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Thursday, 2 November 2006, 9:00am
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WHAT a treat it was for us to wake up on Tuesday, and see the fun — not to mention educational — post provided by our dear, talented, clever, and oh-so-lovely PENGUIN! The fact that we had our own special Hallowe’en post prepared, which we’d been working on for several days in advance in anticipation of that day, in no way diminished the good time we had reading the words carefully crafted by our favorite Icelandic beauty. Trust us, we were extremely happy. Even more so, in fact, when we realized there was no law saying we couldn’t post a post 2 days post-Hallowe’en, if we wanted to.

UNFORTUNATELY, our “special” Hallowe’en post was “accidentally” deleted in a fit of, oh… we don’t know, a momentary lapse in judgement, perhaps? Yup. And in that moment, we forgot the first rule of Bloggery, which is, of course, “never delete a post in a moment of lapsed judgement, for you may regret it two days later, when you don’t have anything else to write”. Stupid us. Lapses in judgement and rule forgetters. Sigh.

NOW that we’re over it (the judgement lapse that caused the deletion of the hilarious and informative Hallowe’en post, which we had been working on for the past several days), we suddenly remembered something we wish we had remembered 2 seconds ago, when we were beating ourselves up. We really didn’t like that post. In fact, we’re glad to be rid of it. Oh, it was amusing — and more than a little frightening — but, in truth, it paled in comparison to something we found that scared the ever-lovin’-crap out of us, twice. Once, when we were in the first grade, and then again just now, when it occurred to us that an entire generation of children were forced to watch it, along with us. We’re not kidding when we say this used to give us nightmares… and, thanks to a recent re-watching and/or remembering, coupled with those pesky “developments” in North Korea, we’re afraid we might have ’em again.

BY now you’re probably wondering what film had/has us so terrified, right? Well, it’s a little something our clever government called: DUCK AND COVER

ARE we the only ones who think this video is scary shit? If so, why? Did you guys not see that kid throw himself down on the ground next to that curb? Did you not hear the announcer mention that “bright flash” that could “knock us into a tree”? What were they thinking when they came up with this crap? On the flip side, we’d be remiss if we didn’t direct your attention to the D & C parody featured on SOUTH PARK a couple of years ago, which we adore. Duck and Cover under a blanket in case of an erupting volcano? Genius.

~ snuppy


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by the way… i’m of the opinion the first words you hear in the video (as part of the little “Bert the Careful Turtle” jingle) pretty much says it all: “dum dum diddle dum dum”. or should that be Dumb Dumb diddle Dumb Dumb? ‘cuz it is, and apparently our government thought we were.  an example of cheesy American propaganda at its finest.

i showed this video to my 25 year old, and he freaked out, too. seriously, am i the only one who thinks this was so wrong on so many levels? on the other hand, am i the only one who thinks that South Park clip is hilarious? (what can i say? i lovelovelove that show) xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Nope, you are not alone! Here with this Arab Satellite, during the month of Ramadan they cancelled all the regular shows and put a new set instead… one of them was Quantum Leap and during one of the leaps, Sam leaped back to a time where everyone was scared about the atomic bomb and they showed such similar things in a scene where the kids were in the livingroom watching away and dancing to the brainwashing cartoons… scary stuff indeed… especially when geared towards children!

By the way, you’ve got mail! 😉

I LOVED this post oh dear Snuppy! Fabulous and funkified FO SHO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

CYM: i wonder why Quantum Leap was deemed appropriate? especially with an episode like the one you described? pretty weird. and yes… the fact that Duck and Cover (and things like it) were ever shown at all is a travesty. the fact that it was routinely shown to school children (i saw it many times while growing up…) was just plain wrong. that chirpy voice… coupled with his warnings “you must duck and cover! be quick! there’s no time to waste! you might get hurt!” lemme tell you… it was creepy and i used to have horrible and terrifying nightmares about “the bomb”.

as for this post? *blushes* why thank you, dearest BoheMian… i was actually pretty excited when i found the video, the rest was easy. and email form you, mi amiga?? oooh! i’m off to run a few errands right now, but you can be sure i’ll be reading my email the minute i get back! (and try to respond, shortly thereafter) woohoo!! xox

Comment by snuppy

The truly scary part about “duck & cover” is that you know some government agency dreamed up the concept as a way to alay the fears of the population…which demonstrates the total lack of respect towards, well, all of us. Also shows just how naive we all were (still are?)

Comment by BoBo

…oh, and love the South Park parody.

Comment by BoBo

And our govenment has been ducking and covering ever since.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

I think my little comment just went into spam – it disappeared that I know. Hey is there a nuclear blast?! Do I need to be runnni….

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Oops, there’s the comment and it was only Noreen turning on the light outside my office. Pfew. Well, I will check out the South Park skit.

Funny, I just saw Talimuffin’s classwork discussing sanctions against nations and North Korea, blah blah blah, nuclear testing and I asked, “Wow, is your class discussing this in school?” thinking we’d better discuss, she might be nervous, etc etc. She just drolly rolled her eyes and said “That’s an article from some boring newspaper that we had to write about.”

So much for being traumitized by world events. Why is it scaring me that she reminds me of Vendetta?

Comment by Lampshade Lady

…duck Lampy, duck! Oh, and cover Lampy, cover!!

Comment by BoBo

By the way, I was laughing as I read your intro and deleting posts. Why do you torture the poor Penguin so? You just know she’ll take this to heart – hee hee. Where is she with those sticky apples anyway?

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Thanks Joel. Good thing my TGSL remained intact throughout.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

My grandma always said my mom had anxiety when going to school. I WONDER WHY??????? I’d never seen the video and I am seriously taken back by it. I wonder if George is working at getting one in school for Thea and Grace to see?

Comment by cj

This is scary on SO many levels.

– Imminent threat of nuclear holocaust? Check.
– Surrealistic combination of cute animated turtle and prospect of a horrifying death? Check.
– Deadpan instruction to hide from 100 kiloton explosion under a newspaper or blanket? Check.
– Repeated use of the phrase “when the bomb explodes,” subliminally communicating inevitability? Check.
– Shot of kid riding bicycle along the street with the narration “Tony knows the bomb can explode any time of the year, day or night”? Check.
– Use of the phrase “Most of the time we will receive warning” about the bomb, indicating the possibility of MULTIPLE nuclear holocausts? Check.
– Utter lack of any instructions regarding what to do 10 seconds AFTER the bomb explodes? Check.

This reminds me of a certain September 11 post I did. Sorry, you knew it was coming.

Comment by Diesel

Diesel, no caps, no read.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Lampsha – So I can presume that you at least read the ‘S’?


Comment by Diesel

Dammit, I meant


Comment by Diesel

Much better ki, er Diesel.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Bobo: it does make you wonder about the wisdom of our “leaders” back then, doesn’t it? of course, the film was made shortly after Hiroshima and Nagasaki… so you have to wonder if they were trying to send a bit of a subliminal message that more people in Japan might have survived had they done a bit more “ducking” and “covering” over there. which, if that’s the case, would make it even MORE of an offensive film than it already is. xox

Lampsha: d’oh! what did i tell you about letting Narnia near those light switches? that said, i sure hope you’ve got the outlets child-proofed, God only knows what she’d do with a bobbie pin in a moment of boredom!

and i hope (and expect) our dear Penguin knows i’m only teasing her… seriously, i loveloveloved that post — and i absolutely hated the one i did for Hallowe’en (except for that pumpkin carving link, ‘cuz that was kind of cool). i PROMISE i was gonna write something different that day, and was extremely relieved to learn i didn’t have to!

as for Talimuffin? i’m not sure she’s like Vendetta… after all, isn’t Charlotte the one who simply can’t see the evil around her, even when it’s nipping at her door and/or turning her into a teensie-tiny person? xox

CJ: trust me, i can relate to your mom. i’m sure we were watching that little gem of a fright film right around the same time! i sure hope the government’s not cooking up anything else like this… actually, they don’t need to, do they? everytime Dubya gets in front of the cameras, i fear for us all. xox

Diesel: yep, yep, yep, yup, uh-huh, absolutely, and YES! the only other lines i found completely terrifying and/or absurd were the ones about “throw you into a tree” and “burn you worse than any sunburn you ever had”. oh yeah, the site of those kids on the school bus scrambling to get under the seats was more than a alarming as well, eh? good stuff. no caps on your shameless plug… but maybe i’ll humor you and read that post. later. after my nerves have settled down a tad. xox

Comment by snuppy

oops. heh heh. now i guess i *have* to read that post. yeesh. xoxo

Comment by snuppy

🙂 very true Snuppy! Re: Bush (my ma is quite a bit older than you are.)

Comment by cj

I remember “Duck and Cover” from, I think, “Atomic Café” When I was a teen, the protocol was put your head down and kiss your butt goodbye.

Comment by Walela

CJ: sweet of you to say so, but i wouldn’t be so sure if i were you! 🙂 xox

Walela: wow! i totally forgot about “Atomic Café”! did they show the entire thing? (i doubt anyone can truly appreciate how disturbing it is unless you see it from start to finish) as for “kissing your ass goodbye”? i believe that’s *exactly* what this film was meant to convey. xox

Comment by snuppy

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