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Kids in the Hall by Snuppy
Tuesday, 12 December 2006, 8:44am
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THE other day we read a very funny meme by our good friend NOT-WEIRD AL. Funny, because he was “tagged” by TEH PENGUIN to write 6 Weird Things about himself, and very funny, because, well, he is weird. And very funny. That Al.

ANYWAY, Not-Weird Al’s “weird” post was, in part, based on the fact that he lives in lower Manhattan on Beaver Street. Okay, what’s in a name, right? Well, let’s face it, the street’s name is funny and a little weird, but it was also darn fascinating to learn it was named for the beaver trappers who frequented that particular area of Manhattan a lon… wait! What the hell are we doing here? You want to learn about the “History of Beaver Street”? Go see AL. You want to watch something hilarious that we remembered because of Al’s lesson on the “History of Beaver Street”? Stay put, it’s coming.

BACK in our youth (which we think we’re still in, despite evidence to the contrary) one of our favorite shows was a little something called KIDS IN THE HALL — featuring a group of talented guys from Canada — including Dave Foley, of News Radio and Celebrity Poker Showdown fame. Mildly interesting, that last little factoid has nothing to do with anything in this post, and we have no idea why we just mentioned it. KITH is, however, where Not-Weird Al’s post comes in. At least the part about the beaver trappers. You see, while reading about them we flashed on an absurdly funny sketch those Kids in that Hall did some time ago, on how “frontiersmen” with 1800’s sensibilities might function in the trappings of a 20th Century “frontier”. How’s that for weird, Al? 

FOR a little more “weirdness” — and some really fabulous weirdness, at that — be sure to pop over and read/watch the delicious, delightful and oh-so-divine MIZ BOHEMIA’S latest post/video. Fabulous and FUNKIFIED. FO’ SHO’.



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Couple of things i feel the need to point out: A) this was much more timely before AL put up a new post, and 2) the audio level is only low at the very beginning of this clip. why i feel the need to share these things is anyone’s guess. tired? i am. cranky? more than a little. obsessing over the slightest detail in my state of tiredness and/or crankiness? apparently.

and hahahaha (in my head) because the Kids in the Hall are in the hall while doing their trapping. (man-oh-man, i am tired. brace yourselves, this could be a long day) xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Hey, NOW I get it! Its not at all what I thought it was. So, Maybe I should stop trying to join the Swinging Beaver Club, and just start swinging a Beaver club?

An excellent day for Snark Mongering! It really teaches the ins and outs of Beaver Mongering.

And, its very funny. Thanks!

Comment by Al

That is very FUNNY! And maybe a little informative in a historical hysterical sort of way. Oh, what’s that?! I hear cries outside my office door…and I think I saw a canoe!!!

I’ll be back…I hope.

Comment by Lampy

Al: glad you liked that! i swear this video was the first thing that popped into my head when i read your meme, and i came thisclose to linking to it in my comment, but then my son said “aren’t you gonna share that on the Snark?” and i thought to myself, “why yes. yes i am.” sorry… potential fodder for a post always trumps adding a “bonus link” into a comment.

that was a damn fine meme, by the way, and i thank you for the inspiration. that said, apparently you and i are the only ones enjoying this levity today… well, BoBo will later, but at the moment he’s in Atlanta, and you know how they feel about “levity” down there. xox

Comment by snuppy

Lampsha! whew! i thought Al and i were the only ones around today. yes! be careful, girlfriend, and for godssake WATCH YOUR STEP! (you’ll know you’re in trouble if you hear someone singing Alouette in the hallway) xox

Comment by snuppy

Laughing and laughing.

Comment by Lampy

Yeah now we’re talking! Some Canadiana in here!!!

I loved the KITH. It was about the only show my brother & I could agree upon to watch. I still watch it on repeats.

Comment by Little Blue Pill

I love KITH!!! They play them on Comedy Central sometimes. I used to watch this a lot when I was in HS and the parents finally got a dish! My favorite scetches are the ones with cabbage head, the head crusher and of course chicken lady!! Although Hecubus is always good too – evil evil evil!!

Comment by cj

OK, that wasn’t right. But it was funny.

Comment by Doug

Hey Doug – this is becoming some sort of odd narrative seeing you around! When are you coming back or is that what the story thread has to do?

Speaking of which, I multi posted in a zealous angst ridden moment. But the next up will be post 100…

I think you’d better come home, this video could be your office while you’re away.

Comment by Lampy

I used to watch KITH all the time. They’re a little uneven, but this sketch is truly inspired. “Let that one go, he has spirit!”

Comment by Diesel

I am still laughing…..I just came back from WA….I was number 102 and Al…..who, I am not talking to….or linking him here….until he links me. And, I am the one that outed him…..from a to al, on WA….not only that, I am his closest neighbor….that is if you count his NJ home……I will have Brie with that Whine….only kidding…..sure I am 😉
So anyway, I am back and here I will stay and on my new blog and I will talk with all my friends again….life is crazy for MPKH….and not only that the Jolasveinar are back….first one came today to Leikur og List

Comment by Mo'a whining in her Pretty Kitten Heels

Well, M’oa, I fixed that in a hurry! Thanks for pointing out one of my biggest oversights of 2006.

And, is that a new blog you’ve got there? http://toliveareativelife.blogspot.com/

Looks very nice!

Comment by Al

Ha, ha, haaa! I would LOOOOVE me a catch like that! Only make them designer bags I tell you! Sizzlified!

So yeah, it seems to me that I am the only one to know not the Kith… so uncool I be! *high*

Though oh how I love thee Snuppalicious woman for calling me weird for to know that fact is to know me FO SHO! So much so that my dentist is gonna have a cow when I arrive tomorrow demanding an extraction AND Loverboy, who finally agreed to it, in tow to see if we can get away with filming it! Ha, ha, haaaa! GORY TIMES INDEED!

And with that, off to bed I go to catch me some much needed Zzzzz’s! And Snuppy? I HOPE to catch you tomorrow to fill you in on some developments! Ooooh! Making you wait! There IS a mean streak in bohemians!

And with that, this tired weirdo is passin’ OUT!


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Night night Mizzy! I’ll be by to tuck you in when I check out your latest and greatest entry. 🙂

Snuppy, our own Weird Al is so funny, and so is THE Weird Al. I caught some of the VH1 year end video countown (or something like that, I’m apparently not hip & cool so much anymore) and the last #1 video for ’06 was a Weird Al video. I think it was Nerdy White Boy or something like that. It’s insane how long his career has spanned. He rocks, and so do you!

Comment by Sar

Lampy, unless Jacques and Francois are trading in tongue studs and t-shirts, that won’t be my office. The big 1-0-0! Congratulations. I’m back. I’ll start the blog tomorrow AM.

Comment by Walela

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Comment by David

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