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Safe Travels Dawg by Snuppy
Thursday, 30 November 2006, 9:45am
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Rusty: Who was it that said when in Rome do as the Romans do?
Clark: That was Rome not Paris. This is Paris and you’re drunk.

~European Vacation

STOP. We know what you’re thinking, but stop. Believe it or not, when the mood strikes, we can be sentimental as the next blog. As it happens, the mood strikes us now. Since most of you read the BLOG O’ THE DAWG, you know his well-deserved/needed extended(ish) vacation starts tomorrow. Which means he’ll be away from us, for all intents and purposes, for the next 2 weeks. We’re pretty sure we can get along fine without him, but we have to admit it won’t be the same. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be better, but we doubt it. Whatever. We just figured it might be a nice gesture to wish him bon voyage. Is that so wrong?

SO join us, won’t you, as we say “fare thee well” to Doug, as he heads out to parts unknown (to some of us). Tomorrow we’ll go back to making fun of him and/or everyone else — but for now, we’ll play nice. Ish.

ADIOS, Doug, you’ll be missed. Now A Go Go before we beg you to A Stay Stay. And you know how much we hate to beg.


BEFORE anyone gets too misty and/or verklempt, be sure to stop over HERE and enjoy the Icelandic guest post stylings of our favorite PENGUIN. What? We can’t sit around and worry about Doug’s trip all day now, can we? Of course we can’t. And we won’t.


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In theory, this seemed like a good idea. In actuality, it was a major pain in the ass. Not because we didn’t want to say a proper goodbye to Doug, but because trying to figure out what song might be appropriate was really hard. We considered “So Long, Farewell” from The Sound of Music. “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. Hell, we even considered using something by Michael Jackson. Finally we gave up, and decided this clip featuring the Animals (from one of their appearances on the show, Hullabaloo) was as good as anything. Besides, we’re tired (and some of us are sick). xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Great song! Love those old Hullabaloo clips…I’m not really old enough to remember watching the actual show…okay, maybe old enough but I’m pretty sure it was banned in my house. An upbeat and lively send off for “the escape artist” himself. Godspeed young Walela…godspeed.

Comment by BoBo

Bobo: someday you and i are *bound* to take an extended trip to a glamorous locale, right? (i’m pretty sure we did stuff like that before we got our dogs, didn’t we?) xoxox

Comment by snuppy

oh, and for a guy who was denied access to great shows like Hullabaloo, you sure know a hell of a lot about music. guess you made up for lost time when you got older… eh? xoxo

Comment by snuppy

I rebelled.

Comment by BoBo

That’s what happens – rebellion!

So a little gogo party in Doug’s honor? Sentimental indeed. Good thing I’m wearing my boots. Well Doug, if you do breeze by for the Hullabaloo, have a great trip and we’re not at all jealous or resentful that you’re leaving us behind. Not at all.

Have a nice trip my friend.

Comment by Lampy

Lampy: perhaps you could throw a party like this for the kids this weekend? have everyone show up in go-go boots, dance to the music of The Animals? (that is, if the Drum Guy doesn’t work out…) which leads me to say LAMPY HAS A NEW POST UP, GANG, and it’s freakin’ hilarious! (i really meant to put that in the post…d’oh!) xoxoxox

Comment by snuppy

The Animals, and in Black and White! What a rush. Nice clip, snarksters.

Have a aafe and enjoyable trip, Doug.

Comment by Al

Snuppy! Now it’s my turn to say STOP! You’re embarrasing me. It’s just a little glimpse into the madness that is my mind and how it doesn’t work.

I did have a costume party apropos of nothing one year. I guess I could suggest go-go boots. I totally forgot about the party planning post and am looking forward to your leading the troops in Jimmy Crack Corn as I get the paper ready for the hat making. The kids should have us tied up by then and well, I won’t have to worry about activities.

Comment by Lampy

FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for Doug to take a vacation so we could all talk about him behind his back!


Have a wonderful vacation Doug. Don’t worry about us!

Comment by Square-ish Girl

Al: a trip down Hullabaloo memory lane never hurt anyone (unless they’re takin’ it in a pair of those boots and/or wearing one of those haircuts). xox

Lampy: stop? girlfriend, i was just gettin’ started. i’m sorry i didn’t get back here sooner, but i started making some of those cards for the “ice breaker” game. ooooh. i think your little birthday party promises to be swell! xox

Square-ish Girl: and we know you’re the one with all the good dish, so… be here or be, uh, square-ish? wait… i mean… oh what the heck. we’ll have fun tomorrow (or do our best at pretending we are!) xox

you’d think he’d at least stop by to say “adios” before he rides off into that vacation sunset on a different continent, but no-o-o-o-o-o. not mister bigshot-takin’-a-glam-vacation-guy. sigh. guess this is what we get for not telling him about his going away party. (i *knew* i forgot something) xox

Comment by snuppy

Details…details! Were we supposed to tell him?! Oy vay.

Yes Square-ish Girl probably has some of her own fun Saturday stories to post.

Comment by Lampy

hey… think maybe he’ll give her the keys to his blog?? xox

Comment by snuppy

Thanks to all of you. Squaregirl, why would anyone want to talk about me behind my back?

Comment by Walela

It’s your mystique, Doug, just follows you around. And well if it’s following, it can’t be in front of you so it’s behind you – hence behind your back. Don’t worry, it will have lost its allure by the time you return with our souvenirs. By that time, we’ll have found fresh kill.

Have a great trip though – we’ll miss ya!

Comment by Lampy

Thanks, Lampy. I wasn’t sure that was where my mystique was, but it’s good to know.

Comment by Walela

I just don’t know what I’ll do without my daily dose of Doug’s smart-assedness sweetness.

The sky is falling.

Hell has frozen over (it is in Calgary by the way).

I shall pout for two weeks. Mark it. TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!

starting now…


Comment by Little Blue Pill

The Dawg and I have been navigating the blog world since before WA

I am deeply distressed, but am pretending that it is alright. Really just want him to have a great time. Sure 🙂

Comment by pia

LBP: Breathe – deep cleansing breaths.

Pia: Since when is this about Doug?! It’s about you and how he deserted you. That’s right. Maybe we could all take turns posting words in his absence.

Comment by Lampy


Okay now the curmudgeon’s out. Moving right along. Hey! There’s a clip you could use, Snuppy, footloose and fancy free….

Happy Friday All!

Comment by Sar

personally I think my guest post is way more exciting than that dude abandning us. I really do! *sniffs*

Comment by Penguin

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