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Thinking Caps On! by Snuppy
Wednesday, 8 November 2006, 9:48am
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Ok, I checked the Calender and I couldn´t find any American Holiday this post might interfere with. In case I can´t read: Happy *insert holiday here* to all of you! I know in Icleand it is just plain old Wednesday, which I think is an odd name for a weekday. If you care to eleborate on how this name came into being: now is not the time!

Anyways…I thought it would be fun if we all did a little quiz today. Logo usually has one up by Tuesday, but not this week. I am a habitual creature and sometimes you just have to do it yourself! So HERE it goes!

If you don´t feel like quizzing (what is wrong with you?) listen to the beat of this:

If you don´t like this either: come back tomorrow!

~Penguin out!


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Did you mean for everything to NOT be clickable? I get all the HTML codes, but nothing else. It’s just alphabet soup. I’ll check back later to see if maybe I was crazy this AM. Ya know, it’s plain old Wednesday here in FL, too. What a coincidence! D 🙂

Comment by FelineFrisky

FF…it is driving me mad 🙂 I´ll see if I can fix it…if not…I´ll dissapear quietly around the corner 🙂

Comment by One Hot Puppy

there you go! (i fixed the link, i had the same problem the first time i tried to do one, too)

and thanks lovely Penguin… that video is FABULOUS! (love it!) now i believe i’m off to take a quiz!! (hope i’ve had enough caffeine today) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

wow! That woman can sing!

I’m off to do the quiz…

Comment by Pavel

Thanx snuppy.
I pulle dmy hair and I swear a headache is on teh horizon. Two hours of frutration with html codes. I am not good with long chains of letters and symbols all over teh place. Did nobody bring anythign to eat???

Comment by Penguin

That really is a great music video…very creative. Too early for any test of intelligence…will try later when the brain is warmed up (like that will do any good?)

Comment by BoBo

trust me, Penguin, i feel your pain. the added insult for you was the fact that the version of the video you first linked to didn’t allow for “embeds”, so you could have tried for two days and never succeeded. yeesh! these people! (only funny to me because there were other versions of it, so it’s not like someone couldn’t go ahead and use one of them, which, come to think of it, is exactly what i did! that’ll teach ’em to try and confuse us!)

by the way, i love the fact that this artist (Sandi Thom, right?) sings, for all intents and purposes, a capella… are all her songs like that? she’s great!

still haven’t tried the quiz, i’ll be back in a bit to either brag or hang my head in shame (gosh i hope it’s the first!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Sandi Thom…she is very good acapella and I love her voice, have done for a bit now and this is one of the songs that is screaming in my car at the moment. There is another, but I would never dare publish it…to many F*** words in it 😉
There are some really good songs out there if you find them 🙂

Comment by Penguin

That was a great quiz, but I couldn’t figure out where the limericks go. When you asked about your socks, and it really was a good question, all I could think of was the ones you knit yourself that fit after you broke your toe. That didn’t help.

Have an exceptional plain old Wednesday.

Comment by Walela

The quiz didn’t like me. It wouldn’t let me click on nothin.

Comment by Diesel

Me neither, Diesel and I can’t see the video until later (but I do love new finds so I will definitely check her out).

Anybody up for a game of RUMMIKUB?

Comment by Lampshade Lady

By the way, I just looked Sandy up and saw the song title which now that I’ve seen it I’ve heard that song, which has me sitting at my desk trying to recollect the tune…

Comment by Lampshade Lady

I took the test and scored a 70 (unaided)…should have done better and would have had I not been so quick to answer on a couple of them. Oh well.

Comment by BoBo

woohoo!! that was a great quiz… and a lot of fun! (okay, so i did really well on it, but still…) whew! at least i can pretend to know a thing or two for another wee. as for the question regarding your socks? totally random — and correct — guess.)

i believe you’ve stepped up to the “Quiz-plate” rather neatly, Penguin… well done! 🙂 xoxox

Comment by snuppy

Well, I am glad I didn’t prove crazy!

I skunked the quiz. Didn’t even get your sock color right. 😦

Loved the music video! Great voice, love the lyrics! Thanks much! D

Comment by FelineFrisky

Did OK on the quiz, I think, but how could I NOT have known where Minka lives? I just shot her in the head with a spitball from Doug’s blog.

Comment by Al

okay, that was fun. i just got lucky. i got the socks right! woohooo.

liked the music too. and i’ll still come back another day!

Comment by Cindra

50 percent. Phew.

Considering I can never get the Penguin’s brain teasers…50’s pretty good for me.

I need a nap now. All that thinkin’. Got your socks wrong. Oh well.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Walela, Limericks work only on Thursdays on a completely different blog. Glad you liked 😉

Diesel, give it a second to load. There is a bunch of advertisement that appears but goes when teh quiz is ready. Doug took it and if he could…;)

Lampy, hope you get a chance to do both! What sorta game is it, do I dare look???

Bobo, 70 seem to be the average, were my socks giving you trouble?

snuppy. *beams with pride* hope Logo puts one up next week though 🙂 I need my fix!

FF, making you smile is all I ask!

Al, are you serious? You came to my blog!!! *shake shead in disbelief*

Cindra, you absolutely should…it is usually very fun around here! *observes teh fatc that still nobody has brought any food!*

LBP, of cours eyou got my socks wrong, it is more the un-dressing part that would get your attention;) How are you, any withdrawl symptoms from blogger yet?

Comment by Penguin

There are surprisingly…NO withdrawal symptoms. I’ve survived 24 hours. Go me!

Hey…I got the Persia question right (was it Persia? I already flippin’ forgot). Hey. *pokes the collapsed Penguin* Y’alright down there? Hello? I don’t have to find the medic do I? Hallo? Are you dead? AND I got the animal book right. Amazing since I haven’t read it/thought about it since grade 9. Which was (Winter Olympics) 88. Gadzooks!! *eyes rolls back collapses beside the fallen Penguin*

Comment by Little Blue Pill

I’ve been to your blog, M, but (shhh, this must stay strictly between us…) I… can’t… read…

(I freeze when I take tests. Questions about Iceland make it worse.)

And, did I forget to say? I thought the music video in this post was terrific. I’ve spent some of the afternoon trying to figure out how they played games with the speed while keeping the lips in synch. I thought I had it there, until the very ending. Quite a mystery, and very effective.

Oh, yeah, the song was good, too.

Comment by Al

LBP, we have been collapesed for a few minute snow…if soembody doesn´t come rescue us, the consequences might be: a really good nap 🙂 Glad you are doing fine!

Al, Iceland is not only cold, we have volcanoes and hot geysirs all over the place. On the surface we might appear rocky and frozen, underneath…we are untamed magma!

Comment by Penguin

Minky — Oops, I must have had you guys confused with Greenland.

And Wow! That “we are untamed magma” line sounds like something out of a travel brochure. If it isn’t, it oughtta be. It’d probably boost tourism 50 per cent. 🙂

Comment by Al

al…I mad ethat up on the spot, how poetic am I? I get goofy when tired 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Okay – got an 80 (I think) on the quiz and felt I could have done better. Should have listened to Tali on the one question. It was a very good crack at a quiz I must say – particularly the Penguin giveaways. Got them both or all or whatever, got them right!

Okay, love that little ditty of Sandi Thom – I did hear that on my radio station. It’s a good song and she’s got a beautiful voice. Now a little quiz for you based on the video song:

1) What seminal band’s album title appears in the video?

2) What two songs by which groups are also referenced?

Okay tick tick tick tick

See why can’t my work computer cooperate?!~

It’s okay, just glad to be able to weigh in at all. Nicely done Pengie!

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Thanks Lampy and I fault 🙂
it is 2.30 something my time, early Thursday morning and the matches are having trouble holding my eye-lids up 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Tucks the penguin in…and removes a spitball from her hair (that little troublemaking troubador Al!).

G’night Penguin – lights out.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Lampy, I slept so well…thanks for tucking me in and removing my red socks too 🙂
Al´s teasing me all teh time, I hate to be in class with him, he is always pullign my hair and me just being such a tiny little girl *sobs and thinks of major attck formations to retaliate*
Morning everybody!

Comment by Penguin

Who is the lady singing in this video? I really liked it!

Comment by cj

cj, Sandi Thom!

Comment by Penguin

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