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Is it Saturday? by Snuppy
Saturday, 4 November 2006, 8:54am
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Why yes it is.  Yes indeed, which can only mean one thing – time to hear some tunes in The Snark.   Oh stop your complaining, Snuppy will be back in fine form on Monday.  It’s just that the black bean veggie burger that we split over lunch yesterday has taken its toll on her and she needs to rest.  Not like I don’t but, that’s not really important it seems. 

On the topic of our Road Trip, it was not unlike the field trip that you saw in the French and Saunders snippet complete with dance routine – and calling the waitress – “Miss”.  The best part about it was meeting The Belle of the Brawl – Sar.  She was a breath of fresh air and we were in Connecticut so the air was already a little fresher for me.  Needless to say, I drove home exhilarated.  And what day is not grand when I get to also hang out with my NBFF Snuppy and meet Bobo (in both human and canine form).  A definite good time had by all.  We might have still been there talking and laughing if we had been in a diner, and well I guess if we didn’t have families that expected to see us again.   So needy that way. 

Let’s get back on point here, for I promise there is one (I love when I channel Snuppy).  The band that I am going to play takes their moniker from someone whose songs they covered.  They got together playing small club sessions in New York and decided (I guess) that it was too good to limit to hipsters who actually still got out to hear live music in small settings. 

You will all immediately recognize the leading lady in the group as Norah Jones (yes that 50 grammy winning Norah Jones) along with some crack New York singer/songwriters, notably Richard Julian and well my son has stolen the cd cover so now I’m too lazy to flip flop and hey, if you’re really interested, you’ll check them out. 

I don’t go out on a limb often, but if you don’t immediately tap your toes or get wowed by both the originals and covers on this cd, I’m coming to check your pulse.  I’m not a trained professional so if you are indeed dead, it may take me time to figure that out, just so you know.

On to the jukebox, don’t worry I have plenty of quarters because you really NEED to listen to the whole thing:

                                    DROP COIN IN HERE    


 Now come back with your toes-a-tapping and tell me which tune is your fave.


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Norah Jones singing Bob Wills’ Roly Poly? This is almost too much for my poor heart. I named my owl monkey Roly Poly and a constellation Norah.

Comment by Walela

Well see now – your pulse is just fine! Two for the price of on! Listen on, Walela, you’ll enjoy the rest I imagine.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Lampsha: how is it that, while i’m completely exhausted — and more than a little brain fried — from our exhilarating excursion, you’re not? i believe i’ll add “the ability to be fresh AND funny first thing on a Saturday morning” to the list of “Reasons Lampsha is my NBFF”, and leave it at that! (we did have fun yesterday, didn’t we? so-much-so, i do believe we’ll be doing more of that in the future. besides, we forgot to pick up our commemorative Chili’s tee shirts & mugs before we left…i mean, what was the point of my bringing that huge purse of mine, if not to stuff it full of memorable 5 finger discounted “hand picked” souvenirs?)

oh, and did i *not* tell you Walela would adore you even more after reading about and/or hearing this album?? well done! well done! (and, because, at the moment i’m toe tapping as i type) well done!! xoxoxox

Comment by snuppy

by the way… do you think Travis minded much when we kept calling him “miss”? xox

Comment by snuppy

You know, after we showed him the glaciers that we drew with us standing on top, I don’t think so.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

oh… and my toes were tap-tap-tappin’ quite a little bit to “Best of All Possible Worlds”, but “Lou Reed” had me laughing so much (“we swear we saw Lou Reed cow tippin'”? gold!) i believe i’ll have to go with that. great — and greatly FUN — album. lovelovelove it!! xox

Comment by snuppy

DJ Lampsha: he did seem impressed by the artwork, didn’t he? xox

Comment by snuppy

Yes, we do need to go back for our handpicked souvenirs don’t we? Fresh and funny – this is reality avoidance therapy I am practicing right now as Tali is supposed to be in her orchestra position in 20 minutes and we’re still in our pj’s!

You did say that Walela would indeed adore me even more, but I don’t think he even likes me. But I think he does like the music.

I’ve got to go deal with this alternate universe called Reality – things are going from bad to worse.

See you all later! Keep up the toetapping!

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Best of All Possible Worlds is our favorite toetapper!!! Tali just said that one was her fave followed by Gotta Get Drunk (oy vay).

Okay, I need to regain control here. See ya later.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

i’ll try to hold the fort we call Snark Park down, girlfriend, and will only stop tappin’ my toes long enough to have a sip or two of my much needed TGSNWM. (Bobo’s very bitter by the fact that he didn’t get one yesterday… poor baby!) “orchestra position”? there are thoughts flying through my head as i read those words, which in NO way apply to beautiful violin playing little girls. what’s that? go drink my coffee? stick my head under the faucet? will do, Lampsha… i’ll be better later, i PROMISE!! xox

by the way, i’ve very relieved to know you got home okay last night… i meant to call, but then pizza and a TiVo’d episode of Boston Legal took front and center, and my frazzled brain just went into “watch-don’t-think” mode. i hate when that happens. xox

Comment by snuppy

“Gotta Get Drunk” is *definitely* a winner, even for those of us who don’t. (oh, and i’m pretty sure you’re quite wrong about Walela…) xox

Comment by snuppy

Love the music!!! It was indeed a pleasure meeting DJ Lampsha last night…so sorry about the greeting hug while wearing a thoroughly wet t-shirt (not of the spring break kind, more of the attack of the killer faucet variety). Your visit confirmed that you and Snuppy are the long lost sisters you never knew…until now!

Comment by BoBo

That is a really neat site. I like that you can listen to the whole song – not just a snippet like on itunes. I love music – lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Joshua Kadison. I like to listen to music on http://www.pandora.com – the music gnome project. I found that I really like the Jason Sinay band too. Anyway I spend a lot of time listening to pandora – its great listening to new music.

Comment by cj

The Willies have a great sound! Thank you for the recommendation. And I enjoyed your field trip video–funny stuff!

And that’s so cool that you met Sar! I’m sure there was much rejoicing:)

Comment by actonbell

Snuppy, Yes we do love us some Little Willies around here and of course the Lou Reed song is a fave. I love the part, “he just said go screw and then he turned and tipped one over”.

Bobo, so glad that you loved it and I wanted to bring a copy for you guys but of course I thought of it 20 minutes before leaving the house. Oh and it was indeed my pleasure – wet shirt and all. I will claim my NBFF as a long lost sister for sure!

cj: I hate those snippets – so annoying. Thanks for those recommendations. I’m going to check out that site and the names. I love hearing new or different music that I might not have heard before too.

Actonbell: They do, don’t they? The Field Trip (of course Snuppy’s find) is so hilarious each time I watch it.

Yeah, Sar is sort of like the Blogosphere equivalent of a common denominator. We had a great time and really wish that we had had more time to just hang out. She’s a real gem.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Okay Snuppy and Bobo – I can’t get a comment through at either of your places. And I typed the best comments ever uttered at both blogs! I swear. Now I have to go eat another cookie (the ones that Bobo didn’t burn but oh they are delicious). I only wish somebody would find where I’ve hidden them and eat them.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Snuppy & Lampy – I took a pause from my family visit here in CT to put a post about our visit because I just couldn’t wait, I was too excited!!! I loveloveloved meeting you both and miss you already. 🙂

Comment by Sar

Sar, the feelings are so mutual and I’m so excited that you posted already! I loved meeting you as well and any time I can get together with my NBFF is a bonus for sure! Enjoy the rest of your visit and have a safe trip home. Don’t worry, we’re already plotting our next get together. xox ~ G

Comment by DJ Lampsha

i will gladly echo my dear NBFF and say it was FANTASTIC meeting you, Sar — and, of course, spending the day with my aforementioned dear NBFF just served to make the day all the better! too much fun, to be sure. and i, for one, can’t wait to do it all, again!

thank you for putting up with us spending part of your family trip with us, Sar, it was a genuine treat AND joy meeting you! xox

Comment by snuppy

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