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What´s in a name? by Snuppy
Tuesday, 31 October 2006, 7:54am
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Hi everybody! *waves frantically*

This here Penguin felt that it was about time, Snuppy got to breathe and focus on other people´s comment section for a change, while we chatter on for a bit.

First I thought how fun would it be if we were to write a poem together, you know one line at at a time, everybody contributing. But then I had trouble coming up with a title and a first line…I seriously just woke up…so I dropped the idea for NOW.

Instead I thought we do some chemistry this morning. Ain´t that just precious you might think. But believe it or not, laughter can be had even when it comes to minerals, chemicals and even molecules for that matter.

Allow me to elaborate: What´s in a name? (Tali, it is time for you to turn on the television and check on the Telletubbies!)
Arsole: “there is actually a molecule called Arsole… and it’s a ring! It is the arsenic equivalent of pyrrole, and although it is rarely found in its pure form, it is occasionally seen as a sidegroup in the form of organic arsolyls.” Now this just makes me laugh. Now think about rings, and arsoles and side groups…*having a fit*

Munchnones: They got their name when Huisgen called them after the city Munich (München), after similar compounds were called sydnones after Sydney.” They too are ring-shaped! Is it me, or does anything ring-related has humorous connotations?

Cummingtonite: I am seriously not making these up! “Its official name is magnesium iron silicate hydroxide. It got its name from the locality where it was first found, Cummington, Massachusetts, USA.”

one more for good measure:

Kinoshitalite: Nope, not a laxative! “This is a type of mica found in Japan and Sweden. It is green and vitreous, and is about as hard as fingernails, apparently. Its name comes from the Japanese for “under the tree” (ki = tree; no = possessive particle; shita = under).

I might have lost the plot! I quit now, but in case this was good for you too, give this page a glance for more molecular entertainment!

oh…one more thing: they say a picture is worth a thousand words. You be the judge!

A sample of pyroxmangite, with white pieces of cummingtonite visible toward the lower left.

If that hasn´t woken you up, well: slap me silly!

~Penguin out!

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Funny, Penguin. The rock looks like it’s giving the one finger salute. That pyroxmangite.

So you do dirty atoms, I guess.

Comment by Walela

Walela, yep…about once a year. I really should get OC over here today!;)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Oh, Minka! LOL too good! Science humor! Betcha they never thought that future generations would mock their words! Great brain worker today! Happy Halloween! BOO! D 🙂

Comment by FelineFrisky

hah! what a great treat to find this wonderful, funny and *educational* post this morning, miss Penguin! and holy Kryptonite, i had no idea geology could be so … um… racy. so much for thinking the folks who study such things are, for lack of a better word, nerds (no offense, O’C! remember, i majored in Biology for 4 years before i came to my senses decided to go into a field that required less intelligence and/or ability but paid a whole lot better!)

thank you for the smile, and the lesson… and for the reminder that, while today may be Hallowe’en in many parts of the world, YOUR part is no where near any of ’em! i don’t know what that means… i think i’m trying to say it’s nice to see a non-Hallowe’en-related post in — what i’m sure will be — a bloggy sea of ’em! YOU ROCK! (and i mean that in a *good* way!!) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

I can be such a daft cow! Og course it is Halloween today, 31st of October, which for me entails another day until a new pay-check arrives 🙂
I am so sorry, I wish I knew how to take this post off and everybody…please feel free to go spooky on us today.
*trods off, shoulders hanging down by her sides, head facing teh floor, tear rollign down her chin*

hey…I made caramalized apples, knock yourselves out!

Comment by Penguin

Oh and also: I blame Doug a bit for all of this. There was nothing in his post this morning about Halloween, and he is my frame of reference! Go scold at him…! seriously!

Comment by Penguin

Beautiful Penguin! i was *serious* missy! i LOVE this post, and i wouldn’t delete it for all the chocolate in Belgium (which, from what i hear, is a lot)! this was clever and funny and PERFECT! now wipe those tears and go get me one of those caramel apples. mmmmmmm. caramel apples……. 🙂 xoxox

Comment by snuppy

I love this post, such fun….some years ago, when my son was in Middle School, there was a book on funny things about science, that I bought for him…..now we can just surf the web….Oh!!!!nooooo!!! I feel angient.
The poetry thing sounds what we used to do when I was a kid growing up in Iceland…..the last word of the last poet said, had to be the first word in the next poets setence…..those were fun days.
I was told that the celebrate Halloween in Iceland now…..must I go and hit that person over head, for giving me wrong information????
I need company on this my Blog Anniversary….come over…..please…..Neva…..I think you will have a laugh when you see one of my creations…..trust me I did this one, weeks ago.

Comment by Pretty Kitten Heels

Blogger is temporarily down DAMN ASSHOLE BASTARDS!!!!! I was over there lovaMóa! I will be back FO SHO!

As for this post sweet Minka, oh European sistah of mine, I LOVE IT and agree with beautiful Neva… ’tis brilliant and DO NOT TAKE IT DOWN!

So the town was called Cummington?

Not a laxative?

You know I am biting my tongue on Cummington… *sigh* Bohemians are incorrigible I am afraid! But they sure loooove them the Penguin! Ooops! That’s Teh Penguin!

PS- For a chick with OCD to spell something wrong on purpose? Now THAT’S amore! 😉

Comment by Miz BoheMia

Snuppy and I have travelled through Cummington a number to times…I’m speaking of the town, puh-leese! Pretty place in the Berkshires…one of our sons attended school near there.

Comment by BoBo

Penguin, you’re right. I forgot to mention halloween. This is all my fault. I should be tied to an old clock in a haunted house where the ghosts, ghouls and goblins can eat my liver. Or maybe hung by a rope from the side of a bridge with a steel hook through my neck to catch a troll. Or stripped of my skin, animated and embalmed to forever walk the Earth frightened, desolate, alone and hungry. So hungry.

Or maybe it would be more appropriate to punish me in some manner more Halloweenish.

Comment by Walela

Well Snuppy of course beat me to the Holy Kryptonite Penguin punch! Those are funny! Of course my personal fave is arsole, but cummingtonite? is a close second.

That red rock is rather sharp looking (although when I first opened the page, I thought it a slab of meat). Thanks for the education Rocky.

Doug, hello – Halloween – requires a costume, now go on and don’t come back without one. I mean goblins eating your liver, come on…

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Penguin, you’re a gem (not a mineral).
These are great. I don’t mind taking the spotlight off Halloween for a bit because its a bit overwhelming anyway. I was mending a Unicorn’s tail last night and dealing with an owly snake this morning so am happy to see something on my favorite topic.

I think arsole is my favorite. You can just bet those naughty scientists laughed themselves silly over that one. 🙂

Comment by kyahgirl

Miz Bohemia –

“You know I am biting my tongue on Cummington”

Ok, now I’m biting MY tongue. Thanks.

I’m going to start saying “kinoshitalite!” when I stub my toe.

Speaking of “what’s in a name” and biting things, it’s time for my Shameless Plug of the Day!

Comment by Diesel

You forgot THE CAPS Diesel. If I were Snuppy I’d leave your dirty laundry right at the door.

Comment by Lamprock Lady

Mo’a: been there/read it/commented/LOVE IT!! Happy Happy Bloggy Anniversary, girlfriend!! xox

Miz B: yeah… Cummingtonite is pretty freaking funny! did you click on the link? i mean, the Penguin is too refined to mention Dickite, Moronic Acid, and Fukalite, but i’m sure not! (lovelovelove your NEW VIDEOS, too, girlfriend!) xox

Bobo: somehow we managed to trek up to Cummington many times without *once* making a joke. damn. guess we lost our “funny” for a while back then, huh? xox

Walela: as long as we know who’s fault this was. wait. i *like* this post, what the heck are you apologizing for? you know, i should rap you on the side of your head for that, bub. but of course, i won’t. (not yet, that is) xox

Lampsha: yes yes… but i left “Rocky” for you! (what are NBFF’s for?) xox

Kyahgirl: you are SO much a better mom than i ever was. costumes? why, that would be sheets with holes in ’em, right? unless there was makeup required, because *that* i could do! (my younger son was “The Crow” one year) xox

and Diesel, well done in doing so in such a speedy and shameless fashion! and, for the record, it’s beyond funny, and i hope everyone does take the time to read it. honestly, i just didn’t know you had it in ya, boy. what else are you hiding in that huge melon you call a head, eh? seriously, that post was a real… gem. xox

Comment by snupalite

D’OH!! Lamprock Lady, you’re right!! what the hell was i thinking??? xox

Comment by snupalite

Oooh! Bite your tongue Diesel… ’tis the in thing to do… no pun intended in any way for any would be perverts who might read into the most innocent of comments and yes it was innocent and no I don’t know how one would read into that because I am an innocent nonvulgar and so not foulmouthed bohemian or BoheMia just ain’t my name! HAH! 😉

Hola Snuppy de mi corazón… no, I did not check the link… my computer’ connection was on the fritz until now and just getting into the Snark was a bitch! Oh well… there goes my non foul mouthed reputation! Ha, ha, haaa! Glad you liked the videos! The response is good and for one who is ick of herself and her voice this is indeed baffling! BAFFLING I TELL YOU!!! But indeed an ego boost!

Off i go to put the little ones to snore the night away but i will be back! FO SHO!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

G, Halloween is when I don’t need a mask.

Comment by Walela

Móa, as far as I know…and I do consider myself young and in teh middle of what´s happening, I don´t remember any parties, or dress up around this time. But maybe, just maybe…I wasn´t invited 🙂 I need to speak to some people!

Miz B, biting your tongue on cummington? A boy´s fantasy just came true 😉 Well chosen wording to be sure! And thank you for your kind words, I am glad everybody is taking this so well!

bobo, did you now? I hope it made an impression on teh two of you 😉

Doug, that is absolutely right. You should be hanged, drawned and quartered. You made me into “The girl that stole Halloween!” Generations of snarksters will remember this incident! *shakes head*

Lampy, glad you liked. I knew I´d get your vote and since I have a reputation to maintain, I was blushing all the way through typing this post. Hope Tli didnæt understand anything!

kyah, now see, I knew this molecular stuff would find your scientist approval 🙂 Arsole rocks!

Diesel, approves of shameless promotion *claps hands*

snuppalite, well done commenting on teh comments and Miz B has new videos up? I really must be off!

Miz B, yeah that is what they all say! Innocent remark, didnæt mean anythign by it at all…coming from you I take it with a grain of salt 🙂

Doug, yeah…bet your noraml face is pretty scary! Some people have to mask to look human!

Thank you guys for being so understanding about my stealing Halloween. I think it is the second time I post when a particular day should be celebrated. Maybe you guys should send me an American calender…just saying! What with Christmas just around the corner!*winks*

Comment by Monika

snupalite – Thanks for enabling my self-promotion. I think “beyond funny” is a pretty good description of it. As in, beyond funny and into an entirely different realm altogether.

As Balzac used to say, “There goes another novel.”

Comment by dieselinium

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