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Clay Bells by Snuppy
Thursday, 7 December 2006, 8:55am
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ONE of our all-time favorite Christmas carols performed by some of our all-time favorite clay musicians. Does holiday music get any better than this? We doubt it.

YEAH yeah, short post. We figured you kids could use a break. Oh wait, we’re the ones who needed a break. Either way, short post. But a cute one, eh? Seriously, who doesn’t like CLAYMATION? (think long and hard before answering, our mood is fragile at best, and there’s no telling how we might take it out on you tomorrow if you piss us off today.)



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after yesterday’s less-than-stellar (tho’ hopefully funny?) post, i was pretty sure no one would mind if this one was brief. besides, this is from one of our family’s FAVORITE Christmas specials (my son actually watched this over my shoulder and started reminiscing about the first time we ever saw it, which was in Cleveland in 1987 or 88. at least i think that’s when it was. it was definitely in Cleveland. oh, but i digress)

hope y’all have a fab day — that WALELA popped in to say “hi” yesterday, and managed to do another “me me meme” (just stroking himself in public, again). our beautiful PENGUIN has a new post up, and for anyone who hasn’t seen CATTY YUMMY MUMMY’S latest post, get yer asses over there and do so NOW!

that’s it, i’m suddenly feeling like a tour guide, so i’ll stop. besides, a doctor’s appointment in a couple of hours, means i should probably think about brushing my teeth and, oh, i don’t know, puttting on a clean pair of underwear, perhaps? hope y’all have a FANTASTIC day! xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

oh yeah! and if you kids don’t have enough to read, by all means check out the latest artist featured by our dear friend, MO’A PRETTY KITTY HEELS. all i can say is “wow”. xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

finally (because i am, apparently, the only one reading this blog today). to Little Blue Pill (who won’t link to her blogs from here, and what’s up with that?) YAY! for getting up those glitter lips (i just checked your comment from yesterday, and it worked!). i believe your avatar adds a nice festive touch around here, and i, for one, am happyhappyhappy to see you! (even if you don’t link to your blogs, and what’s up with that?). hey… maybe you should go ahead an use that newly created WordPress blog for Jenna’s Rants and/or Observations and/or Cute Stories about Your Nephew?????????? xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Funny clip, snupsters, and not too terribly short at all.

The little film would have been funnier if the bell-headed guys hitting themselves with hammers didn’t look so much like the outgoing Senate Armed Services Committee.

As for wearing clean underwear to the doctor, well, I dare ya to find something on YouTube about that!

Comment by Al

I love this clip…what a trip down memory lane…ah yes, Cleveland…it seems like a lifetime ago.

Comment by BoBo

Al: hah! and don’t think i’m not looking! by the way, i actually meant to link to the ongoing STORY ON WA, while i was wearing my “blog tour guide” hat — because you’ve started a pretty damn funny storyline over there, and i’m thinkin’/hopin’ others will join in! (feeling better after your day playing with your *own* Christmas lights?) xox

BoBo: yep — that one brings back all kinds of memories, and very good ones, at that! as our son said to me, “that was our all-time best Christmas, ever!” high praise from one who used to think Central California was “the greatest place on Earth”! (of course, that was a magical holiday for our family, wasn’t it? i still smile thinking of our youngest son’s desire for “a snow shubble”.) xox

Comment by snuppy

I think that was on the California Raisins Christmas Special wasn’t it? I fwd’d it to my sister and we both recall watching that tv special…. *LOL* on that ONE TV CHANNEL WE HAD! 🙂

A snow shubble eh? That is pretty funny.

Comment by cj

Oy what a day – what I would give for a little claymation right about now! I do love Claymation! But alas and alack or is it alak – Diesel? Snuppy? Just wanted to run in and say hi Snarkies.

Talk to you later.

Comment by Lampsha

This is one of my favorite Christmas Carols. So I adored this. I especially loved the eye roll every time they rang their bells.

Well I’m not linking to the blog cuz i’m not writing on the blog. I’m not writing period. Unless you count confusing emails. Hm…nephew stories. Would that make me an auntie blogger? Wish I had taped him last night playing with the phone. “Hello? Who’s this? Papa!” (His grandpa) He’d come down the stairs “Auntie Denn. Auntie Denn. Auntie Denn.” (me) And he was talking on the phone. Cute little bugger.

My ranting right now ain’t pretty so I ain’t sharing cuz LBP has “boy trouble”. I know…shocking. But LBP has to end it with one (as in she has more than one…yes) because it is too confuseding especially after 4 hours of emails that led right back to where we started (ugh) and number 2 wants to know exactly what he’s supposed to do with LBP. LBP has some suggestions.

And so this is why LBP has no links to any blogs.

Comment by littlebluepill

CJ: yah, although technically it was a Christmas special that *featured* the California Raisins. 🙂 xox

Lamply (or Lampy, guess i typed that too fast): alas, alak the means for telling you which. (hahahahahahahahaha! bad pun, i know, but still…. hahahahahahahahahaha!) xoxo

LBP: maybe you should write a “reverse” advice blog, you know? where you tell us *your* problem, and we come in with clever/sage solutions? could be fun. or scary. of course, you’re MORE than welcome to do that here! whatever, i’m just glad to see you in some way/shade of lipstick/form. xox

Comment by snuppy

That was beyond cute and so much fun to watch. Claymation rocks!
Hi everybody *waves*
I am back!
UI finished all my projects and volunteer work for this year and I actually will have the gift of time from tomorrow on. I missed being able to sit down for hours and just blog…lazy Christmas time, here I come, armed with a blanket, some hot chocolate, a good book and my lap top!

*happy dance*

Comment by Penguin

Snuppydoodle, I have enough people telling me what to do. I don’t need a billion other people agreeing with them. Imagine the damage to my ego!

Comment by littlebluepill

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