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Saturday Spin: Whoa Nellie! by Snuppy
Saturday, 2 December 2006, 9:49am
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Well isn’t this a fine mess?  If Puppytoes can’t get the YouTube going, I have NO chance.  But since I have nothing else prepared – say me singing along to one of my favorite songs, I’ll have to go ahead with a sloppy version of what I’d originally planned (in a manner of speaking). Oy planning, lately everything seems to be slapping me in the face like those floorboards in the cartoons.

 Okay, so without further adieu, I introduce you to Nellie McKay.  She has a beautiful voice – born in London raised in Harlem and just within this song you can hear her myriad influences – Jazz, Rap, Pop.  The amazing thing (to me at least), is that she’s only nineteen years old!  So the following is a video for her song David which is basically my introduction and knowledge of her music.  She’s a lot of fun.  Her voice that is, some of the video imagery, not really.  But she presents her case, with her lilting voice as the storyteller which makes it a bit more palatable.

Then we have the link to an NPR profile of her music (which quite frankly I will be checking out along with you as I listened to one of the songs and I already like that one too).


So pour me another cup of coffee and pour yourself one too.  Relax, it’s the weekend, time to chill.  And enjoy.



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Sorry about the amatuer post Snarksters, but the important thing is that I got a sort of link up – right? Good. Now speaking of coffee, I need to get some going, so I’ll catch you all later I do hope.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

My toes have turned green.

Comment by indeterminacy

my bad. mea culpa. i’m sorry. and all that other stuff. i’ll see if i can’t “fix” this up (just a tad)

and thanks for sharing this fabulous artist, NBFF! really, i lovelovelove her music *and* this video. it’s a might happy way to kick off a sunny (but cold) weekend! xoxox

Comment by snuppy

Like it! Interesting juxtiposition of lighter, upbeat melody with some very serious lyrics. Great find DJ…I’m off to find more of her music.

Comment by BoBo

Indie: Should you put some socks on? Oh maybe that’s if they turned blue! I think that means you like Nelly, I hope so and glad you dropped in for a Saturday Spin.

Snuppy: Ooh you fixed her up nicely! Almost makes me forgive YouTube or WordPress the absence of the links…almost! Her music does seem to go with the crisp cold air outside.

Bobo: Glad you liked – it’s not good when people think it sucks. I also liked that juxtaposition. I will be checking her out too.

Hey first things first – I need COFFEE!

See you all later.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Great post and a very charming little musical number. Maybe a little Uptown for me (on second thought, naaah!), very nice. Thanks!

Comment by Al

Damn my laptop and YouTube! After 10 minutes, I only barely saw a minute of the video… but I did love what I was able to see! I will try it out on the PC later but as is, the girl is on it playing some games… ay when they embrace technology!

I did like the melody and what I saw of the video was fab… very interesting and engaging shots and the fast run of clips is indeed appealing… quite retro and done á la MTV… me like!!!

And dearest Snuppy de mi corazón, read a comment I left below because your posts DO NOT put me to sleep!!!!!!!1 DIOS MIO THE HORROR OF SUCH THOUGHTS!!!!

And DJ Lampy… when we finally get together, I say partay time because with the faboo music you like I suspect you might be down with livin’ it up… although you know that that probably means cranking the music up in the living room and dancing the dance with the little ones don’t you? ‘Tis partying á la mama! WOOH!

BRAVO on another fab find! Have a fabulous weekend amiga mia! Besos!

Comment by Miz BoheMia

this has everything to do with evanescence, and nothing to do with crazy pills, right?

Comment by tanlucypez

Al: “too uptown” for you??? “nah” is right, bub. this gal’s got a sweet bluesy thang goin’ on that makes me thing much of her music is right up your “downtown” alley! xox

Miz B: you are too kind (regarding the post below) — and you are SO RIGHT (regarding your thoughts on havin’ a “partay” with our beloved Lampsha!).

and i happen to know i MISSED another call!! aieee! and dios mio, again, amiga! (you called at the exact moment we slipped out for a quick treat at Starbucks). hopefully we’ll have better luck later today??????????? xox

TLP: indeed. but does it taste like Tang? xox

AND i am totally digging this music. “The Dog Song” is awesome. seriously, it’s very cool. and her voice — 19 you say? whoa Nellie! Thanks for this fabulous treat, Lampsha!!! xox

Comment by snuppy

Ha, ha, haaa! Right after I called and computed the exact time I called I figured it was Starbucks time! The universe is upside down I tell you, UPSIDE DOWN!!!

Well, the kids have been driving us bonkers today so off we go to ship them off to bed soon! WOOH! Now THAT’S cause for a partay in these here parts I tell you!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Al: You’re a downtown dude – you can roll with any vibe! Right?

MizB: Damnity Damn! But I just have a feeling you’re going to like the whole package – the imagery, her voice, the whole thing. You know once the kids embrace technology, we take a backseat. I understand that totally. As for the PARTAY – come on over, I say – we’re having one tomorrow (if we can stave off these stomach viruses for 24 more hours!). And yes, I think that will be our party, music cranked, kids y mamas a dancin! Oh Yes! And Snuppy de hora corazon singing Jimmy Crack Corn (because don’t think that I forgot you are a professional singer Snupster)!

TLP: Does that mean you’re digging her? We don’t have crazy pills, but we do have this Tang that Snuppy is just itching to mix up…not sure why.

Snuppy: It’s been a slightly crazed day what with getting the house in tiptop shape for the party. I’ll have to check out that one.

Well Snarkies, have a great weekend. And if you’re in the neighborhood, drop by.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

Oh I do know The Dog Song! Just have it playing now. And I love it. Yeah, it’s just me and my dog…


Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

GREEN TOES/CRAZY PILLS – I’m always the last to know!

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

I really like her!! I am heading off to itunes to see if I can find a Cd of her’s. Another great hit DJ!

Comment by cj

I’ve been listening to Nellie for several years now. She’s been 19 for about 5-6 years. According to Wikipedia, she was born in 1982, which would make her 24 (25 in April). That’s still quite young for such a commanding voice and amazing sound-writing skills!

Her second album, not as good as her debut, came out this year.

P.S. She’s vegan! 😉

Comment by Dan

cj: I’m beginning to think you and I enjoy a lot of the same music! You go girl!

Dan: Now that’s just showing off! Why d’ya think I’m sniffing around your place for leads?

Funny, just as you mention that about her age, I remember the dj I listen to talking about that. I first heard her about two years ago on WFUV (my favorite driving time station). In fact, I think she made their top whatever of the year albums list that year. I’ll have to really pick up her first album because I think that’s the one that has the songs I’ve dug the most.

Anyway, you’re a veritable font of info. Stop in for another Saturday Spin now.

G’night all.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

It was a dark and stormy night…

Comment by tsduff

Lampsha: Green toes/crazy pills *and* Tang! (hope you feel better tommorow… and that the party is a huge success!) xox

CJ: you and Lampsha *do* seem to share great taste/appreciation for amazing musicians. i can learn a lot from the two of you! xox

Dan: being a vegan is why she still looks 19. not that 24 is all that old, come to think of it. still… one wonders if she won’t one day wind up like Charo, who has had her birthdays “changed” over the years and claims to be 24 herself now, i think — even tho’ she’s actually 72. or something like that. yep Nellie’s just like Charo. only she can sing and doesn’t cuchi-cuchi. xox

Terry: Dark/stormy/green/crazy/Tang. 🙂 oh… and HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY, girlfriend!! xox

Comment by snuppy

looky there — they fixed that stupid YouTube problem, and now we can watch young 19/24 year old Nellie’s video from here! woohoo!! xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Like the song, kinda hate the video. I think that producer did the montage video for my senior prom.

Comment by Diesel

i’ve heard the song several times before, but didn’t know anything about it–i luuuurve the video. i’m going to check out her album and see if it’s worth getting–thanks!

Comment by joy


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I saw one of DJ Lampsha’s weekend music pics (Regina Spektor) on Vh1 this morning as I was reading the paper. Regina Spektor was on the up and coming music segment, I think, I know it was new artist something…. Just goes to show how far ahead of the times our DJ Lamsha is!

Comment by cj

Ah, that’s a nice sound, there. And yes, it’s finally my weekend. Not whining, just sayin’

I like the name Nellie, too!

Comment by actonbell

tsduff: except for the full moon.

Snuppy: The green pills and the crazy toes helped immensely and for some odd reason (which I am not questioning) I felt fine today. Fill you in tomorrow. Oh and good to see the YouTube link back in full force.

Diesel: 1 out of 2 ain’t bad. The song’s the important part anyway, but I did like the video too. Go on – you wish he did your senior prom montage!

Joy: Greetings Moma! Hope all is well with your new bundle of. Glad you luuurved. If you pick up the album, let us know how you like.

CatYummy: Ooh I knew you would! FO SHO! Glad you got to see and that you liked.

cj: I’m sorry that I missed but thanks for the info. Aw, I’m just basically a sucker for a good pop hook, and I’m glad that you’re liking what I’m sharing.

Actonbell: You should be just sayin’ for sure! Aren’t you going on vacation soon? I like Nellie too!

Hope all had a good weekend. I’m not quite ready to face Monday, but it seems to be getting ready for me.
So sweet dreams Snarksters and see you tomorrow somewhere.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

You never cease to amaze me with your knack of finding the greatest stuff! Thanks ever so much DJ Lampsha.

Comment by Cindra

Howdy y’all. Wish you were here.

Comment by Walela

Cindra: I’m just glad that my Snarkie friends are enjoying them – inspiration to keep digging them up.

Walela: Well we are here, but you’re there! But we’re not bitter at all and hope you’re having a grand time.

Comment by DJ LAMPSHA

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