xoxoxo

Comment by snuppy

d’oh! and apologies to everyone… but especially to Lampsha (who asked for a wee bit o’ help with a wee link) for getting this post up and running so late this morning… when Bobo’s out of town (which he is) everyone stays up — and gets up — way too early for our own good. just ask the rug in the dining room (sigh)

my bad, mea culpa, and all that there kind of stuff!! xoxox (snuppy)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

so… am i the only one stuck inside the house hanging around here today? oh well, i like both of these songs so much i’m just looping ’em so i can listen to them both over and over and over and over and over… help? okay, i guess i should confess that i’m *also* enjoying THIS SONG/VIDEO by U2/Green Day. (is that so wrong????)  

Comment by snuppy

Just checking in from music – quiet day in the Snark. See ya later.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

I’ve already committed to having the out of wedlock quintuplets with MCR’s Welcome to the Black Parade, so I’m kind of booked. I did like this song the first 800,000 times I heard it, but the sheen has worn off. Actually, she’s pretty remarkable in that she plays all of her own instruments (or synthesizes them), and can play these songs live by herself. But unfortunately this is one of the six songs that every radio station I can get plays, so I’m a bit tired of it. Sorry.

We are somewhat in sync (no pun intended), though, because my post today was about pop music as well. I know, shameless…. Oh, and I’ve got a bag of laundry in my trunk. Could you maybe throw it in with…thanks.

Comment by Diesel

oh for Heaven’s Sake, son, have you learned nothing in the week and a half you’ve been here? if you’re gonna shamelessly link to your post — and a freaking FUNNY one, at that — do it with gusto, dammit! or at least use GIANT CAPITAL LETTERS. yeesh.

sorry to know the Central Valley has become so saturated with the fabulous/enjoyable stylings of the very talented KT Tunstall… but hey, at least you’re not being forced to listen to THIS KIND OF CRAP. in other words, it could be worse. (just sayin’…)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

i’d also like to encourage everyone to stop by THE PRATTLER at some point this weekend, in order to enjoy THIS FABULOUS PIECE. trust me, you won’t be sorry. (seriously, go read. don’t make me come out there and hurt you). xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Hey, thanks Neva by the way, for getting this up and running. Quiet day all around anyway.

Diesel, you know I sometimes have that feeling that perhaps “whomever” such as KT Tunstall is a crossover artist. I really have no idea what’s getting played on commercial radio as my kids are still young enough to be along for the ride and listen to what I have on the radio. I had a feeling that she had had some commercial success on this. At least she doesn’t talk about her lumps. Ewww.

Now I am curious as to the other links and since I may be the only one in the world who didn’t know sexy left, I shall go see it brought back (purely from an anthropologic standpoint).

Ooh, what’s that? Sun shining! Have a great weekend all!

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Oh, my THANK YOU! I’ve been hearing that song on the radio and I never get to hear the DJ say her name. Maybe the DJ just doesn’t say her name. Anyway, thank you–I’ll need to look that one up. Neeeed more treadmill music:)
Happy Saturday

Comment by actonbell

Lampsha: my pleasure, NBFF! i lovelovelove the music and the videos and i don’t care if they’re played a lot… like you i don’t listen to “regular” radio stations, either (npr, CDs or my ipod), so i’m never sure what’s out there on any given day. of course, after watching those videos, and reading Actonbell’s comment, i started thinking about the stuff i like to listen to on the treadmill, and, next thing i knew, i had flashed back to the 80’s, and i was doing THE NEUTRON DANCE. needless to say, i’m in a major dance mode in the kitchen (or i will be as soon as i finish writing this comment!) xox

Actonbell: i know! i’ve heard the song (NOT on American Idol, because that would have been so lame of me) and did not know who the artist was, either! as you can see by my comment to DJ Lampsha, i’m in an 80’s musical mode rightthisminute, but the OTHER song i lovelovelove to exercise to is THIS ONE. honestly, i think it’s one of the best “running” songs, ever!! xox

Comment by snuppy

Oh I love KT Tunstall – We have her playing at work all the time. (You know that whole Starbucks sound thing they have going on.) I am off to check out your links…. Its been a busy day around here.


Comment by cj

cj: Actually, I think that was an impulse buy with a latte one fine morning. Busy day here too, just settling down. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Actonbell: I’m not sure which song people are hearing or both. Suddenly I See is a good exercise tune – check out the video. And always glad to be of service. Glad to see you too!

Snuppy: I love Dire Straits! I also like Mark Knopfler’s solo work. The GreenDay/U2 link was good – they’re an interesting meld for a very good cause. So very sad anytime I see how we failed the people in New Orleans. So sad.

Anyway, I’ll check out the links over the weekend. Hope you all enjoy your extra hours sleep. Don’t forget to set your clocks back.


Comment by Lampshade Lady

I too have enjoyed that song, this is the first time I had seen the vid, so that was new, I had no idea there were so many of her.
Good job DJ Lampsha

Comment by logo™

I quite liked that song when it was first out but it is getting ALOT of airtime. However, this is the first time I had seen the vid, I had no idea there were so many of her.

Good job DJ Lampsha

Comment by logo™

Haha Logo, I had no idea there were so many of you. Well actually, with that little white hair wig, I did. Glad you liked.


Comment by Lampshade Lady

Sorry, Puppy, I’m a slow learner. I’ll make sure my next shameless plug for a music-related post on my blog is in GIANT CAPITAL LETTERS.

You may now return to your KC Turnstile.

Comment by Diesel

logo™: me too, me too, and me too. in that order! xox

Lampsha: i’m STILL listening to KT Tunstall and *still* lovin’ it! thank you… i especially love the whimsy of the newer video. brilliant! xox

Diesel: *sniff* i’m so proud of you… your letters are well-formed, spelled correctly, and linked nicely. i may have to smack you for mocking KT Tunstall, tho’, cuz, in case you didn’t read what i JUST this minute wrote to our beloved DJ Lampsha, some of us are still enjoying the music, even as we listen to it over and over and over. that said, i took a peek at your post, and it is pretty funny. be nice, and i *might* even leave a comment. xox

Comment by snuppy

Diesel, glad to be an inspiration kid.

Snuppy: Stop encouraging him. First the laundry, then the links! What next, wiring money? Hey, wait a minute!

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Lampsha: no worries… i figured i’d just lull him into a false sense of security in case the blog needs a favor down the road… 😉

Comment by snuppy

That was a lovely introduction to somebody I had never heard before.There are some wonderful icelandic entertainers I might introduce you to along the line…
DJ, lampy ey???
Who would have thought!?

Comment by Penguin

Goes to show – you never know!

Glad you enjoyed but even gladder to see you round. Know that you’ve been busy. We would looove to hear some Icelandic music. In fact there’s a song on this album, The Other Side of the World, that made me think of you. Very nice.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

oooh… and speaking of Icelandic? i’m wanting to know more about the roads designed to avoid Elves (the answer to one of the questions on Logo’s quiz, last week). that is *so* cool… but what’s up with it? (do we need another “Get to Know Iceland” post???) xoxox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Can you get me an “I Brake for Elves” bumper sticker?

Comment by Lampshade Lady

LL: my thoughts, exactly! xoxox

Comment by snuppy

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