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Monday, 30 October 2006, 8:52am
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NOMI? Know you? No… me! HAHAHAHA! Get it? Haha! Haha. Ha? Oh fine. That’s our stupid sense of humor rearing it’s ugly head this fine Monday morning, and we’re sorry. What can we say? Once again we have to follow a fun and brilliant and lively post by a certain delightful (heh) LAMPSHADE LADY whose bulb just seems to glow brighter and brighter with each passing day. We had a fantastic time listening to great music around here over the weekend, despite a rather pathetic turnout by our so-called friends. Friends, we might add, who claim to like us for who we are but only show up when we offer free food and/or drinks. We could go on but, once again, we digress.

IN KEEPING with the new tradition we established last week and may not do again, we are pleased to take another stab at “Cheap Laughs in the Form of Horrific Musical Opposites”. Thanks to our joyfully big (and adorable) red-headed friend, BIG (ADORABLE) RED JOY, we have, what we think is, a real treat for you freeloaders kids. Although, it’s not so much an “opposite” from what we enjoyed over the weekend, as it is “unusual”. And it’s not so much “horrific”, as it is unusual. But it is “music” — music that’s very strange and very…unusual.

THE following is a fabulous (and, did we mention unusual?) video, featuring the unique vocal stylings of the late German performance artist, KLAUS NOMI — who died of complications related to AIDS in 1983. Now, at first glance, we laughed and laughed our collective asses off, and no, not because he died of AIDS (give us a break), but because we thought the video — in all it’s campy (and unusual) glory — was a riot.

THAT said, we are of the opinion that KLAUS NOMI* — a trained opera singer, who often claimed he “came frome outer space to save the world” — was completely ahead of his time. Or maybe he was right in his time. Or a figment of a time whose time may never come, except sometime long ago, in a galaxy far far away. Whatever, he seems to have been as interesting (and unusual) as his costumes/make-up/hair-do/ and voice indicate. Hey, David Bowie hired him to help sing backup and design costumes, so you know we’re not making this up. Klaus Nomi was definitely “out there” (and, apparently, still is):

*Nomi performs Lou Christie’s Lightnin’ Strikes in this video, but if you care to hear more of his voice, visit his “official” site. You’ll be treated to a few more oddly entertaining songs, which makes the trip over there well worth the effort it takes to click on the link in order to do so. For the record (heh) we especially like THIS SONG, but the home page’s offering (Ding Dong) is awesome — not to mention, unusual — as well.

~ snuppy


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is it just me, or did Johnny Depp rip off Nomi’s lips for his role in Edward Scissorshands? (a film i adore, by the way…) oh, and, speaking of “scissorhands”, Lampsha… what would Mr. S think of Nomi’s “do”?? that said, i am totally in love with this guy… his music is so bizarre (and unusual) and strange… but somehow oddly cool.  i mean, come on! the lyrics in that one song i linked to? “Threeeee wishesMother got a ghoul, Daddy got a horse, and I got a… dress!” brilliant!  xoxo

Comment by One Hot Puppy

All I can say is “What the fuck!?”

Comment by cj

ha! I never thought about the Johnny Depp thing, but you’re totally right!

Glad to spread the germanic lurve here, folks. Neva–rest assured all such crap the programmers send me via AIM will be directed to you;-)

Comment by joy

tis the thing nightmares are made of…oh my god! Little bit of an Ed Grimsley? (Martin Short character) thing going on with the hair. Yikes.

Comment by BoBo

You know, my first reaction, might not have been too different than cj’s. I think you’re on to something here though. He’s just a different sort of talent. I do love his hair and lipshtick. Too bad he’s no longer with us, I think he would be a great catch for the Snark Holiday Party. You hit the nail on the head with the Edward Scissorhands connection! I’ll have to share him later with the real Scissorhands.

I love the lyrics you highlighted above, so can’t wait to check out his sight a bit deeper.

Oh and blushety blush on the lamp burning brighter but I just think it’s the daylight savings thing, I’m just burning longer as it’s dark more often…or something.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Can you imagine the teasing this man endured? His teenage years must have been hell. I agree with Bobo… I couldn’t think of his name but yes he is an Ed Grimley from space. 🙂

Comment by cj

I’ll have to wait for the video, but I think I remember Nomi. Like David Bowie only funnier, right?

Comment by Walela

This is so spooky…..believe me I have never heard of Klaus Nomi before…..I know, my education is woefully lacking….that being said…..come by my site tomorrw and you will see why I said, “this is so spooky”

Comment by Pretty Kitten

By the way I looooove this, and the absudity of it all. How can I ever thank you?????????

Comment by Pretty Kitten Heels

Grrrrrr!!!! In my comments the last setence is being left out. It was; tomorrow is my one year blog anniversary.

Comment by Pretty Kitten Heels


Comment by logo™

CJ: hee hee… that was the intention! xox

Joy: oh i am SO in your debt, girlfriend! seriously, after reading up on Klaus, and then listening to more of his music, i totally fell in love with his weirdness. (especially the other song i referred to, above, which is absolutely hypnotic) i’ll take any and all links you have to offer… for you are clearly plugged in to some serious hip (or weird… same diff.) xox

Bobo: you were too tired last night, otherwise i’d have shared this with you! (besides, you had that *ahem* Rams game to watch, right?) yep, very strange man, Klaus Nomi. that said, i think you have to put a few of his songs on my ipod, because, well… just because! xox

Lampsha: i know! too funny, right? then i started reading up on him, and discovered he had this whole “thing” (someone did a doc on his life a couple of years ago, and i think i might have to see it). trust me, you’ll LOVE that one song… just watch out, because i’m thinking you and Choo Choo will wind up in major boogie mode! (it’s very catchy) xoxo

CJ: yeah… i didn’t think of ol’ Ed Grimley, but you and Bobo are so right! (what can i say? i was stuck on that whole Johnny Depp/lip thing!) xox

Walela: yep… tho’ i’m not sure he was trying to be funny. which, of course, is why he is. (can’t wait to find out what you think of the video) xox

Pretty Kitten Heels: i *knew* you’d appreciate the absurdity of Klaus (your friend Bonnie should do a doll)… as for your upcoming blog-birthday?? woohoo!! can’t wait! (you know, i think Joel’s got one coming up soon, too…but i could be wrong) hey… loved those Men in Tights, by the way… can’t wait to meet ’em in person!! xox

Comment by snuppy

logo™: “bad” wow? “good” wow? or “WOW” wow? (either way, you’re not alone!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Ha, ha, ha, haaaaaa! I am laughing my as off at this!!! Oh Dear Snuppy de mi corazon, I would most definitely have a ball watching TV with you! Grandiose plans I have for us eh? ;-P It is so cheesy and tacky and ridiculous that I just LOVE IT!

It makes me wanna imitate him or be in the cheesy video… sometimes cheesy works… not necessaeily here but it can be used for quite the intentional comedic moment or to make a point… but this was just too funny… I am gonna have to show this to the kids in the morning… as is, off to bed I go and thanks for giving me a huge reason to smile!

Well, THAT you always do! Besos…

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

So this is what you kids do when I’m not around. WTF?

The guys in Devo must watch this and go, “Geez, we’re just losers with buckets on our heads.”

Anyway, sorry I’m late, but I’ve been working feverishly on a particularly horrific post for Halloween. So horrific that I’m not sure I can actually post it, in fact. But I probably will, because what else am I going to do with it?

You kids behave.

Comment by Diesel

Snuppy, Actually it’s how I just woke up ChooChoo from an unwanted nap. He sprung right into action – our dance of the flowing ribbons. He’s in fine spirits now.

There’s something about Klaus. Thanks Joy and thanks Snuppy.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Diesel: we’ll do our best… and look forward to that post (which we expect you’ll be shamelessly linking to from here, tomorrow!) will it be scarier than the spider post you have up today? will we need to arm ourselves with phone books? let us know… we’ll be here, waiting with bated breath (breath, i might add, that may smell like chocolate, because, well, we like chocolate, and it *will* be Hallowe’en) xox

Lampsha: i had a feeling Choo Choo would approve! (sounds like you both had a bit of fun) yep… Klaus was a real find! weird and fun and — dare i say it one more time? i dare! i dare! — unusual.  and by the way… there’ll be no blushing from YOU, missy! you are so damn bright and funny and i just adored your weekend post!! i only wish i had a better vocabulary, in order that i might shower you with more impressive words of praise. somehow “awesome” doesn’t quite cut the mustard. sigh.  try not to trip on those ribbons! xox

Comment by snuppy

he reminds me of the performing window display they used to have in Fiorruccis.
astroboy hair!

Comment by FirstNations

Oh my! That was….special. Actually, do be quite honets after teh first line I thought, is he German or soemthing. I just get this vibe when odd Germaness is displayed 🙂 I clicked the video before reading 😦
Hey, I am German too . LOL

Comment by Penguin

I just saw the video. Good chrome!

That did take me back to a Guffman moment, though, which is nice.

Comment by Walela

Are any of you guys fans of The Venture Bros? In the 2nd season closer Klaus along with Iggy Pop were the henchmen of the leader of the main evil organization who turned out to be…

…David Bowie! It was damn hilarious. My favorite line about Nomi: “You get the guy dressed like Taco.”

Comment by Howard

Howard: thanks to my son, i AM familiar with Venture Bros., and think it’s hilarious. i haven’t seen that episode, but i can’t wait to tell my (aforementioned) son, because he made fun of me the first time i showed him that Klaus Nomi video! (probably because i kind of liked his music. not that song, mind you, but some of the other completely weird ones he did.)

anyway — i’ll have to see if i can watch the video you referred to on Adult Swim, or hope it shows up again, sometime soon! “…guy dressed like Taco”?? that’s just plain hysterical! 🙂 (snuppy)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

[…] just happen to have a small sampling of this fine fine tradition, which can be viewed HERE, and HERE, as well as […]

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