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Ben Takes A Picture by Snuppy
Tuesday, 14 November 2006, 9:57am
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EVERY day. Every day for a YEAR. Whoa.

NEEDLESS to say, we’re more than a little impressed by this, even as we laugh at the idea of spending so much time to create such a thing. Snapping 365 separate shots? Finding cutsie music? Editing every one of the aforementioned 365 shots to the aforementioned cutsie music, in a fashion that’s even mildly entertaining, much less coherent? Epoch. We’ve worked in television, so we know what we’re talking about here. Over the years we’ve spent inordinate amounts of time editing various and ridiculous pieces of video to cutsie music ourselves. Trust us. Ben spent time on this, and lots of it. Well beyond the original 365 days taking pictures and/or finding music, we mean. (duh) Still, the result of his efforts is pretty darn cool, although we really hope Ben still has his day job, since we’re guessing this project didn’t pay well.

OF COURSE, if this video didn’t impress you, why not stop by and say “hola” to the beautiful, talented, and oh-so-impressive CATTY YUMMY MUMMY? She just posted her latest, and trust us, it’s loads of fun. Fun, that is, if you enjoy watching a BMW drown in a raging sea (or flooded road) of Spanish water. Oh tragedy, thy name is… uh, er… “flooded engine”? Whatever, our beloved Miz BoheMia needs all the positive energy we can send her way, especially now. After losing their car, it’s imperative that she and Loverboy get their villa sold and get their BoheMian asses back to San Francisco, before something else happens. Not that it will, mind you, but why tempt fate?

~ snuppy 


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i got up early so i could get this post up early… and what happened? my brain flooded! (can anyone say “obsess about phrasing/spacing”? yeesh. (sorry about that) of course, based on the late posting at WAKING AMBROSE, i’m not the only one who can’t seem to get things done in a timely fashion. (somehow that makes me feel better) xoxox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

🙂 I loved the video. I thought the one picture a day thing was a neat idea. There was a while there I bet I had a picture or two a day of my kids… maybe for about 6 months. Its a LOT of work!

Comment by cj

CJ: i know! and the interesting (or scary?) thing about this is the fact that he really DID do a picture a day (apparently some of the folks who’ve done videos like this say they have when they haven’t). i love the conceptual aspect of it (the girlfriend? the money-making scheme? the drinking? the robbery?) …i thought it was brilliant!

so… 6 months’ worth of pictures of your own beautiful kids? hmmm… maybe Ben will inspire you to try your own hand at some creative editing! (i know you’re good at it!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Oh, I saw this a few weeks ago and thought it was VERY COOL! I even considered taking a picture of myself for a whole year but I didn’t want to subject my poor camera to a year of having to look at me…

Comment by Pavel

oops! I hit the submit key too quickly. Now, a year’s worth of my kids in pictures, well… Something to seriously consider. But you know, it’s hard to pin those three down for very long.

Comment by Pavel

I love this one with all his different vignettes molded into one very clever video. Come on Snuppy, you know we come for the conviviality – whatever you put out (err that didn’t sound right) display, put up, okay all your posts are great. Now go get yourself a TGSNWM!

Take it from one who knows of what you speaketh – analysis = paralysis. xox

Comment by Say Lampy

Pavel: would it have killed you to send it to me a few weeks ago? (kidding!) i think you should go for it, i’m sure you’d do a great job, and have fun in the process! actually, i considered doing this with our dogs, but then i thought “man, that would be hard”, so i changed my mind. xox

Comment by snuppy

Snuppy that was my favorite part – the manuals/the highs/the lows – excellent!

Comment by Say Lampy

Say Lampy! yup… you are SO right. oy. and it’s not as though this particular post involved brain surgery. or even multisyllabic words. next time i believe i’ll drink my coffee FIRST, then worry about content. when i’m properly caffeinated i don’t seem to care about details — like, “does this make sense?” — nearly as much xox

Comment by snuppy

WOW! Impressive and funny and interesting… although the cynic in me wonders if it really took a year… if he really took a picture a year and waited that long to get this done… if he did then BRAVO because there is no way on earth I would have that patience! I would take tons of pics, with tons of outfits to wear of course, asap and get it done! And you know, to say it took a year, a pic a year, is a great attention-getting gimmick… dios mio that was mean… but I don’t mean it in a mean way! I promise!

I do like what he did though and it makes me wanna do it… though not in a year… not that patient I tell you!

But the end result is great!

And dearest Snuppy de mi corazón, I must say I am so IMPRESSED with YOU and these fab things you keep finding!!! Puts me, the laziest Snarkster who never posts anything these days and to that I tell myself FOR SHAME, well, to shame! 🙂

Bohemians everywhere just loooooove you… especially this one! FO SHO! ADORE I TELL YOU… AND LOOOOVEEE!

PS- And YES! Because “before something else happens” is pretty much a given in this damned, DAMNED, country I tell you! *sigh* Oh well! 😉

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

It’s the epoch of epic internet.

Comment by Walela

I’m working on this exact same thing, but my idea was to take one picture a year for 365 years. I’ve got some hilarious stuff planned for later this century.

Comment by Diesel

I’ve seen something like this before by someone else. Clearly I can remember.

Caffeine please.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Oh Snuppy… I thought putting together a weekly roundup was a lot of work. Once our Grace started to be really mobile my time…. disappeared. 🙂 Someday I’ll do more videos!

Comment by cj

Yes LBP – what was it…something – a picture a day…

Comment by Say Lampy

LBP: are you sure you’re not confusing this video with that one we shared a few weeks ago… aka GUINESS WORLD RECORD T-SHIRT GUY? maybe not… but still, i don’t think it’s a stretch (stretch? heh heh… like the t-shirts? okay… so my sense of humor is a stretch today. sue me) by the way… so glad to see you haven’t quite fallen off the face of the blogosphere. we miss you, girlie! xox

Diesel: i can’t wait! be sure to send me an e-mail at the home i’ll be living in by then… maybe we’ll be able to hook the video up to the Big Screen TV so all the old geezers can watch! (not that i plan to be a geezer, mind you, but, well… you know) xox

Walela: Epochs of Ipecac. or something. i don’t know. but this is an epic of… well… big proportions, which can be seen in a very small amount of time. xox

CYM: hola, amiga! i read up on this video, and i believe they actually did it the “old-fashioned” way. which does make it more fun, by my way of thinking. which, i think we all agree, is flawed, at best! good thoughts good thoughts good thoughts good thoughts good thoughts good thoughts!!!! (figured i’d get a few out of the way here… more to come, later!) xox

CJ: i’m amazed on a daily basis by the things you’re actually able to accomplish! so i have no doubt you’ll get down to some creative editing in the future. and with such wonderful subjects to work with, i know it’ll be worth the wait! xox

Say Lampy! say what? xoxoxo 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Great find, Snupster! Snupmeister. Snupalicious…


Comment by Al

Al, You Called? 😉 (thanks) xox

Comment by snuppy

Say Lampy Say What, Say what ya want now – That’s me – Lampy Sensible.

Now what’s that about a softball team – should we start our own Master Betas Team in the Snark? I’ll join.

Al? Ya there Al?

Comment by Say Lampy

Say Say it’s the Lampy: Al may not be here, but i am… and i am ON BOARD with that idea! practice might be a bit difficult, but what the hell… Master Betas… such a *happy* name, wouldn’t you agree? xoxox

oh, and in case anyone wonders. or notices. or doesn’t notice but wonders, i added a link to Ben’s website at the top of the post… that way you guys can check him out for your own fine selves. 🙂

Comment by snuppy

Call Me Al finally has a BLOG!! Sound the alarms! or is it the Fanfare we’re supposed to be sounding? i can never remember which. anyway… his blog is already amazing… so go! visit! so far i’m the *only* one who’s signed his guest book. xox

Comment by snuppy

snuppy, thanks for the tip on how to find Al’s blog. Good dog!

Comment by kyahgirl

Hilarious. That was such a good video to be feeling: “I am not wasting my life as much as I thought!”
His beard was always teh same though *puzzled*

Comment by Penguin

saw Al´s blog…I fear a level of sophistication coming from that area. Don´t say I didn´t warn you!

Comment by Penguin

Oh Thanks Snuppy. 🙂 There is always so much to be done it seems like I barely get to anything!! I did order a few Marx movies though!

Comment by cj

Wow. I am impressed. I expected it to go very zen and have the guy just age a day, 365 times.

Comment by Mutha

I finally got to see the video. That was great.

Who here saw the movie Smoke with Harvey Keitel, William Hurt, Harold Perrineau et al?

Comment by Walela

Kyahgirl: i try! 🙂 xox

Penguin: i fear you’re correct, and Al is gonna put us all to shame. (or would if we actually took ourselves that seriously!) glad you liked the video!

CJ: you’ve ordered Marx Brothers DVD’s? woohoo! please tell me what you think after you’ve had a chance to watch ’em (pay close attention to Groucho’s lines… they’re fast and funny) xox

Mutha: when i first read about the video, that’s what i expected, too. i don’t think young guys like that age much in the course of a year (unlike guys *my* age!) xox

Walela: i’ve never seen it, but i just read the plot overview… i’m guessing you ask about the film because this one has so many small details, right? that’s why i enjoyed this little video so much, there’s a lot going on in front of Ben, as well as around him (besides the obvious) that’s clever and fascinating. if that’s not what you meant, well, then…no. never saw “Smoke”, why do you ask? xox

Comment by snuppy

I here saw the movie Smoke – although my memories are vague. I remeber Harvey Keitel and a smokeshop. Care to referesh?

Comment by Lampsha

I saw Smoke and LOVED it. Tell your connection Walela

Comment by Mutha

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