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Monday, 4 December 2006, 9:42am
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AFTER listening to the fabulous music of NELLIE MCKAY, how much do we love her voice? THIS……MUCH. Maybe even more. Trust us, we would hug and kiss our dear and brilliant DJ LAMPSHA for bringing sweet Nellie to our attention rightthisminute, if we didn’t know she was A) recovering from an exhausting birthday celebratory weekend and B) coming down with the same bug we had last week. Suffice it to say, we thought the artist adorable, the video fine, and the company we kept here in the Snark, magnifique!

WHAT to do, then, on the heels of so much musical fun? Especially since we stupidly started that old “cheap laughs/musical opposites” thing a few weeks ago? Ah, that was the question. And damned if we had an answer.

ENTER our son, who told us about a little song called Electronik Supersonik, a strange techno-tune described as “a melodic fusion combining hot disco rhythms with cold war rhetoric“, performed by ZLADKO “ZLAD” VLADCIK. We watched, we laughed, we posted. Is this guy for real or is he another, earlier — more Molvanian version of BORAT? You watch, you laugh, you decide*.

BY THE WAY, there were some crazy things goin’ on in the Blogosphere over the weekend, especially HEREHEREHERE. We believe there’s still time to get in on the “action”, but do it now, before all the “good” story ideas are used up. Oh yeah, and speaking of “good story ideas” (sort of), we have another BUDDY who recently started the LAMEST CONTEST EVER, in case anyone wants to play. What the hell, it beats a sharp stick in the eye, right?

*SO maybe we do know the TRUTH about this DUDE. Sue us.



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that other link (“dude”) is to his other video, I Am the Anti-Pope. it’s funny(ish) too.

hey, i’m not proud of this post, but what can i say? it’s Monday, and well… the brain cells haven’t quite caught up. xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Well, ’tis definitely a contrast to Nellie dat’s FO SHO! I am actually glad for the link to who he is… there is actually some Turkish guy who has sued Sascha Cohen in the past, claiming that Borat is based on him and he is a natural Borat-ish guy… at first I thought this might be him but Loverboy didn’t think so and your link cleared that up!

Ok… I did some research and this explains it all and has a link to Mahir’s site (yep, that’s his name)… funkified stuff! A MUST SEE!

Thank you Snuppylicious for a fab post and for inspiring me to get off my butt and actually check this guy out… something Loverboy had been curious about for a long time but see if I listen to him! Poor hombre! 😉 Well, off I go to get things done in real life… besos to all!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Dammit! Why aren’t the links showing??? OK! One more try…

The link to the interview

The link to Mahir

Ok… let’s see…

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Wow. Rocket, pocket, lockit, socket. “Vaiter, dere’s Polonium 210 een my zoup.”

(Whoever thought we’d ever feel nostalgia for the Cold War?)

Comment by Al

Well at least I figured out the weird comment on my post yesterday. Way too complicated for me though. 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend, we decorated the house.

Comment by Brian

I didn’t get to check him out earlier, but I will oh I will, when I get home tonight.

Now everyone else, Happy Monday and yada yada and blah blah blog.

Comment by Lampy

Oh my. I’m so going to use “Hey love crusader, I want to be your space invader.” I think it’ll work. I’ll let y’all know.

And down splash?!? Gaspity gasp

And really…who can resist a man with electronic drum sticks? Not me. That’s fo’ sho’. Oh Zlad…be my space invader.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

Did you see the hair on his back? EEEK!!!! I didn’t think that the Anti-Pope was as good as what the Elecktronic song. I am going to have to get my hands on that book! I had to laugh in the FAQ when its asked on how to get there. It says either by air or by accident. 🙂

Comment by cj

That is sooooo wrong it’s right…if you know what I mean. I’m thinking I’ll watch it a couple of more times. A great way to stary a new week!!!

Comment by BoBo

There is way too much fun going around the blogosphere….and without me 😦 Then again I just had fun with certain comments left for me 🙂

Comment by Mo'a is back in her Pretty Kitten Heels

Hey, those guys played at my senior prom!

Thanks for the shout-out, Snuppy. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if you want to participate in the Lamest Contest Ever, you’d better get moving because time is running out. And for the love of Molvania, somebody suggest a short book, wouldja? I do have some other things to do in 2007 besides read.

Comment by Diesel

Who hasn’t been involved with your senior prom!?

Comment by Lampy

There are great story ideas in that contest? Or whatever it is

To really date myself, Billy Joel played at my prom. Then he immediately became famous. Coincidence?

Comment by pia

CYM: hey, anything to appease Loverboy and/or get you off of your butt! haha! ooh, thank you for those links! i actually wondered myself it Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) didn’t lift Borat from this guy — but quickly realized there are many “wannabes” out there, among them the guy you mentioned. still… pretty funny stuff, no? xox

Al: who knew the cold war could spawn such a bad parody song? Lock it, Rocket, put it in a socket. oh, and am i the only one who now misses SPROCKETS? i figured as much. xox

Brian: that’s what we’re here for, to clear up confusion, even as we strive to create a little more! 🙂 xox

Lampy: see what you’ve reduced me to with your amazing musical finds? as you probably know, there were a few other “possibilites” for today — but once i saw this video, i knew i had the perfect “opposite” to all that goodness generated by Nellie McKay! (you’re feeling better today??) xox

LBP: (with those amazing red glitter lips, i hasten to add) — good lines, indeed. i especially love the last few:
As for sure as the sun rises in the West.
Of all the things and poets on Earth, I am the bestest.
Come, let me to dream of jewelery on your finger.
Then like a smell around you, I will forever linger.
Ok, it’s time for end.
No more will I sing.
Let me take you back in time.
I want for you to experience Big Bang.

surely you can use this for something? xox

CJ: yes! his back was scary, to say the least! i also agree that this video was funnier than the “Anti-Pope”, but i figured i’d link to that one anyway… just for fun! xox

BoBo: never hurts to start of with a good laugh or two… right? (our son may not have a job, but hey, at least he coughs up some good links from time to time, eh?) xox

Mo’a: glad you enjoyed the silliness of the comments — that said, it’s a HECK of a lot more fun to enjoy the silliness of YOUR comments! (i just read your offering on WA, and may i just say “well done”!) xox

Diesel: that prom of yours just gets better and better. as for book suggestions?? just because i didn’t put one up there doesn’t mean i don’t have a couple… which i believe you will absolutely lovelovelove. THE TRUTH MACHINE immediately comes to mind — trust me, you will ADORE it. (it’s a fast read, too!) xox

Comment by Snuppy

Pia! we crossed commented! wait… did my eyes deceive me, or did i just read that BILLY JOEL played at your prom??? okay. now i’m more impressed/intimidated by you than ever! seriously, how cool was that? (or did he suck?) 🙂 xox

Comment by Snuppy

Snuppy: Of course you are not the only one who misses Shprockets! Pet my monkey! That’s what he said – not me! I loved his dance.

Pia: Billy Joel played your prom! Now that’s a good prom story. He might have sucked though if he was bombed as he apparently was (and is) want to do. ALthough the man apparently puts on a good show.

Comment by Lampy

So who came first…this guy or Borat?

Comment by BoBo

Lampy: just *one* more reason you and i are NBFF’s! 🙂 xoxo

BoBo: maybe they’re actually the same person, and this is just a parody within a parody, with a really big (and bad) fake nose, to throw everyone off? (hey, anything’s possible…) xox

Comment by snuppy

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