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Saturday, 18 November 2006, 9:45am
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Well would you look at that, Thanksgiving already! Almost. Not to be too corny, because we  know the other “c” word (cute) had you all in a dither a couple of days ago. With regards to that, here’s a hint: although it’s Central Snark, sometimes we just provide the fodder and YOU provide The Snark. What? Do we have to do all the work around here?

Sorry, where was I? That’s right — the topic is “Thanksgiving”. Holidays often tend to bring out the best and the worst in families. In that vein, we have RAY DAVIES of The Kinks performing his ode to Thanksgiving Day. I’m sure the Davies Brothers had their fair share of Holiday gathering brawls. Long before the Gallagher Brothers of Oasis duked it out, the Davies Brothers were legendary for fighting and disagreement. And long before them Cain was kicking Abel’s ass (or was it the other way around?). Just not many good examples to follow. And somewhere in between were my brothers. But we won’t bring up the time they went on a “spritual retreat” and got into an altercation over a basketball game. Ah, good times.

So without further adieu, I bring you Ray singing Thanksgiving, and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t sound like he means it.

~DJ Lampsha 

A Lampsha/Snuppy Joint Production


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man-o-man, Lampsha… you sure know how to find ’em! this is terrific! i believe this captures the holiday (for most) beautifully. and i feel stupid, because as a Kinks fan, you’d think i’d know the music of Ray Davies. but i did not. so thank you for that! (his website is amazing…)

this is a perfect tune for jump-startin’ the holiday, in my most humble and non-snarking (for the moment) opinion. shall we swap stories about Thanksgiving family gatherings? you can tell the ones about your brothers, and i’ll regale you with tales of the drunk asshole of a priest who tried to hit on my little sister one year. fun times. xoxo

Comment by snuppy

Ahh, the holidays! With our family, its a tradition that we set two extra places at the table for first responders.

Comment by Al

Nice find, Lampy. It’s already forming an earworm that I’ll take with me as I spend this weekend getting ready to host my extended family for Thanksgiving. There’s much to be done, but not before stopping in the snark park to say hello to all my buddies – hello! 🙂

Comment by Sar

I love new music weekends!! 🙂 Thanks G!

I am getting all jazzed up myself. My sister and husband are taking me to see the Barenaked Ladies on Sunday night! I can’t wait!!

Comment by cj

Excellent choice DJ Lampsha…Ray Davies never sounded so good although I was a little disappointed that he didn’t segue right into “Lola” and keep on going!

Our Thanksgiving tradition is to…uh…hmmmm…perhaps I should save that topic for a post on my own damn blog?

Comment by joel

Aw, Lampsha, that was so cute. I am a huge fan of the Davies bros. Good choice! I loved finding this while I sit with coffee…you done good, sistah!

Comment by Cindra

Great song, Lampy! Love ’em. As for “incidents” during Thanksgiving, I’d share the details about the last one, but I think I’m legally not allowed to since the case is still under investigation. (smile)

Comment by Pavel

Hey all! Glad you liked
Snuppy – What’s a holiday without a drunk priest hitting on someone ay? You know I just heard this one recently myself. I think it’s actually a pretty recent release. Don’t you just love the Kinks?! Me too NBFF!
Al – What’s your address again?
Sar: Now here’s a nice little song to get you into the mode. Enjoy the family gathering.
cj: Me too – kind of relaxed and laid back. Ooh have a great time. I hear they put on a great show!
Joel: So funny you mentioned, if my brain hadn’t been so sleep deprived, I had wanted to segue into one of the golden chesnuts of the Kinks. That is one of Julian’s favorite songs. I do skim over the lyrics with him.
Yeah now that’s a thought – store up that posting ammunition!
Cindra: Glad you liked. I always figure you can’t go wrong with something from the Davies Brothers, so glad you’re of the same opinion.
Pavel: A little hint – names changed to protect the guilty? Come on!
Okay, I won’t wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving yet as I hope to see you before then, but I can and do wish you all a mellow weekend.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

well, i had to take one more listen before going to bed, because i enjoyed this song THAT MUCH! don’t know where our other “so-called” friends are today… hopefully they’ll see the error of their ways and take a listen to Ray before it’s too late. (too late for what, i have no idea)

yes… it’s bedtime for me. see you kids, tamale! xox

Comment by snuppy

I couldn’t get the sound to play. Have to seriously think about changing to DSL as even the cable company admits that they have “issues” with the forever fraying outside cable wire

But I love Ray Davies–so will download it–somehow everything works on Itunes

My favorite Thanksgiving song will always be “Alice’s Restaurant.” Though I know all 22 minutes of it by heart and it bores me, I will always be thankful to WFUV for playing it every Thanksgiving

My dad used to cuff the early guests and make them listen to it. It was the only song he ever taped, and he was pro-Viet Nam–but anti draft–and I’m beginning to leave a post 🙂

Comment by pia

Try Cain and Abel. And it was a bit more than an ass-kicking, as I recall.

I’d love to stick around, but it’s time for church. 🙂

Comment by Diesel

Pia: You’ve definitely got to upgrade – especially now that you’re Pia of the Podcasts! Yes, true – what would Thanksgiving be without Alice’s Restaurant? There was a time when (and you’ll remember this) that 102.7 WNEW played it on Thanksgiving at 12 noon (back when they had a stable of the best dj’s in the business). It’s a sad state of affairs but thankfully WFUV has it covered.

Diesel: That was rather lazy of me not to check. It all starts with an ass-kicking though. Better you leave on a high note.

Comment by Lampshade Lady

Pia: feel free to leave a post any time, girlfriend! i never thought of Alice’s Restaurant as a Thanksgiving song… guess i better go revisit the lyrics and/or listen to WFUV this Thursday! (i donate to FUV… but i usually listen to WNYC — and yes, i donate there, as well) xox

Diesel: what the hell are you talking about, boy? if i were able, i would so like to cane you. (don’t blame Lampsha for my stupid spelling-check errors…that was my bad. of course, now that i’ve fixed it, you just look stupid. unless, of course, anyone bothers to read this comment, then i’m toste) you’re lucky we like you. or maybe we’re lucky you like us… i haven’t decided. (just say a few prayers for us, i’m sure we need all we can get) xox

Lampsha: d’oh! with a capital D’OH! sorry i missed that spelling err…wait. *what* error? now that i’m looking at the post, i don’t see anything wrong. wow! it’s a Pre-Thanksgiving Miracle! imagine that. (still loving this song… thanks again for introducing me to such a wonderful “new” artist!) xox

Comment by snuppy

I just like to stop by and raise Cane whenever I’m Abel.

Comment by Diesel

Diesel, haha, good one!

No worry Snup, what’s the fuss? They’re both dead anyway.

Comment by Lampsha

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