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Blue Man Group/Venus Hum by Snuppy
Monday, 20 November 2006, 8:45am
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ONCE AGAIN, our offering is not so much an “opposites/cheap laughs” counter to the wonderful music provided over the weekend by the delicious and clever LAMPSHA, as it is an odd, energetic, and — what we hope will be — fan-freakin’-tastic way to kick-start a new week. A week, we might add, that ends in Thanksgiving. Which means what? That’s right, we’re all gonna need to feel the Love in order to get through to the other side. Mmmmm. Think about those tasty “leftovers”, maybe that’ll help.

AT FIRST glance, this video seems like the result of a very strange artistic collaboration. At second glance, it seems like a musical collaboration between a couple of strange and amazingly talented groups. At third glance, it seems strangely artistic and freakingly awesome. Fans of BLUE MAN GROUP, you ask? You bet your sweet asses we are. Fans of VENUS HUM*? We are now, and then some. Can you feel the Love, yet? You will, baby, you will…

*Venus Hum is the name of a band, their vocalist is Annette Strean (in case you were wondering — and we know you were). We could watch this woman sing all day, and, depending on how things go on Thursday, we just might.

HAPPY HAPPY, JOY JOY! While you’re listening to this great song, and, of course, “feeling the Love”, we’d like to suggest you take a moment to dance over and say congratulations to BIG RED JOY, who will no longer be “big”, but will continue (as far as anyone can tell) to be “red” and ever so full of “joy”. According to her hilarious hubbs, Not-So-Red Frank, turns out the “big” was a 10 (yes, 10!) pound baby boy. Golly, and all this time we just thought Joy had a “healthy” appetite. Silly us.



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Lampsha and I have decided we need a dress like the one Annette Strean is wearing here… I want it to hang out in front of our house to enhance our Christmas decorations… I think Lampsha just wants to wear it to an office party or some such thing. of course, i actually think she’ll look really cute in it, so maybe i should just let her have it. Good thing Joy had her baby, otherwise all bets would be off. (either way, i’ve still got dibs on those glasses) xoxox

hah! and i just checked the spamcatcher… it would seem Dave from “Lesbians Inc.” thinks this article is “intersting” though he doesn’t agree with it 100%. He goes on to say he’s in this industry, himself, so he’s added us to his lesbian-inc. links, in hopes we’ll do the same. that Dave. xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

So if you comment on your own post, does that mean I am FIRST?????????? Oh please…I missed my spot over at Doug´s by a second or so. pretty please, with sugar on top?!
I had to see this video twice to leanr to love it…and I think my loving is growing as I am about to hit the play button for the third time.
Good morning, fellow snarkters…glad to be back!

Comment by Penguin

On second thought, is it ok, if I am a little frightened by the rubber blue heads?
I feel like I am about to be beamed up any moment now!
the singing Christmas tree is a riot though!

Comment by Penguin

Penguin…the Blue Mmen are not to be feared but embraced. they are harmless…funny, but harmless…okay, maybe a little messy at times, but just fun loving and curious mimes.

Great video…love the Blue Men and am now a fan of Venus Hum. Enjoying my first day of my first full week off in a very long time…could get use to this.

So…what do we think attracted “Dave?”

Comment by BoBo

My whole family loves the BMG in general and that song specifically. My kids refer to it as “the one with the lady in the FLASHY dress.”

Comment by oddmix

Nifty video!! I saw the BMG once upon a time. I would love to see them again!

Wow 10lbs baby!! Congrats BigRed Joy. That is quite an accomplishment!!

I want a dress like Venus’s…. Erick’s holiday party is coming up and I need something special. Hummmmmm


Comment by cj

Okay now. That rocked!!! I can’t wait to show my kids THIS video.
And the dress? I think it should be mandatory attire after sunset!

Comment by Pavel

I’ve seen Blue Man Group an embarrasingly large nunber of times at the Astor Place thater. One especially memorable night, they plucked my sister from the audience to take part in their Twinkie skit.

Interesting bit of trivia for ya, their careers really took off when they abandoned their original name: Blown Man Group.

Comment by Al

What has been conspiring me from joining the fun today? The Man keeping The Robot down I tell ya. I will be wearing this to my Holiday Party if I decide to show! Then I’ll pass it on to you cj.

That Dave – he can come on in if he puts the dress on too.

I LOVE this video. I wonder if I turn the lights off in my office and stand on my desk in the dress – well, would that be disruptive?

Hey BOBO – good for you and thanks for rubbing it in. But you deserve a vacation, so Enjoy!!!

Comment by Blue Lamp Group

Ok, that’s pretty cool. She seems to be a little too happy to be a lead singer though. Maybe if she keeps hanging out with those guys, she’ll get a little less happy and they’ll get a little less blue. Everybody wins.

Al – In the words of Homer Simpson: “Blue Man Group? Total rip-off of the Smurfs.”

Comment by Diesel

Hello Friend 🙂 we are friends again? and Friends :)……I am/have been, thanks to Whirlpool and very smart….not!!!….mechanics….Snarky, all over the web this last week and today…..see WA. Good thing I did not have time to comment/snark more than I did…..Whirlpool *Grrrrrrrr*
Al my cat’s name is Brie….so imagine my confusion…and NJ is not NYC again confused….I whine again….enough said. Thank you Central Snark.

I lovelovelove….stolen from Neva….the Blue Man Group Where else can you play with TP and have fun….their music is great and
Annette Strean is not only a fashion diva….Bjork is probably green with envy….but boy can she belt it out/sing 🙂 Thank you my FRIEND for the video/fun/snark opportunity.

Comment by Heels

Heels, I believe Al may be in the CIA, hence his addresses all over. Hard to pin him down.

Say the word, and we’ll boycott the product that you’re having a problem with. We’re that powerful.

Comment by Lampsha

Penguin: The Blue Man Group *is* very odd, and yet, very wonderful. if you ever find your way to our little corner of the globe, dear friend, i believe i shall take you to one of their shows. somehow i think you’d enjoy them as much as we do! xox

BoBo: you’d better watch out… ‘cuz *i* could get used to having you home all the time, too! as for Dave of Lesbians, Inc. i haven’t a clue. who knows, maybe the pretty colors in Annette Strean’s dress caught his eye? that said, i’m sure he’s a perfectly wonderful lesbian. (you don’t suppose he works for Mr. Skin do you?) xox

Oddmix: had i been thinking, that’s *exactly* how i would have titled this post! (and welcome to our humble-yet-snarky blog!) xox

CJ: yep, 10 pounds is an accomplishment by anyone’s standards. the post her “hubbs” wrote is entirely worth reading (he has the same funny sense of humor as our beloved BigRedJoy) — she ultimately had to have a C-section, since the baby’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his (the baby’s, not the hubb’s) legs… so i think it wasn’t the easiest delivery. but it’s still funny to experience it through Not-So-Red Frank’s eyes! xox

Pavel: whew! you know, i had this fear your comment today would be “yeah i love this video, in fact i featured it last week” since you are THE MAN when it comes to such fabulous finds. chalk one up for the Snark (we have so few) — i’ll bet your kids will like this, too! xox

Al: we’ve seen ’em twice — but i’m planning another trip to the theater even as i type. the twinkie sketch? that’s awesome! our son caught one of the marshmallows that was popped out into the audience, but that’s as close as we got. (okay, we had one standing over our shoulders at the end of the first show we saw, too… but with the strobes and the TP, we almost didn’t notice him until it was too late) Blown Man Group? sometimes you scare me. xox

Blue Lamp Girl (can you really be a group? only if i get in that dress with you, girlfriend!): i think you should turn out the lights and stand up on your desk — and i suspect Nadine will snooze through the whole thing. maybe wake up when the music stops and ask if you need something typed, but that’s it. (and i’m guessing Dave would be very happy to wear our dress, but i think he’ll have to find his own. maybe Mr. Skin would help?) xox

Diesel: ah yes… Homer Simpson. gotta love that guy (and i do, i really do!). everytime i see anything Blue Man Group related these days, i think about the last season of Arrested Development — because the character played by David Cross wanted to join, and walked around in blue body paint all the time. (damn i miss that show) xox

Heels: so we’re good? woohoo! (of course, if you read my comment to you, you know i was mildly miffed, as well… what’s up with the comment disappearance? you know, a girl could develop a complex over something like that…)

yep, BMG rocks! and Annette Strean’s none to shabby, herself. and thank YOU dearest friend, for bringing your snark and/or smile with you, today (left something snarky at WA? hmmmm… i’m thinking that should make for some good reading) xox

Comment by blue snuppy

Blue Lampsha: we *do* have the power, don’t we? too bad most of it only exists inside our fragile little minds. sigh. xox

Comment by blue snuppy

Emergency C-sections are no fun but – healthy babies are best. I’ve had two myself!

Comment by cj

Lampy…sorry for the va-ka mention…insensitive of me considering. If it’s any consolation, I continue to respond to work emails and cell calls.

Comment by BoBo

Bobo: Somehow that’s less of a bitter pill. Oh allright, enjoy your week off!

cj: I’m part of that club too. Small price to pay for healthy babies for sure!

BlueSnuppy: Hey it exists, let’s not quibble over where!

Comment by BlueLampGirl

Hello all, back from vacation and had a great time. All of us had a great time. 🙂

Comment by Brian

BlueLampGirl: trust me, girlfriend, in my head, our power is as real as our brightly colored/flashing dress. and we look darling in it, too! (and *even* smarter when we wear our matching glasses) xox

Brian: welcome back, sir. you look very refreshed. so glad to know a good great time was had by all! 🙂

Comment by BlueSnuppyGirl

by the way, Penguin? of COURSE your comment counts as FIRST! i meant to say that way earlier… then forgot. (heh… imagine that.) the first comment made by the person who posts absolutely does NOT count. that’s the law. xox

ALSO: has everyone taken care of an important piece of business today? and by “important piece of business” i mean has everyone voted for LAMPSHA’S CAPTION? there may be other funny offerings on the caption contest table (Diesel’s comes to mind) but there is only ONE LAMPSHA, dammit. so vote now, and vote often. (well, actually, you can only vote once… but that’s beside the point) this message was not approved by Lampsha, but she’s not here to stop me from writing it, so neener neener neener. xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

As I prepare to turn in, I thank my constituents one and all who voted for me, my campaign manager, Snuppy, and my mom. Thank you all for a hard fought battle. Now if we wake up in the morning and Diesel won, you know he didn’t go to church to pray this past week, but to hand out cards begging for the vote at Sar’s. Or he cheated. Alright maybe not, but I’m suspicious allright.

G’night all.

Comment by Gov. Lampy

Gov. Lampy? unless there are absentee ballots out there still waiting to be counted, i’d say you’ve secured your place in caption contest history… no, i’ll say more than that… i’ll say YOU WON! WooHoo!! Well done! Hooray! Yippee! and all that other celebratory rot and/or falderal…

sorry Diesel… next time you’re our guy — a promise is a promise. xox

Comment by Lt. Gov. Snuppy

That’s a hat trick kids! Good night. Oh and Diesel, nicely done – prayers and all.

Thanks for the votes friend(s) 🙂

Comment by Gov. Lampy

Congrats Guv! You’ve earned your place in immortality!

Comment by BoBo

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