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Cheap Bonus Round by Snuppy
Thursday, 9 November 2006, 8:51am
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ANYONE who knows us, knows we were surprised and completely delighted yesterday, when we first logged into the Snark and discovered a new post by our favorite ICELANDIC BEAUTY. Surprised, because we know her busy schedule barely affords her enough time to get the proper rest, let alone write a proper post. Delighted, because not only did she challenge us to a crafty and clever quiz in that post (although, did we need to be penalized for not knowing what color her red socks were?) she also introduced us to a terrific singer. As per usual, we were impressed, pleased, and highly entertained. We love teh Penguin, we really really do.

NATURALLY, anyone who knows us, knows that in our own odd way of thinking, the best means for honoring such a terrific post, is to counter with one of our own, the difference being, of course, that ours tend to be stupid and absent of insight, and are, instead, normally filled with cheap attempts to make you laugh. That said, anyone who knows us knows we’re wa-a-a-ay too lazy to work up a clever and crafty quiz, hell, we’re only wearing white gym socks at the moment, where’s the fun in a question about that? No. Anyone who knows us knows we can’t be clever and crafty, and by golly, we won’t.

DOES anyone who knows us know what’s coming next? Anyone who knows us certainly should. That’s right, although we’re willing to forego the quiz about our white socks, we aren’t above making an attempt to garner a few “cheap laughs in the form of musical opposites”. This week’s second challenge? Find something hilarious (by our own questionable standards) that features a female vocalist and allows us to make an appreciative nod in the direction of the aforementioned beloved Icelandic Beauty. You can bet your sweet ass we’re rather pleased with what we managed to find. Behold the wonder that is… BJORK, sort of. Okay, so maybe it’s Dawn French as Björk, but anyone who knows us knows that’s why we think it fits the bill du jour so well.

BESIDES thanking our dear friend, teh Penguin, for yesterday’s post (did we mention how much we loved it and completely adore her?) we also want to thank her for the sage advice she gave us in the comment section, for without it, we never would have been inspired to locate the above video. Her advice? “There are some really good songs out there if you find them“. We think she’ll be pleased to know that fine philosophy works in our opposite universe, too.



And in keeping with the theme of Normality Breeds Contempt

As you know, the cast of NG4J (Naked Gynmastics for Jesus) are in need of employment and were to start posting their resumes at The Ex Pansi Files. Well the first of them is up and it is that of PANSI!!! Now I am selflessly posting this as we would selfishly love to hire Pansi in The Lampsha Household but realize other flashier opportunities may be more to her liking and spurious, err, unique capabilities. So as you continue to enjoy the video and consider the natural beauties of Iceland, perhaps head on over and post a job offer for the Blogosphere’s own unnatural beauty HERE.

As you were.

~ Lady Lampsha


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The song is called “I Hate Normalities”, which, of course, we do. oh, and for the record, we happen to love the music of Björk. go figure. 🙂

Comment by One Hot Puppy

That was odd! LOL I love paradies! Good morning All! Less than 9 hours until official vacation starts! YAY!! Diane

Comment by FelineFrisky

Truly funny…think I like her Bjork better than Bjork’s Bjork…if that makes any sense. Nice to start the day with a laugh cause did I mention that I’m tired? Well, I’m tired…two and a half hour commute home last night didn’t help matters. Amazing…nothing shuts down NYC quite like rain.

Comment by BoBo

Oh I loved that video! 🙂 Thea asked me if the lady in the video knew she didn’t sound very good. I had to laugh at that!! I am not much of a Bjork fan myself!

Comment by peg leg cj

FABOO! Although I actually am a huge fan of the real thing… her style being out there and quirky and “fuck you if you don’t like me cause that’s all your getting” is truly appealing and well, I have a soft spot for Icelanders seeing that I am one too so… *sigh* Doomed (and delighted) to love her am I…

Good imitation of Björk… she just needs to roll her rr’s! 😉

Snuppylicious de mi corazón… your love of quirk fits bohemians to a tee and we applaud you FO SHO! FO SHO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

What can I say? You know how to pick em! She is just beyond hysterical (not the real Bjork – well there was that one swan dress situation) and I just loved it. I have to watch again later but wasn’t she lamenting not being able to get anything fresh in the supermarket – that just cracked me up.

Catty Yummy – on the rrroling of the rr’s – I am such a gringa! Tali attempts to teach me how to rroll them properly – after all Scissors is fluent in Spanish and it comes in handy with Hebrew as well (which is what Tali is studying currently in school). I told her that I think if I grew up in one of those countries, I would have needed speech therapy. Maybe it’s not too late.

And Bobo – ain’t that the truth about NYC and rain – yeesh – even snow is easier to get around in. I feel your pain.

I need to get over to our own Icelandic beauty’s place as my servers have been down last night and part of this am. Okay, longwinded comment over, back to work. Tata! x0x

Comment by Lampshade Lady

LL… all the more reason to make it on over to SF… I mean someone needs to teach you how to roll them rr’s!!! No? 🙂

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I can roll an “rrrrrrrrrrr” quite well.
I love this video and I can´t admit to anything, ´cause I know her and her son (honest to God!)
So, for Iceland I will say this: disgusting, absolutely disgusting. I thought an artist is free to express his own style in any way he or she pleases. To be ridiculed to such extend is just unforgiveable….yaddayaddayadda

lampy, i remember that swan outfit. Oh my God, I think all of Iceland muted teh telly when that did happen. But hey, we have Magni too and he did well in America 🙂

snuppy, thanks for your lovely words adn I hope although this here Penguin is busy and a little crazy at the moment, she always misses you guys and ishes there were more hours each day! She adores you too, so very much!

Comment by Penguin

CYM: Of course! And not just anybody – noooo that wouldn’t do.

By the way Snuppy, I believe “normality breeds contempt”.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Penguin, is it true that all the boxes in Iceland are frozen?

Comment by Diesel

FF: odd, yet oddly funny, right? glad you enjoyed, and i hope you guys have a FABULOUS time on your vacation! xox

Bobo: now see? i like *both* Björks… the funny one and the original one (but then you know how it is with me and my quirks). still, if this helped ease the pain of a long drive in to work today, this post will not have been in vain! xox

CJ: that Thea! hee hee! did you tell her it was a joke? or are you just planning to let her think this is the kind of music your crazy friends in the blogosphere enjoy?? xox

CYM: we *all* have a soft spot in our hearts for beautiful Icelanders, quirky BoheMians, and, well, you know… (just love you girls to pieces. i really do!) of course, i was completely and utterly remiss (remiss, i tell you, REMISS!) in not linking to your FABULOUS NEW POST/VIDEOS, too. golly, i hope i can figure out a way to make it up to you!! (everyone, you MUST go see the new videos… trust me, you won’t be disappointed!!) besosbesosbesos amiga!! xox

Lampsha: oh gosh, i almost forgot about that “swan dress”, yeesh, thanks for reminding me! i got lucky with this video… or maybe i just think i did, but it surely cracked me up, too! and yes, “everything’s frozen” is *exactly* what she’s talking about in the grocery store (that, and she refers to the check out girl as an Eskimo). she likes faeries, too. and plays with them, or so she sings (no mention of elves, however… i’m sure it was just an oversight) xox

Penguin: on behalf of the Snark (of which, i believe, you are a card-carrying member, not to mention gold star contributor) i apologize to Iceland for this egregious parody of a beloved homegrown star. you know her? *and* her son?? who knew?? (color me even more impressed than i was before!) that’s very cool, no Icelandic pun intended.

as for the words? i just want to make sure you know how beloved and admired you are around here, certainly by me — i’m glad you saw this silly post for what it genuinely is, my friend… i adore you and *lovelovelove* it whenever you poke in that beautiful Penguin head of yours! (oh, and i hope you’ll forgive me for leaving that first — and completely stupid — hint on your Brain Teaser for this week. i tried to quickly throw in a couple more “hints” in hopes of covering up my faux pas, but at least one “night diver” noticed. mea culpa) xox

Comment by snuppy

Lampy: so this is why you like me, right? xox

Diesel: i’m gonna guess the answer’s “yes”. 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Is that Diesel being fresh? No – frozen. Haha – little joke little joke. Okay bye.

Yes Snuppy – exactly so! 😉 xox

Read the URGENT UPDATE all.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Snuppy, I want you to give my eulogy. I think you have to be funny. .

Comment by Walela

What are you doing Tuesday?

Comment by Walela

I think Snuppy is out walking her dogs as they’re being groomed and therefore, ugh, won’t be available on Tuesday. I could fill in for her though.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

ooooh. this is an urgent and important bulletin indeed!! quite honestly, i’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out a suitable position for Pansi since i saw the other post… not sure i’ve come up with one just yet, but i’ll gladly go over there in order to offer my support. we must help in any way we can. (actually, i do have a few thoughts which i plan to present at our next meeting…not ready to discuss them out here in the open where anyone and everyone can see. wouldn’t be prudent.) thanks for the head’s up, Lampsha!! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

did i hear someone mention a eulogy? Walela, between Lampsha and myself, i believe we’ve got ya covered. (heh — get it?) Tuesday? yep… Tuesday’s good. xox

Comment by snuppy

Oh my dear Snuppy de mi corazón, you are too sweet and kind and wondrous with your words but I was not trying to squeeze myself in for compliments (although the words you dish out to this undeserving soul? MAN do they rock and do wonders for my fragile ego)… I literally meant to say I am part Icelandic… my grandfather was Danish/Icelandic and we have family in Iceland that I have yet to meet! ‘Tis a dream to make it over some day and meet them!!!

Penguin… you know Björk???? *GASP* I am not one to get all idiotic and googly eyed but with her? FO SHO!!!! I wanna meet her too!!! (How’s that for getting to the point and not beating around the bush?) 😉

Hmmm… now I’d better make me some hottie famous friend and trade a meet… let me go think this over!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Oh man! I came here because it’s Half-Nekked Thursday. I expected to find lots of awesome photos. Instead I get another quiz and my head is pounding trying to figure it out.

I’ll check back again next Thursday. 😉

Comment by Dan

CYM: i call ’em like i see ’em! besos, beautiful BoheMian… the videos are muy fabuloso! xox

Dan: what are you saying? that the questionable wit and wisdom we’ve laid bare here today isn’t enough? or that our efforts to evoke a few “cheap laughs” out of you would be more successful if we were “half-nekkid”? what do you know that we’re not telling you? xox

Comment by snuppy

That made me laugh. I’m always guaranteed a good laugh and a good crowd of blogger buddies here.

And I’m here to let you all know…

Party, my place, tomorrow!

Comment by Sar

Careful Dan, then we might be celebrating F.O.A.D. Thursday – bunch of gals that we are.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Whoo – hoo party at Sar’s!

Comment by Lampshade Lady

I am falling of my chair with laughter….I love Bjork and met her once in Iceland. On behalf of Bjorkland…..I mean Iceland….how could you LOL

Comment by Pretty Kitten Heels

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