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Computer 101 by Snuppy
Wednesday, 29 November 2006, 9:42am
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AFTER our frustrating experiences trying to pre-post a post last night* (figure that one out for yourselves, we’re spent just writing that line), we can totally relate to this FRENCH & SAUNDERS sketch in more ways than we initially care to explain. And, unless there’s something you haven’t told us, we’re guessing you will, too.

CLOSE the lid? That’s all we need to do when our computer screen freezes? Damn. That would have been very good to know a few months ago.

WHILE we’re always in the mood to encourage silliness and/or fun around here, we trust you all know how much we genuinely care for you, deep down. In that spirit, our hearts were broken when we learned of the tragic loss in DIESEL’S family. We hope everyone will take a moment to stop by his site, in order to offer a few words of comfort and support to our very dear friend. Thanks. 

*Due to a little something WordPress conveniently referred to as “maintenance”. 

~ snuppy 

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we had a much “saucier” post planned for today, but after we learned about Diesel’s loss, it just didn’t seem appropriate. so we’ll save that for another day — and hope you all have fun with this. (unless Lampsha and I are the only ones around here who’ve ever had a problem with a stupid/non-responding computer)

Happy Tuesday!xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

We should ship these characters to India and put them on the help desk.

Comment by Al

Can so relate to the video…hilarious. Thoughts and prayers with Diesel and family.

Comment by BoBo

Ha ha ha that was pretty funny. It reminded me of my mom and her computer. Scary stuff!

Comment by cj

Ah yes, maintenance. Okay am I the only one who found this video informational? Now I have a few more things to add to my checklist when the computer goes “wacko”.

Wonder what Pavel thinks of this.

Comment by Lampy

Pavel thinks this video is very funny and not to far from some real life users he’s helped!

I once had a computer user call me over to his cubicle because he thought his monitor was broken. Why? Because he was using Microsoft Word and he put a real ruler against the MS Word ruler on top of the document and it wasn’t the same…

I thought to myself, “walk away, Pavel. Just walk away…”

Comment by Pavel

Oh, I just put up a short post about why you should (and shouldn’t) have a laptop computer. Sorry for the plug, but it IS related, right?

Comment by Pavel

Al: don’t they have enough folks like this over there, now? xox

BoBo: i’m not admitting to anything here, but this does help to explain a couple of those dents on the monitor. xox

CJ: this is what *my* mom used to do with the iron. she got so pissed off once she almost put it through the TV. scary, indeed! xox

Lampsha: Pavel’s a computer guy, right? so he does for a living (probably uses a hammer, otherwise his hands would be too bruised by the end of the day) xox

Pavel: i was just sayin’…. xox

oh, and nice self-promotion, but you’re supposed to do it LIKE THIS. (you kids) xox

Comment by snuppy

sorry… So much for being good on computers, huh? (smile)

Comment by Pavel

Pavel: That was enormous self-restraint. You should have hit him with the ruler (which I am sure you did in your mind).

Comment by Lampy

Pavel: i came thisclose to posting one of the SNL sketches featuring Jimmy Fallon as a computer tech, in your honor. but then i couldn’t find one i liked. i’m looking tho’. oh yes… i’m looking. xox

Comment by snuppy

Thanks everyone for your prayers and condolences. I’m trying to post an update, but as fate would have it Blogger scheduled maintenance for the exact moment I hit Publish. Nothing is going as planned these days.

Also, thanks for lifting my spirits with this video. Those ladies are hilarious. And Pavel, I have some similar stories, as an ex-tech support rep….

If only all of life’s problems could be fixed just by closing the lid. 🙂

Comment by Diesel

Diesel, So glad to see you here but so very sorry about your family’s loss. Keep us posted and let us know if there’s anything that we can do – I’m not sure what, but here we are.

Comment by Lampy

Diesel: ditto and amen to Lampy’s comment. xox

Comment by snuppy

When my battery drains on my powerbook and I miss the time to plug it in and the screen goes dark…I actually have to close the lid for a few minutes. Sigh. My life is a comedy sketch apparently. I haven’t tried kicking the crap out of it yet.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Oh youa re certainly not alone with teh computer starring, screaming, hitting it and pressing all teh keys at once. Many a time, where I nearly pulled all my hair off, becuase it was misbehaving 🙂
I so enjoyed this movie: wanna call a man?

Diesel: May the world look brighter whenever you feel ready!

Comment by Penguin

That is great. Loved it. Can totally relate. You are silly fun…and you obviously are as obsessive as I am when I can’t get something to work…because the post is here!

Thinking of your family, Diesel.

Comment by Cindra

For the life of me, I can’t prepost a post either! Every time I’ve tried it, I get posts in the wrong year, or they disappear, or they get e-mailed to me (how in the world is THAT helpful). Maybe I need to study up on my WordPress a bit …

Comment by Anita @ Say No to Crack

oh LORd! you’ve found the first F&S clip I’ve never seen!
This is definitely a reneactment of the bickering taking place at Chez Ginga right now as me and Huz try and get wireless working on shitty DSL!

“Blow on it!”
“First of all you should close it and open it”
“First enter the pin number…”
These are all lines I intend to use;-)

Comment by joy

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