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Musical Marx by Snuppy
Monday, 13 November 2006, 9:22am
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AFTER last week’s Saturday Spin, we’re in love with the music of AMOS LEE. His songs left us weak in the knees and kept us is in a terrific mood all weekend. Once again, we must profusely thank our brilliant friend with the ear for excellent music, DJ LAMPSHA, for turning us on to another fabulous artist, even as we complain loudly about the fact that A) we aren’t sure we can afford to buy all the new CD’s we suddenly have to have, and B) we are very sure we have no musically opposite/cheap laugh-worthy response.

WHAT we’re trying to say — badly — is that the following video isn’t exactly our usual cheesy “opposite” Monday morning fare. Nonetheless, it is something we happen to think you’ll enjoy, so don’t judge us. At least not yet. Instead, behold the comedic musical stylings of two MARX BROTHERS , namely CHICO and HARPO, who were not just members of the legendary comedy family, but were also well regarded/respected musicians. In this clip, taken from a classic 1937 Marx Brothers film, A Day at the Races, the 2 work some distinctively (and destructively) clever comedy magic into mesmerizing musical performances.

BESIDES finding Chico’s style for playing the piano completely fascinating (come on, you know you thought that “shooting” the keys thing he does with his finger cool, too) we were also enchanted by Harpo’s beautiful performance on the piano and harp (well, eventually). Especially when we found out that he taught himself how to play and tune the instruments he played so well. Yes yes, not only are we easily amused, we are also easily impressed. What can we say? As the eldest Marx brother, GROUCHO, once said (sort of), “those are our principles, and if you don’t like them… well, we have others“.

HERE’S how we justified this clip, in case you were wondering, (and knowing you, you were), the music video Lampasha featured over the weekend was “Arms of a Woman”, which was charming and sweet. Chico Marx seemed very charming and sweet, but was also known as a serial “womanizer”, meaning he often sought what? That’s right… the arms of a woman. Case closed.



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Speaking of womanizing Marx Brothers, Groucho was reportedly one, as well. remind me to tell you sometime about his other “gift” to womankind… and my theory regarding a line he spoke in one of his films about finding an “elephant in his pajamas”. I think you’ll laugh long (heh) and hard (heh heh) at that one. (are you also wondering where did i got that kind of information? from a chapter in the book my sister (Dr. Terri) wrote cleverly entitled “May They Rest with Their Piece”.)

If I hold you any closer, I’ll be in back of you. ~Groucho Marx (as Dr. Hakenbush, A Day at the Races)

i, for one, can’t get enough of this stuff (and by “stuff”, i mean, of course, Marx Brothers humor). hope you guys don’t mind.

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Do tell – what is this with these comedians? I believe I heard the same about…Milton Berle? New meaning to pulling my leg – heh heh.
Yes indeed nothing like starting a miserable Monday than with snippets of the Marx Brothers! I believe Chico (and Harpo) magnify the phrase, “tickling the ivories”! Ah, now wonder we are NBFF’s. This is a good one now I have to go think up Marx Bros. lines. In the meantime, “she said hard – heh heh”.
Oh one just came to me: “You have the mind of a four year old and I’ll bet he was glad to get rid of it”.

Comment by Lampy Dumont

By the way – did I mention brilliant!

Comment by Lampy Dumont

Very well argued, puppy!
The defenses you present to us your judges are without fault. Case closed indeed.
I enjoyed this video so much…what can i say: I am a sucker for black/white comedic strips!

Comment by Monika

tickling the ivories? now why didn’t i think of that? (oh woe is me…) good one Ms. Dumont! (now see? this is why we should be writing together more often)

as for favorite Groucho lines? how ’bout: “I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn’t it. *or*: “Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana”. hahahahahahahahaha! (that one gets me every time. yes, that’s right, i am a schmuck) xox

Judge Pengie: whew! thanks! that’s an enormous weight you’ve just removed from my shoulders! and i’m sooooo glad you enjoy black/white comedic strips/movies… i, too am a complete sucker for such things (as you can probably tell by some of the bizarre and obscure hints i leave for your brain-teasers) xox

Comment by snuppo marx

If I was a Marxists, these guys would be the reason. I LOVE the Marx brothers. My dad taught film, and he used to show us these movies when I was about 10. My favorite Groucho quote: “Either this man is dead or my watch has stopped.”

Comment by Diesel

Great Marx Bros. skit…they were a fascinating and enormously talented family (apparently in more ways than one?). According to Wikipedia, Chico’s original nickname was “Chicko” in reference to his legendary womanizing. After having it misprounced over and over as Chico, he finally gave up and adopted the more easily recognized but far less descriptive nickname.

Comment by BoBo

wowie… slow day for Snark, so far. why is that?? the rain? the fact that it’s Monday? the lack of a clever “musical opposite”? sigh. there’s just no pleasing you kids sometimes, is there?

Diesel: believe it or not, i came thisclose to using that quote today…i love it, too! (which happens to be from the same film, by the way) i’m quite certain i did not know that about your dad — but i have to say it explains a lot about your particular brand of humor, and i mean that in the best way possible! i’m very glad to know you were exposed to such comedic genius early on, this is something i’ve did with our sons, too. (trust me, they were watching Mel Brooks and Monty Python at a very early age, along with the likes of the Stooges & Marx Brothers). xox

BoBo: i know! i thought that little “Chico” trivia was really interesting! i considered adding that to the post, but hoped someone clever (like you, honey!) would read it and share it here, in the comment section. those links are actually very cool — not to mention informative! xox

Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot. ~ Groucho

Comment by snuppo marx

You know I have never seen anything by the marx brothers – at least that I can remember. I am going to put that on my list of things to do. 🙂

Comment by cj

CJ: i am shocked. shocked, i tell you, SHOCKED!! wow… your parents were more protective than i ever imagined! xox

please tell me you’ve at least seen the Stooges. 🙂

Comment by snuppo marx

cj: You should not be reading this but running to the nearest rental store. Running!

Maybe people are far too busy like Dr. Hackenbush today. Perhaps they’ll “put an O on now and come back later for the K”.

Slow Monday here – in fact so slow, I’ll be leaving soon. It’s torture. Interesting tidbit about diesel. Why is everyone else’s life so damned interesting?!

Okay, I will be leaving soon and shall leave you with this – from memory so go easy on me “Meet me under the moon tonight. Ah I can see it now – just you and the moon. Wear a necktie so I can tell the difference!”


Comment by Lampy Dumont

My parents protective? Puhleezee!!! They sent me to live in Russia when I was 17 for a year! Nah I just grew up in an area of the world (central minnesota) and we didn’t get good tv reception and there was no cable availability – unless you wanted to fork out thousands for the cable to be laid to your house. We had ONE…. did I mention ONE…. ONE tv channel until I was in high school when my parents got a satallite dish.

Yep I have seen the stooges!! They played them before movie’s when I was little.

Comment by cj

CJ-no t.v. was probably a blessing!

This video was a hoot. Loved it. And I totally get the logic. Should I be nervous?

Comment by Cindra

And btw, Snups, you are as full of shit as the post at my poopy, adolescent blog today. You told me if I visit I get to be on the sidebar. I’m not there. I come here and listen to these videos in their entirety. I actually read the posts, too. And I comment. What do I get? I just get to laugh a lot and have a lot of fun.

Well, okay. I get something. But not name yet. How many times do I have to visit?

And does this make me look really desperate and insecure?

Please tell me no. That combined with my poor choice of a poopy post and Mr. Hanky and all…that would make me suicidal. Or at least send me into an eating binge.

Comment by Cindra

CJ: i know your parents didn’t overprotect you… i just like to give you shit tease you now and again! xox

Cindra: D’OH! you are SO correct to call me on my fullness of shit! check the side-bar, the problem has been remedied… and i believe i owe a certain spouse of yours a link as well…never fear, i’m on it girlfriend!! (and welcome to the Snark, i can see you truly *do* fit right in!!) now i’m off to read that POST of yours that goes with the picture or Mr. Hanky, even though i know it’s gonna require me to do some thinking. oy (but, hey, if it requires thinking about South Park, maybe it won’t be so bad…?) xox

Comment by snuppo marx

ATTENTION: anyone interested in our dear BoheMia’s latest adventures (or is that “misadventures”? you be the judge) can do so RIGHT HERE! (thought y’all might like to know) trust me, this is a great installment… so, go watch, then share as much love and good energy as you can spare! (i’m thinkin’ she can use it right about now) xoxo

Comment by snuppo marx

First off, let me confess that I thought “A Day at the Races” was a Queen album.

Comment by actonbell

Hey, I wasn’t finished!
Also, I had no idea that Harpo also played piano, and I am wonderously impressed. What talented boys that were. I bet their mother was right proud.

Comment by actonbell

Lampy – That’s probably about the most interesting thing about my childhood, which was pretty dull overall. My dad was an English prof who also taught a film class. He did have Paul Schrader (director of Taxi Driver) as a student once, I believe. They had a party for him at our house when I was at kid. I think Schrader got really drunk and made an ass of himself.

Comment by Diesel

Actonbell: well of course you’re right! i suppose that was their whimsical nod to the comedic genius of the Marx Brothers. in fact, they named the preceding album “A Night at the Opera”, which was also a Marx Brothers film. kind of cool. or weird. no… i think it’s cool! xox

Diesel: i don’t know if i should be impressed or scared. maybe a little of both. nevertheless, i think your background provides excellent insight into your nature and/or character (such as it is). and i approve… HIGHLY. Schrader got drunk and made an ass of himself? interesting. (oh, and don’t you just know he wishes he could take credit for DeNiro’s “you talkin” to me?” lines. hey, maybe that’s why he drank…?) xox

Comment by snuppo marx

You know, I don’t think I had ever seen their work… snippets here and there but nothing complete… growing up in Spain and all you see… this was brilliant and I was very impressed by the piano playing!

And the post combos that you and LL have are brilliant!!! BRILLIANT! I applaud you oh Snuppy de mi corazón and remember… don’t y’all dare challenge my love or there will be plenty of proof supplied! PLENTY! Unless that’s what you’re looking for, that is!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

snuppo – I was pretty young at the time (and in bed by the time the party started). This would probably have been a couple years after Taxi Driver. Anyway, I don’t really remember it, but I guess Schrader was kind of a jerk. But like I said, I was just a little kid, and it was 20 something years ago, so I’m sure he’s a swell guy these days. 🙂

Comment by Diesel

Diesel, I think you could get a memoir out of that – shop it around.

Comment by Lampy Dumont

If its cheesy and old slapstick, even a curmudgeon like me will enjoy it.

Comment by Cheesemeister

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