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Hardrock — Coco — Joe by Snuppy
Monday, 11 December 2006, 9:38am
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WE know what you’re thinking. At least, we think we do. You’re thinking “what crazy, lame-ass, and/or opposite kind of music-related video will I be subjected to after spending the entire weekend enjoying the happy (not to mention “catchy”) musical stylings of The Cloud Room?” Are we right, or are we right? We’re right. We know we’re right. You guys. Well hang on to your ear muffs, gang, you’re in for a questionable treat.

FOR your enjoyment and/or dismay, we are extremely pleased to provide a fabulous animated piece called THE THREE LITTLE DWARFS — a vintage cartoon featuring 3 Santa’s helpers named Hardrock, Coco & Joe. Hardrock. Coco. And Joe. We were fortunate to stumble over this very old, very black & white clip while scrounging around for something “appropriate” and/or opposite and/or catchy (now now) to post for today, and, we confess, we’re mighty glad we did. Seriously, this is a hoot, and a charming one, at that.

From what we gleaned after hastily scanning the website linked above, The Three Little Dwarfs aired on 2 children’s shows — Bozo and Garfield Goose — which were pretty much limited to the Chicago area in the early ’50’s. Of course, we could be talking out of our asses, right now, but we don’t think so. We grew up in California, we watched a shitload of stupid kids’ shows (as opposed to shows for stupid kids), and we know we never saw a ‘toon about guys named Hardrock, Coco & Joe. So wait… that makes TWO things we know today, right? What we watched and/or didn’t watch when we were growing up, and what you were thinking a paragraph ago. Wow. We’re good.

WE realize this is supposed to be a cute/family-oriented cartoon, but are we the only ones who think Santa looks really creepy? Or that bringing “Joe” along because he loves him so (sung while “Joe” produces a very large candy cane from behind his back) is disturbing? Or that Hardrock, Coco & Joe would make a good name for a porn flick? (not that we’ve ever seen one, mind you, but we hear things) Oh-lee-o-lady, Oh-lady-I… Oh!



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so? have any of you ever seen this video, because i really can’t remember it, and i’m pretty sure i would. from the various links i found, to this day it’s a VERY big deal in the Chigao area. Those Chicago area folks.

two things occurred to me while re-reading this post and/or watching the video, 1) if AP3 ever wanted to do a BASIP with a 45 instead of a whole album, this would be a strong contender (you’ll see what i mean if you check out the above website and scroll down to see the artwork on the record cover) and 2) the song sounds like something that might have been sung by The Folksmen (played by Harry Shearer, Christopher Guest, and Michael McKean — the three guys who also played “Spinal Tap”) in the film A MIGHTY WIND. (“…ea. ah.. oe’s“… remember?)

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Oh yeah, this is exactly the kind of video I need to be watching with a hangover.

FYI, I’m pretty sure I went to High School with Coco. After he gave the Valedictory speech at graduation, he kinda fell of the face of the earth. This is the second time I’ve seen him since then. The first was his appearance as the swinging dwarf in “Bisexual Built for Two,” which I think won something at Cannes in 1974.



Comment by Al

Al: “Bisexual Built for Two”? kinky.

as for your hangover? sorry you had to see this in such an unsettling condition. it occurs to me the folks who created this little gem were high on something, themselves, when they did it. what sane/sober person thinks any little kid would want those creeps hanging out on their rooftop? and why do i think this film gave more than a few children nightmares back when it first aired? (come to think of it, i had a couple of weird dreams last night, myself…)

of course, the song says it’s a “story fantastic, a story so queer” (not that there’s anything wrong with that). so i’m thinkin’ you’re right about your pal, Coco. now get that coffee and come back when you’re head is screwed on straight (not that there’s anything wrong with not being straight) xox

Comment by Hardrock, Coco, and Snuppy

Not at all.

“Bisexual Built for Two” – hahahaha – that’s a good one Al. Now go sleep it off.

I fear this tune will be in my head all day. What’s up with these creepy looking elves? And Santa? He looks like he should make a visit to Herby on the Island of Misfit Toys with those jaws-of-life teeth of his! Scary.

But all in all – a good find, as it’s cracking me up. So let’s all have our caffeine and meet back later. K?

Comment by Lampy

Lampy: you’re so right! these freaks were made for the Island of Misfit Toys. who knows? maybe this cartoon was the inspiration for that place…

ah yes, coffee is in MY future as well, so a rendezvous later is perfect! shall we plan on doing so sometime after lunch? i only suggest waiting a couple of hours because i plan to drink copious amounts of the stuff before listening to this thing again. (BY THE WAY, how was your weekend, young lady? i’ve yet to check e-mail, and will do that when i get back from my TGSNWM run — in hopes of an update. not to worry if you didn’t send one — you have your list of priorities, and i know where i fall…) xoxo

Comment by snuppy

🙂 I watched it with Thea and she says “I didn’t know santa was korean!” Oh the things we learn.

Comment by cj

Am I the only one who keeps reading that as “Hardcock”? Ok, good.

I can’t believe the way they used to exaggerate the features of Chinese people like that. It’s so offensive. Wait, Santa Claus isn’t supposed to be Chinese, is he? Then WTF is that about?

I’m confused and disturbed.

Comment by Diesel

Man! Those elves were on Crack! Did you see how wide their eyes were? And Santa’s Teeth!!! Let’s just say keep your hands away when Santa’s eating, shall we?

And like Lampy, I will hear that song for the rest of the week, thank you very much. It’s like going on the “It’s a Small World” ride on Disney World.

Comment by Pavel

CJ: and what are you teaching your daughter that “Korean” is the nationality that came to mind… hmmmm? xox

Diesel: i’m tellin’ ya… that’s exactly what i thought when i first saw the title, and it just went downhill from there (i mentioned “porn flick”, but Hardcock and Cocko are definitly good names for porn “actors”. as for “Joe”? he seemed happy to be giving that candy cane to Santa, and that’s all i’m gonna say. xox

Pavel: that’s why i thought this was the perfect “opposite-ish” song, because Hey Now Now (the song featured over the weekend) is quite the “earworm” unto itself! xox

Comment by Hardrock, Coco, and Snuppy

*LOL* If you check on the beautiful girls post on my blog you’ll see a picture of Ali and Thea. Ali is Korean and Norwegian. Thea is Norwegian. Its fun to listen to them talk about it. (They are into the American Girl stuff.) Anyway…. KOREAN is now in Thea’s vocab! (And Ali will be thrilled to know Santa is Korean!)

Comment by cj

“Bisexual Built For Two” – lol, Al. Hey, you know this song does claim to be about a story so queer. Just sayin. 😉

Funny find as always Snuppy.

Comment by Sar

Al…you’re so funny. Diesel too.

Hardcock, Coco & Joe? Christmas elf porn…definitely.

I feel like I have a hangover up until 3:30 am…alarm off at 6. Hit snooze until 7:30 call in work and say “Forgot to turn on the alarm.”

This will teach me to email until 3 am but still reading until 3:30 because, man, things get lively at 2 am on a Sunday night!

-yawn- soooo tired.

Comment by littlebluepill

Christmas elf porn??? OOOOWEEEEE! Kinkified FO SHO… and in a bad way… EEEK!

Dammit! It took me 20 minutes to watch almost 2 min of the vid… ay!

But Dios mio what a freakified Santa! Can I forgo a visit from the man from up north this year? P-LEASE? I am scared…

Snuppylicious, you fabulous woman you, you never cease to both amaze and entertain and for that bohemians everywhere thank you, especially this one! I have missed you my friend! I hope all is well with you!

And in case you didn’t get it and I don’t mention it because it is urgent or needs a reply but because, as you know with the 4 repeat emails, my email is on the fritz and half of my emails are not getting to their destinations… Deep BREATH!… all this to say, I wrote you one last week and I hope it got to you!

Besos to you my dear friend!

And OOOHHHH! Jenna’s lips are glittery here too! Kissalicious FO SHO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Ok… not something I tend to do but since Miz B has taken over me today and I am quite obnoxious and have a splitting migraine from all the hyphenated talk and because things are brewing away and good things must happen SOON and I need all the good energy out there…. DEEP BREATH… go and see the latest post and send positive vibes and read up and watch away and say hi and off I go to respond to my comments to my previous post before turning in and…

Was that bad?

Pfffft… I did say I was obnoxious today and since I am not one for shameless self promotion today I must be as tomorrow is crucial and so…

Thank you and with that… buenas noches!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Ooops… latest post… there!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Funny (in a twilight zone scary sort of way) even down here in Atlanta.

Comment by BoBo

Santa is super scary there. That’s interesting claymation, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done in B&W

Comment by Anita

Is this based on a real Christmas story? cause its the strangest one i’ve heard of? about Chinese Santa and his one “special” elf..?

Comment by santa coco

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