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Ladies and Gentelmen… by Snuppy
Tuesday, 21 November 2006, 9:05am
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I give you Bianca Ryan:

(In case the link does not work, just give it a second until snuppy wakes up and fixes it for me.)

Ok…many things about X-Factor freak me out. The fact that it has arrived to Iceland is bad enough, but David Hasselhoff as one of the judges? I mean, seriously! Admitting that I am one of many Germans that jumped along to his “I´ve been Looking for freedom” sounds, but that was 15 years ago…can we move on, please?!

Now when I heard that little girl´s  voice it gave me goose-bumbs. She is 11, for crying out loud!

Which made me think of myself at 11 and laughter escaped me. I was such a tomboy. The best of my talents at that age was probably going out into the woods and building tree houses with my brother. I also used to be the leader of our gang in the village. All 4 of us! Yeah, good times. Once, I made everybody that wanted to belong to my gang, go into the next supermarket and steal a lock with three keys. I really had a thing for locks, what can I say?  I didn´t say I am proud of it…anymore!

So … in general I was wondering what the rest of you were up to around the ages of 11. Those lovely pre-teenage years. Did you already know what to do when you grow up, did you play outside, or inside? Was your daddy or mommy more of your connect-to person.

Come on you guys, spill!


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this kid is amazing! thank you SO much for sharing this fabulous video, lovely Penguin! (figures i’d sleep in when you needed my help. sorry about that)

when i was 11 i wanted to be an actress. or make my living as a singer. or…be a nurse. but mostly an actress. and i used to practice plays and/or songs all the time (put on dumb skits with my sisters/friends…lots of fun!) i did stuff in school, too, even tho’ i was very shy. but everytime i’d get up on a stage, i was able to forget about that, which is why i enjoyed it so much, i suppose. and i did pursue singing for a time, only i discovered (to my surprise) that i didn’t want to give up an actual “life” in order to do that 24/7 in hopes of hitting it “big” someday.

it all worked out in the end, i majored in biology, (i was a nursing student until i discovered giving shots was something i did not want to do) but i eventually switched majors, pursued theater arts, and wound up going into television. (oooh, but it’s so small in there, i’ve since learned you can’t live your life inside a box, either, but i digress)

great topic… and fodder for thought this fine Tuesday morning!! (it’s good to see all that Icelandic snow hasn’t managed to freeze any of your powerful and clever brain cells!) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

When I was 11 years old I….. was a water skiier in the summer. I grew up in the land of 10,000 lakes and skiied on a ski team. I spent some time dancing…. and whatever time was left over I spent with my friends and always had my cat Milton with me. 😉 It was a good time in my life. As far as my go to person? I’d say one of my grandma’s.

Snuppy: That is funny about the shots! When my FIL got sick I got to give shots because “Social work is close to a nursing carreer.” so says my MIL. My husband said he couldn’t do it because he’d pass out – the big bad marine he was! They aren’t so bad once you get used to it. But its NOT how I’d want to spend my time!

Comment by cj

Wow! What a voice! Horrifying to think there’s a Kevin Federline waiting for her in her future.

Let’s see, when I was eleven… Oh yeah! I joined “Young Lads for Blaine” in his run for U.S. president. We busted our butts for the guy, but, in the end, Grover Cleveland won.

Comment by Al

Sorry but I think the girl is an alien…it’s the only reasonable explanation.

As for me at 11…I was pretty much focused on being a major league baseball player. In fact, come to think of it, I remained thusly focused right up till three or four years (days) ago. Since I’m now in my (clears throat)late forties I think you can see it was not just a whimsical fantasy. A fantasy for sure (I am not nor have I ever been a major league baseball player), just not one of the passing variety.

Comment by BoBo

Oooh! Beautiful indeed but David Hasselhoff? Why am I suddenly feeling oh so nauseous???

Me at 11? Oy! Um, I was a girly tomboy… I liked pretty things but I wasn’t too keen on girly clothes ON me and I spent most of my time in bushed and mud, following a street cat around whom I befriended… I was the first human she showed her kittens too! And then I kidnapped them all, mummy cat included, and locked them in my room to raise them. Let us just say my mother was not too happy when she found about 8 cats living in my room and rushing about like mad! so out they went into the garden and lived there… they preferred it and they found this weird nook by the pool that was cozy and warm and would live there with a huge propert to run around in… not bad!

So when not after cats I also came home with ducks and lambs and the like and the idea that I needed a horse and that we had room for it in the yard did not go too well with my mom… that was also about the time when my friend, Wild Girl P, told me about sex and I was traumatized beyond words because she said, and pardon my French so the innocent do not read along… “Hey! Did you know what your parents did to make you and how babies are made? The man puts his d**k in the woman’s c**t! AAAAHHH!!!!” AAAAAHHH indeed!

So running after the cute American guy in our neighborhood in Spain was no longer interesting after that knowledge entered our minds though the sight of him (as he opened the door to the unexpected sight of his two crazy half Danish classmates outside his home on a weekend and a home that we spent all friggin’ day tracking down one of the many times my mom thought we were in the backyard but had instead taken off for many an adventure) in underwear and nothing else, tighy whities at that too, remains priceless to this very day oh so many years later… Jonah was his name! *sigh*

Where was I?

OH! And because Spain screwed meo ver with my DSL line last night, which is when my damn post was supposed to go up and didn’t and neither did it early am here because I had a splitting migraine, I will do what I never do and am not into doing but dammit, I have OCD and need to make up for lost time so yes trying to say that a new post and videos and boho drama is up… just click on my name… putting the link in is too much for my bashful self! Oy!

Oh! And back to the 11-year-old thing… Wild Girl P claims that I once convinced some gypsy guys to beat her up, one time out of many that I was angry at her, but that in the middle of it all I felt sorry about that and joined in and together we kicked THEIR asses… I don’t remember that but I will accept it as a fact because MAN does that story make me feel cool! K-KISH BABY!

Dios mio Minka! I am having a rush of memories… you seem to have hit a nerve with 11 as some sort of magic number! But I will save more for later because the boy just peed his pants, AGAIN, (I swear I am gonna shoot myself! Recently he keeps peeing himself at home!) and so he is running around naked and I have to go and wrestle him and put some PJs on his naked little ass! Off i go! Besos and WOOH to a faboo post!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

OH! And I forgot some other tidbits… my mummy cat was called Pussy… my fave name for cats… go figure! But after Pussy Cat you pervs! But now, an unfortunate fit to my vulgar Miz B self! Dios mio!

And what did I want to be when I grew up? Hmmm… I wanted to be a ballerina at first but when actually stuck in ballet classes with a teacher that stank, I quit on that idea and settled on actress as well, just as dear snuppy did! But the life and its ups and downs happened and I was a journalism major at first (I was supposed to go to USC but didn’t in the end) and then veered towards Creative Writing with a focus on poetry (I am still 7 classes short of finishing! AY! But maybe some day I will and if I do then I would not mind getting a master in Eastern philosophy as it ties in to what I do now) and in the midst of university studies Ashtanga yoga found and saved me and I was hooked and after 3 months of ever doing yoga there I was, teaching… but I always have my eye out for other stuff here and there as being boxed into one label bores me…

And you know what? I realized that after this friggin’ novel YOU still have much to confess so come on Penguin! DISH I TELL YOU!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I am in a much better mood today. Lowes took the Dehumidifier back and gave my Mother her money 🙂 I was very polite when I told him the whole story and my parents plight.

What was I doing when I was 11? I was trying to fit in a new school. Learning to cope with my parents divorce. Standing up for Americans esp. the one my Mother was going to marry. Stopped singing and crying, but at the same time smiled a lot and had a good time with my cousins, that were my guardians. Rather dull I think, but a pivotal year in my life.

Comment by Pretty Kitten Heels

You guys: youa re so good at teh sharing stuff!

Neva, thanx for getting out of bed (fianlly) and fixing those darn Youtube embedded players. And we all know, whatever you did at 11 worked out well in teh end. We see a bit of the magic of your life every day *winks at Bobo*

Cj, the land of teh 10.000 lakes…wow. I remembe rteh lake sin Finland especially fondly. During teh summer, you just hiked through the forrest and there was a lake in teh middle of nowhere, so you relieved yourself of clothes and took a dive…good memories.
Water ski? Impressive!

Al, when you were 11? Well I guess self-importance in the grand sceme of things is up to perspective 😉

Bobo, baseball? Shocking! LOL 🙂

MizB. Dsl down, beating up of guys, kitten and lambs all over the place…why am I not surprised. I guess we all know your funkified, electric energy. I bet you were hard to catch as a kid! Thanks for sharing so many wonderful, slightly frightening and mostly very you incidents 🙂
And boy I am gla dYoga found you…Spain would be less safe without you having a different source to release your energy.

Me at 11…that is pretty much it! I still live din East germany, communism on teh fenc eof breaking down-which I had no clue nor interest about- I was wearing red rubber boots, as all girls were at that time, and mostly I was out and about with my brother.
We had no money, very little else to do and such was my life until a year later…but I didnæt ask about that, now did I? *grins*

Móa, teh petty things in life can be the most complex ones to overcome. If it helps…I think you turned out great 🙂

Comment by Penguin

I couldn’t get the video to work. I believe that’s because I have to switch from cable to DSL

My niece is twelve and seems to have skipped a stage or two–she’s very much a teenager who is into designer clothes and loves perfume

I’m actually enjoying this stage as we can do many things together. She enjoys movies like Stranger than Fiction, and understands them

When I was eleven I wanted to be a real teenager so I understand the pull. It angered me that teenagers didn’t take me seriously

Comment by pia

Al – Sorry, I was one of those kids who spraypainted “Blaine is Lame” on the side of buildings. Cleveland rocks!

Comment by Diesel

long as it wasn’t “Red, White, and Blaine”, Diesel… it’s all good. 🙂

Comment by snuppy

I love Bianca Ryan! As a matter of fact, I posted about, err, never mind.

She’s great and I’m looking forward to buying her music as soon as she sells it.

As for me at 11? I wanted to be a famous Rock Drummer!

Comment by Pavel

Ha! Thanks, Diese and Snup — brings back some great memories.

I’m thinking, state of the art for spray paint back then: spit out a mouthful of paint?

Comment by Al

Eleven? Do you mean 11:00 this morning? Because that I can do. Eleven years old! Ohhhh. Well specifics I’m not sure of, but I am sure it had something to do with wreaking havoc in our neighborhood. It’s that weird age – too big for dolls, too bored for everything else. We seemed to always be on wheels though – bikes, roller skates, and scooters. I did attempt guitar lessons (with my brother’s guitar) from a nun in the convant. That never really took off. Most likely because nobody ensured that I do it.

As far as connect to person, well, let’s just say my role models kicked in later in life.

Comment by Lampy

pia, I so missed the whole age of teenage adolescence. Too much going on in my life by then, but I wish I had had time to get a bit more into it!

Diesel, I wa steh kid that had no ide awho either one of those were 🙂

snuppy, I guess I am missing an American bone to get that one:)

Pavel, did you now? Unfourtunately I am one of probably very few around here, that hasnæt had teh pleasure of your blog yet…but that can be helped. 🙂

Al, not an artistic bone in my body…so I´ll leave painting the town red, to you!

Lampy, I hear you so well right now.

Comment by Penguin

Hah! Penguin… that was just a silly reference from the film “Waiting for Guffman” — not relevant to this discussion, and, in the end, probably only funny in my head! xox

Comment by snuppy

I sure as hell didn’t sound like that when I sang! Well. Maybe in my head. Pardon me if I’m wrong but didn’t Bianca go on to win?

11…which is grade, what, 6? Crap. I was doing nothing. Well, getting in trouble for teasing someone. Yeah, I got detention AND I had to write a letter. But damned if I didn’t get to sit beside the boy I was crushing on at the time because he was teasing right beside me. Apparently at 11 I was a shit disturber. I am, of course, utterly reformed.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

11… I was in Denmark for part of it and then we moved back to Spain… I preferred Denmark… but yeah, my life had no space for the whole teen angst thing either… I think you and I would have gotten along quite well Minka! FO SHO!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

Forgot…when I was 11 I was a lieutenant in the Winchell Elementary Crossing Guard. Got to wear that cool belty thing that went across your shoulder…carry that big stop sign…that’s power baby!

Comment by BoBo

snuppy, I see! And I will see that movie sometimes early next year! promise!

LBP, why does that not surprise anybody 🙂

MIz B: I have no doubt that we would have fitted together.

Bobo: cool belty thingy? across your shoulder? A pagent by any chance? 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Actually Penguin…not that I think about the belty thingy it did have that pageant like sache thing coming across connected to a belt around the waist…very cool looking when you’re 11…or especially nerdy.

Comment by BoBo

Yowza! That’s an incredible voice on that little girl! And it seems that there always has to be one duh-judge.

Eleven…let’s see, I think I was obsessed with my records. I listened to lots of stuff.
And I was the only sixth-grader who was NOT a crossing guard at my school. Didn’t wanna!

Comment by actonbell

Bobo…awwwwwwww, you are just a geek inside, aren´t you?! 🙂

actonbell, I hadnæt discovered music by that time yet I think. Maybe those German country songs Grams listened to on her radio, that was about it! I was teh only girl in my first-year-of-school- photo that was not wearing a skirt. Didn´t wanna either 🙂

Comment by Penguin

hey Penguin…takes one to know one 😉

Comment by BoBo

I sure didn’t sing like that, heavens to murgatroyd!

Not only was I an outside kid but my parents had trouble getting me to sleep inside. I liked to sleep on the roof, like Snoopy. I didn’t know much about my future then and know less now but I might have guessed there would be a beagle involved.

You always ask great questions, Penguin.

Comment by Walela

Penguin: When I watched her singing this song for the first time, I was floored! I must have watched it 15 more times trying to wonder how it was possible and I thought the same as Bobo: She’s an alien.

She was equally surprised when she finally won the competition. If you have time, watch the video of when she won. She’s stunned speechless.

Here’s another delightful video on the today show.

Comment by Pavel

Bobo, that certainly is true 😉

Walela, a beagle? Yes, it seems to have been obvious! On the roof? I donæt like to sleep there, but on New years eve around midnight, I am up there watching the fireworks over Reykjavik!

Pavel, so she did win? I donæt watch X-factor, I jsut heard about this girl from someone. I´ll chekc the video out straight away!

Comment by Penguin

Penguin: OMG… You must know!

Comment by Pavel

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