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Hey Now Now! by Snuppy
Saturday, 9 December 2006, 8:03am
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NO. It’s definitely NOT our job to come up with clever catchy tunes. That job belongs to the one and only DJ LAMPSHA. It’s practically a rule around here, and we know it. We really really do. But rules are meant to be broken, and this happens to be one of those times when that’s what we want to do.

WHEN you think about it, it’s not our fault we did this post and/or broke our own rule. One of us is married to SOMEONE (a.k.a. BOBO) who, like Lampsha, prides himself on finding yet-to-be-discovered musicians, just so he can say (to no one in particular) “Oh them? Heck, I’ve been listening to those guys for years.” His best experience came after the band QUEEN hit it big here in the US, for he had, in fact, been listening to them for years before anyone else did. But, enough about that. Let’s get back to this post, shall we?

THIS Brooklyn-based group is called THE CLOUD ROOM*, and their music is nice and catchy. And when we say “catchy”, we mean really really really really catchy. Almost too catchy, if you catch (heh) our drift, and you will after you take a listen. That doesn’t mean we don’t like these guys, because we do. We really really really really really do. We just wish we could get this song out of our heads, now now, because we haven’t been able to sleep, now now, for days and days and days, now now, oh here we go again, now now, please help us we can’t stop, now now, dear God is it a plot? Now now, our brains have turned to rot, now now… blah blah blah blah blah blah now now:

*IN case anyone wondered, and we just know one or two of you were, THE CLOUD ROOM was named after a Prohibition-era “speakeasy” in the Chrysler Building in NYC. “Someone” (Bobo) wondered where the word “speakeasy” came from, and, being the good (and speedy) Wikipidiots we are, here’s what we found out:

“The origin of the word predates Prohibition by at least 30 years. Samuel Hudson, a newspaperman in the late 19th century, said he heard the term used in Pittsburgh in the 1880s by an old Irish woman who sold liquor without a license. She told her clients to “speak easy” if they wanted to buy some. The Cassell Dictionary of Slang lists the word as coming into use around 1890. The term spake-aisy was used even a century before this, where it referred to smugglers’ hideouts.”

YOU know what that is? That’s good “cocktail party conversation fodder”, that’s what that is. No need to thank us for this nugget of knowledge. Just go forth and converse with some elitist snob over cocktails. Trust us, the joy we feel after enabling you to cleverly quip your way through a boring holiday party is thanks enough.



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Snuppy, I love the find for the week! It is just the catchy tune that I need to get Tali out of bed and violin in hand!

They remind me of that 80’s vibe – The Cure maybe. But I enjoyed them so I’ll have to check out whatever else they have going on now now. So I’ll have to get Tali up now now and going now now because we have to eat breakfast now now. Oh yes I can see where this is going now now.

Really, this is a nice treat and thanks for bringing The Cloud Room into The Snark. Of course, on the speakeasy sidenote, I won’t be attending any cocktail parties but you know I’ll try to work it into a lull in conversation. Oh wait, The office Holiday Party!

By the way, always the Irish, heh heh.

Okay Snarkies – have a great day, I’ll see you later!

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Hey now now *S* that was pretty spiffy. Their myspace has some more music one can listen to – I like the waterfall song the best. Lampsha – I agree they do have a Cure sound to them don’t they?

Last night at work the music player was cycling through the new Beatles CD we have…. one of the kids were wondering “who” was on the system. It was playing Eleanor Rigby and the kiddo was really impressed with this “new sound”. I had to point out that the rest of the world was well aware of The Beatles for quite some time.

Well I’m off to do the ballerina thing again with miss Thea. Enjoy your day everyone!

Comment by cj

DJ Lampsha: you honor me! and i’m glad you liked this band, i really do too! (not kidding about that song, now now, tho’… hard to get it outta your head) the first link is to their “My Space” site, which features 4 songs, including this one. my favorite is ‘Waterfall’, but, alas (or is it alack? alak? alaque??) to date there’s only one video.

as for “always the Irish”? yep… i can laugh, since i’m part Irish, too! have fun stormin’ the music room! xox

Comment by not-the-DJ Snupsha

Ah yes, The Cloud Room…been listening to them for…

First time I’ve seen the video and I like it! Very catchy tune that does indeed stick with you for a very long time. Thank you for the “speakeasy” definition…another one of my simple life’s mysteries solved and I appreciate it…great story.

Good job “not-the-DJ Snupsha!”

Comment by BoBo

Great group, and a very catchy tune. Nice way to start the weekend. Thanks, Snarkies.

And, here’s a track plug pour vous (This link might not play on a Mac):


These guys (The East Village Opera Company) cover the, umm, oldies. They’re playing Joe’s Pub (in, you guessed it, Lower Manhattan’s East Village) on 12/20 (special unplugged material). They’re returning to NY next April to perform, fully plugged in, at NY’s Town Hall.

Have a great weekend, guys, and thanks again.

Comment by Al

CJ: i’m glad you like! as for the Beatles vs your kids? too funny. glad you’re teaching them about the fabulousness that *is* (and/or was) the Beatles early, i think that should be a very important part of every child’s musical education! (i really do) xox

BoBo: i should be thanking YOU for introducing me to this great group in the first place! oh wait, i already did. lovelovelove ’em! xox

Al: OH MY GOSH! i am absolutely LOVING EVOC *and* this song!! still listening, as a matter of fact (this is what i do when i’m especially charmed by a song and/or group). GREAT FIND! this song in particular is absolutely mesmerizing. kind of Queen meets Trans-Siberian Orchestra, don’t ya think? whatever. it’s FABULOUS! actually, now that i think about it, i heard these guys on WNYC last year and meant to pick up one of their CDs. thanks for bringing them back into the forefront of my mind! xox

Comment by Not-the-DJ Snupsha

Glad you like ’em. They did some TV around this time last year, and have been on the road ever since.

They’re pure killer live. They perform “Flower Duet” and “Nessun Dorma” (there are clips on their site), plus several lesser known operatic arias and duets. Their gig at Joe’s will be scaled down, and probably not the best venue to get to know them. The full act returns to NY in April, to Town Hall, and their ticket prices are still under $50.

(And, Lampsha, the band has a kick-ass violin section. 🙂

Comment by Al

Oooooh! ‘Twas fab! I can see it now… oh what a happenin’ party it will be, a fabulous rave-alicious shindig DJ-ed by the fab SnupaShady pair… Shady-toes? Puppy-Lamp? Um… SL?

You catch my drift!

So get to it… now, now, now, now… ay dios mio! I caught it too… no worries, just tell me when and where the bash is cause I got me on my dancing shoes… though I am still searching for the ruby red slippers…

Besos and a happy weekend to all and Snuppylicious DJfied chica… gracias for a faboo time now, now, now, now, now….


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Hey now now, this was a good song! I enjoyed it now now and am actually still humming it now now.

Comment by littlebluepill

Hey Al, I love EVOC – very cool vibe. Sort of Middle Eastern in their sound. Anyway, have to add them to my check out further list.

Bobo! You had me going with your first line – I was already getting steamed up! Kudos to you both for the find and the share.

cj: I’m still realing from the Eleanor Rigby thing – how is that possible???!!!

Okay Honorary DJ Snupsha – I’m off to check em out further!

Hey all – have a great weekend.

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Snuppy: No my kids know the beatles – Thea’s first song she danced to was Twist and Shout (Ferris Beuller) and her rendition of Hey Jude is great! The kids in question are the kids I work with at Starbucks. 🙂

Lampsha: Yeah I am not sure if their parents let them out of the house much as kids or what! *sigh* Can you imagine a world where you were unable to sing to Sgt. Pepper?

Comment by cj

Al: well, i wish i had seen them on TV, but i *do* remember trying to find a piece of paper in my car as i was listening to NPR so i could write down the band’s name (so i could remember to look them up when i got home). of course, then i must have seen something shiny, because when i found the paper later, i forgot what EVOC stood for! needless to say, i’m grateful you provided the link. BoBo’s already downloaded several of their songs so he can put ’em on my ipod. xox

CYM: partay FO SHO’ my dearest BoheMian! glad you like these tunes… i had a feeling you might. (fun, happy, oh-so-catchy, what’s not to like, right?) if you can’t find your ruby slippers, don’t worry, i have an extra pair in the closet! xox

CJ: i re-read your comment, and realized my mistake. sorry about that. and good for you for making sure YOUR OWN kids were properly educated. i’m sure there’s little hope for the folks you work with — their loss. altho’, now that the Beatles are re-releasing stuff, maybe it’s not too late, eh? xox

LBP: now now… glad you like! i think the lead singer has a very sexy voice, now now, which i suspect is why you like him, too, now now. okay, that and the fact that the music is really good, now now. still… he’s not hard to listen to, is he? (no no) xox

Lampsha: yep, had i found that piece of paper AND remembered what EVOC stood for sooner, we might have been the ones to introduce them to the rest of the Snarksters, instead of Al. or aside from Al. or whatever. i’m glad he gave us the link, tho’, their music is amazing — that video is pretty cool, too. talk about sexy. hope you had a fab day, and an even FABBER (?) tomorrow!! xox

Comment by Not-the-DJ Snupsha

🙂 I have to agree with you Snuppy, sometimes there is little hope for those kiddo’s and their unique muiscal choices.

Comment by cj

You kids and your music.

Comment by Walela

CJ: ah well… guess it takes all kinds, right? 🙂 xox

Walela: oh sure, mock us from afar. xox

Comment by not-the-DJ Snupsha

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