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Saturday Spin by Snuppy
Saturday, 11 November 2006, 10:15am
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Press Play:  My aim is pretty much to share a favorite artist or someone that I’ve heard on the non-commercial station that I listen to, WFUV.org.  This week I’d like to highlight Amos Lee,  a singer songwriter from Philadelphia.  He’s an ex-teacher/bartender, although I’m pretty clear that he was not tending bar as he taught.  I believe there are laws against that sort of thing – even in Philadelphia.

The first time I heard him I was driving in the car and he was singing “Arms of a Woman”.  Unlike DIESEL,  I had no burning desire to bear his septuplets (hey I’m a woman, I know better).  But I did fall in love with his voice and snapped up his self-titled cd immediately.  That was early 2005.  Another cd, Supply and Demand  has just been released which I am sure won’t disappoint.  He has a beautifully smooth voice and displays some nice sounding acoustic guitar work.  It sounds as if he could be sitting out on the porch picking and singing – a real mix of blues, folk and soul.  This is a little feature from NPR about the time his first album came out which is a nice “by way of introduction” type of piece: 


Here he is in the slicked up studio version video of Arms of a Woman.  I hope you share the love:

If not, I hope you will at least share a latte cause I have not had mine yet. 

Okay, all enjoy your Saturday. Ah DOUGIE, would it be overkill if we continued to wish you Happy Almost Birthday? Yeah? Too bad. In keeping with your story, ’tis your own TWITCH OF FATE. Happy Almost Birthday


Ah, almost forgot!  My daughter seeks your input on a pressing matter.  She thinks that I shouldn’t go by “G” any longer but something with a few more letters.  In that vein, she has installed a poll on her sidebar where you may place a vote.  It’s the American Way.  Now I’m not saying I’ll honor the outcome of that poll (which is also the American way), but go vote over in MUFFINLAND if you are so inclined. 


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man! i just love this guy! and i can’t believe i haven’t heard his music before. well… maybe i can. (with my radio permanently stuck on “classic rock” there are many new artists i’ve never heard of before! oh wait… i *do* listen to NPR all the time, too. just not at the right time, i suppose. sigh)

as for the new moniker? well, i’m a bit partial to “Lampy” or Lampsha… but “Princess Lampsha has an especially nice ring to it! (besides, then i can call you Lampsha for short). well done Talimuffin! and well done DJ LAMPSHA aka Lampshade Lady aka Princess Lampsha aka Lampy aka G-sha… (and, since you brought my attention to *this* little winner… i’m really loving G-NEVA for our more “peaceful” offerings, here in the Snark!) xoxox

Comment by snuppy

He is pretty good!!! I will have to check him out more on itunes. I really like blues – I think Keb Mo is my favorite blues-ish artist at this point. I’ve seen him play quite a few times. He likes to play at the MN Zoo for some reason – and that is just up the street form me. 🙂

The new G? 🙂 I don’t know I like the old G. You’ll always be G, you don’t need anymore letters to be the AB FAB G you are!

Comment by cj

That’s awfully pretty music, G. You passed overkill by the second paragraph yesterday, but it’s always nice. I’ll be leaving town in an hour for the weekend so if you don’t hear from me it’s silence, not ingratitude that took me. Thanks.

Comment by Walela

Lovely music…I never heard of him before either….my dial is stuck on PBS…..what would I do without the education I get from the lovely Fates?
Over to Talimuffin to vote 🙂

Comment by Pretty Kitten Heels

Very nice music…you have very good taste Lampy! As for the new moniker, I have cast my vote over at Muffinland. Have a great weekend – can you do something about the rain forecast for tomorrow?

Comment by BoBo

Nice. Reminds me a bit of Ben Harper. And for the record, I didn’t want to have MCR’s septuplets; I wanted to have the quintuplets of their song Welcome to the Black Parade.

And in case you had questions about my sexual orientation due to my willingness to whore out my nonexistent uterus, I now have OBJECTIVE PROOF of my straightness.

Man, I’m getting good at this shameless self-promotion stuff.

Comment by Diesel

Wow, I hate when I miss my mornings in The Snark! I’ll be by in a little while as apparently I’m being pulled out the door again!
LYMYAMI!!!! xox

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Snuppy: Well, I think we make good companions for road trips. You drive, I’ll provide the tunes and we’ll stop and get our ABCDEFGHIJK Lattes and we’re good to go. I’m glad you liked him, he makes some nice music for sure.
On the name thing (she looks around) maybe it will be my “new name” for The Snark. Okay, I have to catch up and go listen to our story! xox
cj: I also like Keb Mo – that’s a good one and a reminder that I have a cd somewhere that I never opened! Good one. Aww, thanks for the G vote (I’m partial to Just G myself) and I think you’re absolutely AB FAB too! I hope you’re feeling better!
Walela: It is awfully pretty isn’t it? Are you sure the Furies (or the Fates) didn’t drive you out? Well since we’re in the overkill – Happy Birthday Dougie and enjoy your “birthday proper” (meant in both ways). Cheers.
PKH: It pales in comparison to our schooling at the base of sweet Paloma, but it’s my little offering, so glad that you enjoyed.
Bobo: I have a funny feeling I know which you chose. Of course I have good taste – your wife is my NBFF! Glad you enjoyed, the entire cd is actually pretty solid as well.
Eeh – rain tomorrow, I guess go to the movies?
Well, it’s a quiet day round these parts, hope you all have a great weekend and see you round The Snark.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Diesel – your comment was awaiting moderation. Somehow that seems fitting. Yeah Ben Harper, I could see that. Jots little note to self.
You are shameless but persuasive. You know just that little aura of some sort of scuttlebutt will send them over in droves.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

I had to vote for Pincess Lampsha.

Comment by Mutha

Wow that was a sweet video. Nice light touch. Also a cutie — I could stand being taught or served a drink by him.

Comment by Mutha

I’m with you Mutha – I could stand that too. Thanks for the vote, we’ll see how it goes.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Hey how’s NaNoWriMo going?! I have to check in.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

NaNoWhositWhatey? kidding… i know what it is… and will check in (along with with you) to see how Mutha’s coming along, since i, myself, have nothing to report and/or brag about! aieeee! perhaps i should sit back and listen to this smooth and completely wonderful music one more time while i sip on my tea. did somebody say we’re having Mexican food for dinner tonite? woohoo! (no wonder i can’t do any worthwhile writing. all this music, the tea, the food… where’s the time??)

i really am enjoying the music, DJ… and Mutha’s right, he’s a cutie pie (i think it’s that hat). thanks again for another FABULOUS musical post!! xoxox

Comment by snuppy

Lampsha – Must have been because I used the word “whore.” Damn it! There I go again. I’m such a fucking dumbass.

Comment by Diesel

WTF? That one went right through? That makes no fucking sense at all.

Comment by Diesel

Diesel: it’s the fucking WordPress “askimet” spam-a-lot-not-in-this-blog-catcher program… apparently it doesn’t care what fucking words you use, as long as you don’t try to sneak in any fucking links along with ’em (along with Mr. Skin’s offerings on a daily basis, i’ve noticed an inordinate amount of spammish mail recently from the likes of someone who calls himself “Granny Fucker”. is that you? if so… try “Granny Boffer”… maybe you’ll have more luck.) WTF, indeed. xox

Comment by snuppy

WOW LL! Beautiful song! Beautiful voice! Beautifulo everything!!! I wanna hear more! I am late, I know… but seems to be the way of bohemians these days! I think you and I totally share our taste in music because this? Straight to the heart!!!

As for names… how ’bout Gina-G? But yeah, will hurry on over and check Tali muffin’s picks and vote! WOOH!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Very, very nice! I really enjoyed this music. Thanks. And as for the name…I like G. You’d have to think of something really original to be cooler than just one letter. G. I’ll go vote right now.

Mentioning PA, I’m going through next week for my first time ever. I’m a Philly virgin.

Comment by Cindra

I’m more of a Granny Diddler.

Comment by Diesel

I am a bit late….but I just lovelovelove this voice. Amos Lee, you´ll be my CD destination on mondya when teh new tenacious D Cd arrives in teh Icelandic stores. Just lovely! Wow…I love that guy too. Here I go and listen again…

Comment by Penguin

Working backwards:
Pengie – I forgot to mention my rapper name – Tenacious G! Glad you liked.
Diesel: My suspicious grow with each comment.
Cindra: I’m with you as I never objected to just “G”. (whispers: don’t tell anybody but I may have to call for a recount if it doesn’t come up in my favor 🙂 Good for you – go get some of that Philly soul! It’s a great little city.
CYM: I have to agree as I loved his voice from the first note that I heard him sing. I even like GGGina-G but now I’m getting carried away. Don’t you worry as I expect the same pass when I play catch up with everybody. The party only gets better when you arrive! FO SHO!
Snuppy: Thank you for clarifying in such exacting technical terms that I would never have been able to explain so well!

Comment by DJ Lampsha

And a very nice spin, indeed! I’ll head over and vote on a name, too, if I’m not too late.

Comment by actonbell

I think Keb Mo’s earlier Cd’s are the best! I really think his song Angelina is my favorite.

I am going to try a few of the podcasts on the radio station link you had above. Obviously I don’t get much reception here in MN for the NYC radio stations! But I find that podcasts are quite handy for that!

I love new music weekends!

Comment by cj

Actonbell – You’re talking to me, I know not of this late of which you speak. Vote early and often! Hope you and Ekim had a nice birthday weekend!
cj: That’s the station where I actually even heard of Keb Mo. WFUV is a good station to check in with – you could even stream it on the web at any time and be tuned in. Of course, then you’d have to make a donation as it’s listener supported and that streaming is expensive! That was my PSA for the station 🙂
I’m glad you do as it reminds me of those weekends of the halcyon days of my youth (which were not so halcyon as it turns out) but where music filled my apartment and I could chill out, read the paper and life was easy. Now music still fills our house, I rarely get to read the paper while the kids are on patrol and life is good.
I really am glad you’re enjoying AND coming back with some good suggestions yourself. Keep em coming.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Nice, but I’m FUV all the way. So much so that last year I joined twice as I was supposed to volunteer and couldn’t

Guilt gets me to do so many things. I did a PSC for them a few years ago–Corny O’Connel called a few times because I had written a letter in support of their tower because I can only listen on-line

Felt so stupid I couldn’t listen the entire time

Comment by pia

The ole Jewish guilt ay? Love FUV – my intro (that I can remember as it’s been many years) was listening to the Sunday morning City Folk Breakfast (before they cut out to Catholic Mass).
Do you have a taped copy of your PSA? I’d love to hear it, especially now that you’re doing audios 🙂

Comment by DJ Lampsha

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