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My Head is Saturday Spinning by Snuppy
Saturday, 25 November 2006, 9:33am
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In the car, out of the car.  Down the Turnpike, up the Turnpike.  Stop near Philadelphia.  Back in the car, wrong turn.  Home at last.  And how was your Thanksgiving?  Yada yada yada ate too much and here we are back for a Saturday Spin.

This week finds us in the mode of listening to Joseph Arthur.  He’s got a beautiful voice.  Writes somes really good songs, the latest of which can be found on his new album, Nuclear Daydream.  They’re haunting me – I must buy this cd.

So the story goes something like this – a Joseph Arthur tape gets slipped to Peter Gabriel (by whom is not really important, mainly because I didn’t take notes) somewhere in the neighborhood of ten years ago.  Peter Gabriel likes what he hears and Joseph Arthur is in business.  About ten albums (give or take a few ep’s) later, it seems he may just be hitting his stride on Nuclear Daydream (I mean who doesn’t need music to daydream to – even if it is nuclear!?).   

You can listen to the whole album  and read up on Joseph here:  PRESS PLAY.  Once there, click on Joseph Arthur Radio on the right side.

And for those who just like a visual to hang out with on their Saturday spin, below is a video for the song Even Tho from a couple of albums back, Our Shadows Will Remain.

Hey it’s nice to see family, but it’s good to be home.

Have a great weekend.


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wow! i love this artist! and you’re right, he has an amazing voice. i LOVE the story of how he got his start, too. of course, i’m a big fan of Peter Gabriel’s (especially since his company, Real World Records, produces Afro Celt Sound System). FABULOUS find, NBFF!

this video is very…interesting. i feel so sorry for that poor pig. altho’ in the end, he’s a bit of a coward, eh? i mean, ending it all like that? or is he swimming out to a new horizon in hopes of finding a better life? oy. concept pieces always confuse me. Happy Saturday — oh, and for the record (heh) I’M glad YOU’RE home, too!! xox

Comment by snuppy

Look at that – Afro Celt Sound System has been getting play in the car (Tali also really enjoys the cd).

Wow – these concepts so early before I’ve had my coffee! You’re right though, could be any number of possibilities. I’ll have my coffee first. xox

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Now see…I choose to see this strictly as the pig’s struggle to reach the beach, cause really, who doesn’t like the water, right? After many twists, wrong turns, etc., he finds his way…he’s hot, tired, and decides to take a refreshing dip having achieved his goal. Cool song…great intro to an artist previously unheard by me – thanks DJ Lampsha!

Comment by BoBo the optimist

Hey, very cool video. I tend to agree with Bobo about the little piggy achieving his goal though he went through many trials trials. Tough little piggy!!!

I like the song so I went to the website and played a few of the songs on that radio and I love the second song, Black Lexus.

Great find!

Comment by Pavel

DJ Lampsha….fun video, and boy, did that little piggy have some good times on the way….and why did he drown himself?
Your car was probably trying to reach Paloma 🙂
Ken and I were talking about how happy we were not to be on the NJ Turnpike over the holiday. Glad you are home safe and sound 🙂

Comment by Mo'a Pretty Sick of Turkey Kitten Heels

Okay I’ve had my coffee and am cracking up at Snuppy’s characterization of the pig as a coward. I really do love that.

Bobo: That’s it – who doesn’t enjoy a day at the beach! Of course, why the pig had to get wasted and pass out next to hookers along the way…well, I don’t think that’s a necessary path for all of us. Glad you liked.

Pavel: Yes indeed – a tough little pig. The more I listen, the more I like. I love his voice. Glad you enjoyed.

Mo’a: That seems to be the topic of debate – did he drown himself or is he just swimming to the new horizon? Glass half empty or half full?

Wait a minute – the doctor is not in on Saturday!!! Just listen to the music damn it!

I think my car was trying to get to Paloma and that’s what got us turned around at a certain point after we stopped at my nephew’s house outside of Philly. We’re getting closer – zeroing in on her. You and Ken should have been happy. But don’t worry, we didn’t lack for company on the Turnpike. Oh no.

Okay, Julian demands my presence!

Enjoy the day all.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

All I can say is sometimes it takes a little effort, bumps, tough times, etc., to get to the “beach,” if you know what I mean. Also…can’t speak for the pig’s morality or character…who knows where this pig has really been. Oh wait! That’s it…the water signifies cleansing, yes, yes, of course…

Comment by BoBo the optimist

Joel: Not only were you one of the few to comment in on this Thanksgiving weekend – you actually gave it thought!

Thanks for tuning in all and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Comment by DJ Lampsha

what does that say about me?

Comment by BoBo

i think BoBo’s just thinking too hard (again). Life’s a beach, and then you die. end of discussion, and from the looks of it, that pig, as well. although right there near the end, it did seem as tho’ he was floating off into the sunset, so maybe his story is “to be continued” after all. i’m guessing not. my theory is that someone found him floating in the surf, plucked him out of the water, tied him to a fishing line, and used him as a bob. (i still like the song) xox

Comment by snuppy

Joseph Arthur really has a good thing going–very nice sound:) And I did get to hear Alice’s Restaurant on T-giving–WTPA still plays it at noon, so we heard it on the way to Annville. Yay!

Now let the serious chaos begin:

Comment by actonbell

Happy Belated Turkey Day my beloved Snarksters!

I had a great weekend capped off by the departure of all company. 😉 And, as they say in these here parts (though you’ll never hear yours truly say it) hope all y’alls did too! 🙂

Comment by Sar

That rocks, as usually, lovely Lampsha! Thanks for sharing…it’s still good on Sunday! xoxoxo

Comment by Cindra

[…] with Blogger? Need a place to chat? Come to the park « My Head is Saturday Spinning Weird Al November 27th,2006 […]

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gotta love the way links on our own site show up as comments on other posts. sigh.
this really was a terrific artist, Lampsha, and i intend to get his latest CD, myself (unless i can get bobo to download it to my ipod)! xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Hey kids! I haven’t been around since Saturday! How did that happen?!

Bobo: It says you are a thoughtful human with too much free time this Holiday weekend.

Snuppy: See – yet another outcome for our little pig protagonist.

Actonbell – I’m glad (I saw on your blog) that you got to hear Alice’s Restaurant. It’s interesting to see where the tradition holds. Glad you liked Joseph Arthur too.

Sar: To you’s all too ;)!

Cindra: Even better on Sunday – paper, pj’s, relaxing. I don’t know why somebody had to throw a kid’s birthday party into the mix for us!

Snuppy: Come on now – that’s what ipods are for! I think…I really intend to get one before 2008! I do.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

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