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Happy (Penguin) Feet by Snuppy
Thursday, 16 November 2006, 9:04am
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PENGUINS dancing? Music by Queen, the Beach Boys, Pink, Stevie Wonder? Adorable animated critters voiced by the likes of Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman? Dudes, we’ve read a few reviews, and we don’t know about you, but we might have to force ourselves off the couch in order to go see this little gem before it comes out on DVD:

HAPPY FEET, boogying on down to a theater and/or ice float near you…

OKAY, we’d like to see this flick, but we’d be lying like dogs in heat if we said it’s what we plan to see this weekend. Don’t tell our own dear PENGUIN, but in truth, if we only get to see one movie anytime soon (which is likely), it will absolutely have to be THIS ONE, and we’ll tell you why. We are humongous fans of every single film ever written and/or directed by Christopher Guest. YEPEVERY SINGLE FILM. He’s also starred in ONE or TWO we’re incredibly fond of, as well. But that’s just us.

WE also believe a few other new films are opening soon that look interesting, too, but right now our own happy feet are forcing us to dance away from the computer, which means we can’t do more Googlery, in order to provide you with more links……

penguinShuffle, Ball, Step

Step kick, Step kick

What? Happy music/feet brings out our inner penguin.



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if anyone shares our passion for Christopher Guest films (and we know a few of you do), that first link is for Guest’s newest release, For Your Consideration, which looks hysterical. the next few are to sites for The Big Picture, Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, and A Mighty Wind. And, trust me, they’re all hilarious. the last two are reviews for This Is Spinal Tap (classic) and The Princess Bride (both directed by Rob Reiner, as any fan would know). just thought you might like to know. well, those of you who are unable to open these things from work (don’t bosses know there’s blogging to be done from work? i’m sure if they did, those computer issues would be resolved justlikethat!) xoxox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

by the way, the trailers featured on the Happy Feet website are absolutely adorable… AND as a bonus, there’s a link to the Maryland Zoo, so you can watch *actual* LIVE penguins on the “happy feet penguin cam”, which is a very nice touch. xox

Comment by snuppy

I’m big time looking forward to For Your Consideration, as you knew I would be. Going up against a tap-dancing penguin, though. Tough schedule.

Comment by Walela

Fantabulous I tell you! FANTABULOUS!

Christopher Guest is a man much admired by bohemians… FO SHO! And mention The Princess Bride and make me swoon! We moved to the US when I was in full geekdom… pimples, frizzed out hair with a fucking bow in it (courtesty of my forceful mother), swollen nose… at 14, and the first time that Loverboy drove down to see us he brought over The Princess Bride and I have loved it ever since. That was before Loverboy and I happened, of course, but I hear I slapped his ass once as he walked by… I have no memory of it I tell you!

I thought the-then-Robin-Wright-and-now-Robin-Wright-Penn quite dreamy and still do! Beautiful and talented woman she is! FO SHO! and vulgar too! WOOH! 😉

Hope you have a lovely day my dear friend and forget my tangential rambling… but I figure you are used to that by now after our many delightful phone conversations! Speaking of which, I hope to catch you soon! Until then, besotes muy grandotes!


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Okay, let me see if I understand this: 1) Penguins are cute and adorable; however, 2) dogs in heat lie.

Fair and Balanced? I don’t think so.

Comment by Al

Snuppy…are you suggesting we might venture out and actually GO to a movie? I need to get mentally prepared for that challenge…yikes! That said, however, if we are to set out on such an adventure I can think of no greater motivation than Christopher Guest’s new movie. I believe he is our idol, is he not?

Great trailer…gotta love those dancing Penguins.

Comment by BoBo

Can’t believe it!!! Firstly, Julian has been walking around for the past couple of days with a bookmark, that Miss Helen from school gave him, of Happy Feet. It’s adorable – sort of a hologram? Move it this way and that and you see the Penguin’s Happy Feet. That alone makes me want to see it! We may have to venture out too.

I tried to check out earlier before I came to work but it seemed WordPress was being cranky. Well let me go check out what I can, then I’ll view it with the real critics later. Don’t these little penguins just put you in a good mood?

Comment by Lampy

There was a great article about him in The Times last week

Knew he was a lord, but it’s hard to think of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh’s daughter as Lady Hayden-Guest

Comment by pia

Happy Feet….this is a good time for me to see it 🙂
My feet are very happy because, no operation before the Holidays…..tap,tap,tappety…tap. I am loyal to my little Penguin who somehow made it to Iceland…long trip 🙂
I am in my studio today, painting, writing, sculpting…on the walls….yes!!!walls… to get ready for certain blog friends, who will be here soon
well after the Holidays….they promised…..and Paloma is hanging around in the yard her seat full of leaves 🙂

Comment by Pretty Kitten Heels

I love Guest movies!! 🙂 My favorite is Best in Show. I had so much fun watching that one.

Happy Feet!! They are playing it at the IMAX at the zoo up the street from me. I have a date tomorrow afternoon with a beautiful ballerina. She and I are going to have pop corn and some soda while we see Happy Feet in 3D!

Speaking of Penguins…. I have a great book and it came with a song called “I want to be your personal penguin!” – I think fits our Penguin just perfect!

Comment by cj

Happy Feet….this is a good time for me to see it 🙂
My feet are very happy, because, no operation before the Holidays…..tap,tap,tappety…tap. I am loyal to my little Penguin, who somehow made it to Iceland…long trip 🙂
I am in my studio today, painting, writing, sculpting…on the walls….yes!!!walls… to get ready for certain blog friends, who will be here soon
well after the Holidays….they promised…..and Paloma is hanging around in the yard her seat full of leaves 🙂

Comment by Pretty Kitten Heels

Oh, I love Best in Show!

PKH: Oh we will be there, you bet! I guess the leaves are okay on Paloma. I’m sure they keep her warm and look beautiful.

Comment by Lampy

Central Snark? Hello? Snark? Jeez, its so freakin’ cute around here today.

Here’s an idea for a sequel, from the New York Times, under the title “Love That Dare Not Squeak Its Name”:


“Brokeback Iceberg”?

Comment by Al

I don’t know Guest but am so fond of penguins! Snuppy, great post as usual.

Comment by kyahgirl

*sigh* I give up.

OK. “I like penguins.” “Penguins are cute.” “I wish I had a Penguin.” “Mommy, can I have a freakin PENGUIN!?!?

(I feel better now.)

Comment by Al

I’m planning on taking the kids! It looks like a very cute movie.
What a coincidence. I posted about Penguins today too!

Comment by Pavel

I’m with Al. You need to rename this site Central Cute Animals and Gushing Over Our Favorite Celebrities.

That said, Best in Show has got to be one of the funniest movies of all time.

Oh, and for those of you in need of a snark fix, check on my post on CELEBRITY NAMES today.

Please be kind, gods of comment moderation.

Comment by Diesel

Hm…it is very cutsey in here today. I’m not sure I can handle it.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Disgusting, huh, LBP? Here’s something that’ll help fortify you:

Tangy Tawdry Penguin Tart

1 impressionable adolescent penguin, diced into half-inch cubes
1 package pre-made pie crust
Fresh fruit filling
1 cup sugar
1 cup butter
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon Bud Ice (chilled)

Divide dough into a dozen pieces. Press each dough piece into a cup of a muffin pan. Melt butter and add sugar, butter, fruit, vanilla, Bud Ice, and eggs (beaten.) Mix until consistent. Fold in Penguin Cubes. Pour filling into pastry shells. Lay dough strips across tops of muffin cups. Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown. Serve chilled.


From “The Penguin Recipe Page”, http://www.allegromedia.com/sugi/penguin/

Comment by Al

What’s up with all the cutsey aversion?

First, let me set the record straight – this is no schmaltzy cutsey, it’s fun cutesey!!! Second don’t make me come searching your blogs, cause if I find cute – just watch it!

Okay continue. By the way Diesel, I hope I’m not still jonesing after I visit.

Al I remember that about penguins – funny you should link to that topic 🙂

Comment by Lampy

Dear CS Editors:

You don’t read Playboy for the crossword puzzles, or Mad Magazine for the obituaries…

[Crap! I had no intention of revealing that much about myself.]

Comment by Al

And out of session too Al! Continue…

Comment by The Editrix

Walela: yep… i had a feeling For Your Consideration would be worthy of a trip to the great “indoors”. xox

CYM: YOU slapped Christopher Guest on the ass??? okay… now that’s a nugget you’ve never shared before! clever girl… he totally rocks! xox

Al: some dogs will do that, or so i’ve heard. xox

BoBo: he is, indeed! and yes! i think we may have to break out of our frumpy weekend doldrums in order to see at least one more movie this year! (that would make 3 for us, right? woohoo! new record.) xoxoxo

Lampy: what is it about Penguins that make us smile? aside from the fact that they’re clever and completely adorable, i mean? your kids will ADORE that website, too… lots of cute fun games, and trust me, the “penguin cam” is extremely cool! xox

Pia: from what i’ve read, had her parents decided differently, Christopher Guest would be gay. (assuming he and Jamie Lee still hit it off!) just sayin’… xox

CJ: lucky you! i have a feeling this will be even better on an IMAX screen! now i have to go check out that book… sounds cute neat. xox

Al: not that there’s anything wrong with that, right? xox

Kyahgirl: oh-my-gosh! i can see we need to send you a few good movies, girlfriend! (actually, Guest was in A Few Good Men, so… that was almost funny). his stuff is very funny and wonderful! xox

Al: normally i’d toss you a bone right about now. instead… here’s a fish. knock yourself out. xox

Pavel: ooooh… i’d better get over there to check it out! (and yes, i’m thinkin’ your kids will lovelovelove this film, it looks terrific) xox

Diesel: Best in Show is hilarious… but i’m still a little partial to Waiting for Guffman. something about “bastard people” and “ass-face” just gets me, every time. as for your post? nicely linked! (it’s a good one, too!) xox

LBP: a change of pace might do you a world of good! nothing wrong with being cute adorable, is there? nope, i didn’t think so! (besides, this is a movie i just know you’ll be taking that cute adorable nephew of yours to see. xox

Al: sigh. well, i guess that’s better than my “how do you make a dead baby float?” joke. xox

Lampy: and THAT’S why i love you and why your my NBFF!! well said! fuck ’em if they can’t take a cutsie silly joke, right? right! xox

Comment by snuppy

Do’h! Pretty Kitten Heels: i ran down the list, and somehow danced right past your two (two?) comments! sooo sorry. of course, since they’re the same comments, i guess you A) really like this post/clip (despite the fact that it’s cute sweet-ish) or B) WordPress was giving you a little grief. (the second one, right?)

and i’m VERY HAPPY to know you’ll have Happy Feet throughout the holidays… (though they’ll be even more happy after the surgery, right?). and i know two (two!) Snarksters who are very much looking forward to coming out to see you in the VERY NEAR FUTURE! (is Paloma okay outside in this weather? we want to see her, but don’t sacrifice her health on our behalf!) xoxo

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Al? are you cruisin’ for a bruisin’? because we are just the ones to give it to you, bub. (unless, of course, you *like* that sort of thing, in which case… find yourself another blog, ‘cuz, ewwwww!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Dunno Snupster…nephew’s into the Wiggles right now. :::shudder::: I can handle Baby Einstein but the Wiggles?!?!?!

Fine! I bought the Little Mermaid on DVD. y’all happy now? Sigh.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

AY CARAMBA! No I didn’t! I meant I slapped Loverboy on the ass when we were platonic and I was 14 and he was 22-almost-23 and I was oh so shy around him and that it happened back when he brought The Princess Bride and though I have no memory of having done that the fact that I know it now makes me remember that everytime I think of the Princess Bride and WHY ON EARTH could I not have worded it all this way or at least checked what I wrote to see if it made sense because now everyone thinks I slapped Christopher Guest on the ass and I didn’t though I now wish I did because that would make me oh so cool and so it is now officially a goal of mine to hunt him down and slap his ass, SMACKETTY SMACK BABY, so that I can live this down and be cool, COOL, in your eyes again!


*Said the bohemian as she buried her head in the fucking sand… SAND I TELL YOU! DO YOU KNOW HOW GROSS THAT IS???*

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Sand… is gross… because I have OCD and yadda, yadda, yadda…

Ok, ok, I will go now people! GEEZ!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

CattYummyMummy slapped Christopher Guest on the arse?! Ooooh, I’m telling Loverboy! 😉

Comment by Lampy

*SOB* Bring him to me and I swear I WILL! BWAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

WordPress, WordPress……right, right…..Paloma,Paloma. was created to stay outside,was created to stay, outside, outside.

Blogger is also being a pain….I published and republished…..I don’t know how many times *head hurts* would not publish my photos…..anyway all is well etc…..etc. *Head still hurts*
So anyway the post is up 🙂

Oh yeah!!!!Surgery in August 2007…..you heard right :)…..the surgeon is that busy. 😦

I still love Happy feet 🙂 and our own Queen, Penguin 🙂

Comment by Pretty Kitten Heels

CYM: eh. i’m sure CG’s ass is overrated. or not. he *does* look hot in those “backwards” pants he wears in Guffman (when he’s working on the choreography). slap or no… we won’t tell! (how’d that showing go, today??? any announcements????) xox

Lampy: pssst. make sure you’re shade is pulled down over your eyes, i’ll wear a large knitted cap, and we’ll tell him anonymously… 😉 xox

Prettypretty Kittykitty Heelsheels: so so sorry sorry. about WordPress *and* the delay in your surgerysurgery. as for our own wonderful Queen Penguin? agreed! (but geez, you’d think by now she’d at least stick her cold nose in and wave a flipper, wouldn’t you? ah well… good things are worth waiting for. a philosophy that applies to comments, surgeries, and wayward/busy Penguins! xox

Comment by snuppy

Snuppy,snuppy you you are are cute cute.

Comment by Pretty Kitten Heels

Penguin tart? I thought penguins mated for life.

Comment by Diesel

The new post is up and it explains a little what happened though I was reserving a full dish for a phone call but you weren’t home (and I didn’t leave a message! My bad! But I just suck when it comes to answering machines said the hypocrite who is on friggin’ you tube!!!) and then I tried getting into my email to write you but it is screwy and I cannot get in!!!

So I think the universe is telling me to go to bed so off I go! But I had to drop on by to send everyone muchos besos/kisses/neshikots (SHAZAM!) and head off to catch my zzzzz’s!


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Pretty Kitty Heels: thank you thank you!! xox

Diesel: “Penguins Gone Wild!” will soon be out on DVD. xox

CYM: i CANNOT believe i missed your call!! WAAAAAAHHHH! that said, your latest editions are fabulous. and, by “fabulous”, i mean FABULOUS! i hope everyone takes a few minutes to check you out. (altho’ i’m still blowing my nose after watching that second one. i HATE seeing you cry!) still… this is as close to MUST SEE TV as it gets! much love to you, dear friend. (and fingers are crossed in hopes those folks come back with an offer SOON) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

LBP: i just looked back over the comments and realized you’d shared something deeply personal that i completely overlooked. PLEASE forgive me… even as i make fun of you for buying the Little Mermaid DVD. altho’, you bought it for that adorable nephew of yours, and not yourself, right? right?? please say that’s right, otherwise i’m thinkin’ your image is gonna take a major dive. (unless, of course, it’s the NC-17 version) xox

Comment by snuppy

Oh my….too cute!
I don´t believe there is a film about Penguins coming out. happy Feet is a definite must see for Minka. How can you not…A penguin with blue eyes, I knew he was out there somewhere!
I havenæt heard about this movie yet, so I am very thankful for teh heads up. My christmas list is getting longer by the minute 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Penguin: well now i’m extra glad i did this post today! (neener neener neener, Al) i had a feeling you’d enjoy the trailer… and i know you’ll have fun perusing the website, too! and i agree, this looks very… er, uh… cute. but *good* cute. fun cute. and, well, CUTE cute. right? yep, i definitely think this movie’s a winner! 🙂 xoxox

Comment by snuppy

For Your Consideration: BOBO HAS A NEW POST (hey, if i can’t be shameless here, where *can* i be shameless? don’t answer that, Al). xox

Comment by snuppy

I don’t know, it just feels like I’ve seen this movie already. I mean, how many cute misfit anthropomorphized animals making knowing pop-culture references starring Robin Williams or some facsimile thereof along with an all-star cast of people who are mostly known for being really good-looking so wtf do we care about their voices and doing things that are funny because really an animal wouldn’t do something like that but a person would and that’s the point do we need after all?

One more, I guess.

Comment by Diesel

Well, finally! It seems like the promos for Happy Feet have been out forever as I’m pretty sure there was one trailer before we saw Cars and that was eons ago.

Btw, speaking of happy, our Lampy’s a caption finalist!

Comment by Sar

Err…of course I bought it for my nephew. *cough*

Comment by Little Blue Pill

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