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Rabbit, Bloody Rabbit! by Snuppy
Wednesday, 1 November 2006, 8:39am
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*Please see below for an important Update, since we weren’t smart enough to put it here.

THANK GOODNESS Hallowe’en doesn’t fall on the first day of the month, because we might have been just cheesy enough to show you a certain clip from one of our favorite films of all times, as a means for wishing everyone Rabbit, Rabbit! in a fashion that was dark, sort of scary, and maybe just a little hilarious. Whew. That was a close one. Honestly, the scariest thing anyone’ll find in reading this post is that first incredibly lengthy run-on sentence. Hel-lo…. did we just say “run on“? Hang on a sec, Harriet. In the spirit of the aforementioned favorite movie with the demonic rabbit, which might have made for funny bunny fodder on this, the first day of November, humor us, will you, and make that “Run away!”, instead. Ahthenkyew.

ONE need look no further than HERE for the inspiration for this post. Well, not so much inspiration, perhaps, as trigger. (The “trigger”, of course, was the mention of a certain Enchantor named Tim, which led one of us to think about a certain bunny guardian… and well, you can see how it went downhill and into a cave from there.)

OH YEAH, silly us! In our haste to get our first November post up, we almost forgot to ask our final (and important) October question. How was everyone’s Hallowe’en and/or — for those of us who didn’t celebrate — Tuesday?

AND on that note, Rabbit, Rabbit.

*UPDATE (as promised): after you’re through enjoying all this hilarity, run — don’t walk — to the nearest EXIT for a Very Imporant PSA from our dear and wonderful NBFF, LAMPSHA, who holds out on us from time to time, but for which we are not bitter.

~ snuppy


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no takers yet? what’s up with you guys… too much candy last night? xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Obviously one of the greatest movies of all time! I have never thought of rabbits in quite the same way since.

Rabbit, Rabbit

Comment by BoBo

Morning everyone,

You know I asked the question today why do you say rabbit and no one has told me yet!

Maybe we should say Bunny Bunny. 🙂

DK xo

Comment by Dewy Knickers

Bobo: i know! so bad… and yet so funny!! xox

Dewy: we actually did a post on this a couple of months ago, which you can read HERE. (for now, suffice it to say one of those fabulous Pez Pals created the blogging tradition of Rabbit, Rabbit some time ago… and we *all* took it from there!) 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Hase, hase everybody!!!
I love Monty Python, nothing quite like it…It took me a while to get the rabbit idea from there though, once realization dawned…very funny indeed!

yesterday was an awesome Tuesday for me 🙂 Busy, but wonderful. I took a couple of pics…you´ll see!

Comment by Penguin

Hase, Hase, dear Penguin!! yesterday was a lot of fun for us all!! that was one funny post, girlfriend, i loveloveloved it *and* you for taking time out of your busy schedule in order to do it! seriously, the post ROCKED, as do YOU!! (again, i know it’s a cheesy pun, but i mean it in the *best* way possible!!) ooooh. new pictures?? can’t wait to see ’em! xox

Comment by snuppy

oh, and i guess it is a bit of a stretch to think of that killer bunny in the movie in the same light as the sentiment behind Rabbit, Rabbit! i was trying to go for a “scary” carry over from Hallowe’en. (and i was cracking myself up yesterday on WA, which, i suppose, didn’t bode well for the readers of this blog!) xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

I love the holy grail. Perhaps I’ll go get it on DVD today for a pick me up for the family. We could use a smile around here. We didn’t celebrate yesterday, because of a loss in our family. I might get the kids dressed up later today and go to a few of our friends houses and pretend like its Halloween today. In general Halloween is one of my favorite holidays… its been spent watching terrible and scary movies while eating pop corn and candy. 🙂 I’ve never been through a haunted house – perhaps I should add that to my things to do list.

Comment by cj

Dammit! You Tube is going screwy on me today as is our connection! Hopefully this’ll come through…

They do little things here and there for Halloween but it is more of a cheap imitation of the real thing and after our San Francisco halloweens nothing really compares so no, we did nothing! We are homebody losers but will definitely go all out once we are back home! It makes a huge difference when everyone and their grandmother is into it and there are groups of people with kids to go out with… here? Blah!

But we hung out at home and somewhere between all the chaos that comes with having two lil’ bohemians, we had a nice time…

And today we made it to a town called Mijas, for Loverboy’s birthday (his 40th no less!) and had a little lunch, walked around and came back home… like I said, we like things low key!

Hope you are having a great week my sweet friend! How about you? Anything special for Old Hallow’s Eve?

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Okay Rabbit Rabbit and all thabbit! Whatever that means?.

I think I need to go back and watch The Holy Grail in its entirety and of course, I will watch the clip in its entirety later.

Our Halloween was fine and ended with some hepped up kids crashing in their beds (one of them naked and refusing clothing). That Scissors.

See you all later. I have to apply a full court press to my desk.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Why didn’t Tim just use his magical fire on the rabbit? That’s why I hate Monty Python. It’s so unrealistic.

Hungry hungry hippo.

Comment by Diesel

My dearest NBFF – it is my severe procrastination and lack of urgency that often catches up with me in the form of a lightning flash, as occurred this very am when I actually viewed this as information worthy of sharing at @ 10:45 am. I hope I can compensate by sweetening that bitter taste in your mouth with a TGSNWM? xox

Comment by Lampshade Lady

CJ: Monty Python is always guaranteed a laugh (at least in our house, it is!) i’m so sorry to hear of your family’s loss. please let me know if there’s anything we can do. xox

CYM: and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to that HANDSOME LOVERBOY! i think it’s fine that the link didn’t work… you should be paying attention to him today, right?? xox

Lampshabbit: oh that Scissors. next time i guess you’ll have to cut back on his sugar intake, eh, NBFF? xox

Diesel: had you looked more closely, you might have noticed the fact that Tim, while an Enchantor with the gift of fire, was a terrible shot. xox

Lampshabbit: as i said on your blog… i TEASE because i LOVE! (hmmmm. where have i heard that before???). what i *also* said was that, despite the fact that i’m not bitter (i’m not) i *will* take you up on that TGSNWM… how’s Friday? xoxo

Comment by snuppy

And did you notice that they weren’t even really riding any horses? That’s just sloppy filmmaking.

Also, I don’t think hand grenades were invented until like 1987.

Stupid limeys.

Comment by Diesel

And did you notice they weren’t really even riding horses? That’s just sloppy filmmaking.

Also, I don’t think hand grenades were invented until like 1987.

Stupid limeys.

Comment by Diesel

Gaahh!!! Stupid comment thingy!!!

Comment by Diesel

rabbit rabbit snuppy. thank you for taking the time to dig out another priceless Monty Python memory!

Comment by kyahgirl

Rabbit, rabbit! I love the part when Tim describes the rabbit’s big teeth. That’s really funny. I’m ready to run away…Happy November, y’all!

Comment by actonbell

Diesel (“i” before “e”, right?): NOT RIDING ACTUAL HORSES?? i’m shocked! gee, and it sounds so real! as for the duplicate comments? i just figured you were showing off again, kid. xox

Kyahgirl: guess i’m on a bit of a Monty Python roll (hold the mayo) here, eh? (i didn’t intend to do two Python-related posts so close together, but then there was that “thing” on WA yesterday, and one thought triggered another thought, and well, you know the rest! as usual, it’s all Doug’s fault.) still, so glad it made you smile! xox

Actonbell: as a fellow fan of the Holy Grail… i knew this was “can’t miss” humor for you, girlfriend! xox

okay, now… were’s our buddy First Nations?? i thought she could smell a Monty Python post from a URL-away. 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Only 15 kids came by my place. All praised the dogs’ cuteness and were rewarded with a separate fistful of candy, but I was ready for 50 so if anyone wants chocolate drop by.

Comment by Walela

Oh, and one kid wore the same costume he had on last year. Must be a slow grower with a lazy mother, which I pointed out to him.

Comment by Walela

Walela: well, we only had two adorable little girls show up here. two adorable and *determined* little girls, who managed to climb the fence in princess costumes, no less, and, upon reaching our front door were greeted by 3 agitated dogs, as well as me. sadly, i didn’t have any candy in the house, think it was wrong to hand ’em each a can of soup? (kidding… i gave them chocolate. and lots of it, too. unfortunately, it was left over from a couple of years ago, so there’s no telling what it’ll taste like when they get around to eating it. serves ’em right, little fence climbing bitches.)

now, speaking of chocolate… what kind ya got? xox

Comment by snuppy

They call me . . . . Tim?

I’m laughing out loud and didn’t even click on the video (at work, don’tchaknow).

I soiled my armor I was so scared!

We’ve got ten pounds + of chocolate and candy at our house if anyone wants some. Little Lady doesn’t realize that I’m sneaking off with the Resees. (LOVE those peanut butter cups! “Hey! You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!”)

Comment by Angela

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