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A (Celtic) PUNK-FOLK CHRISTMAS by Snuppy
Wednesday, 13 December 2006, 10:03am
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Here’s my Christmas Carol offering, bringing Joyem to the Goyem if you will (Billy, you’ll forgive my swiping that one). This is a fine Christmas song and I’m sure the lyrics “You drunkard, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot” have something to do with my partiality. Makes you want to curl up in front of the Yule Log — that or pogo ’round the Christmas tree, or throw the yule log through a window.

Either way, tighten your seatbelts for as fine a Christmas song as I can recall from the band THE POGUES and the late Kirsty MacColl — in Fairytale of New York,  deemed THE BEST CHRISTMAS SONG EVER in a VH1 UK poll. I think I may just have to agree. But you know, call someone an “old slut on junk” over the sweet sounds of a penny whistle and I tend to wax poetic.

Warning: listening to this song may bring a subliminal desire to hoist pints at the pub.  We do not endorse or want that to be the outcome of this (unless you’d like to), but damn if they don’t make you recall a time when it wouldn’t be so far fetched. Is that so wrong?  At the very least, you may just tap a toe.

Listen up mates and enjoy. And, should the spirit move ye in true Irish tradition, feel free to join in on the singing at the pub:

~DJ O’Lampsha


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how much did i laugh and enjoy this song/video?? THIS MUCH! so great, Lampsha! okay, so i may not drink, but i’m always up for a wee bit o’ singin’! especially with lyrics like these. FA-LA-LA-LA-HA-HA-HA! (that’s me laughing in lame holiday mode) xoxo snuppy

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Okay, that was bloody awesome, mates! ROFL!!!
I’d write more, but I’m going to step out now. I have this amazing desire to find a pub right now…

Comment by Pavel

agreed. it was almost enough to get me off the wagon. fortuntatly, after 29 years on that thing, my ass is stuck. a well, i can act drunk with the best of ye.

apparently that wayward Dawg is showing his wet nose at WAKING AMBROSE, with a Very Important Announcement, no less. i’m sure i’ll find it fascinating, as soon as i can get it to open up. in the meantime, he has pictures (his way of rubbing our own wet noses in the fact that he went away, and we did not) xox

Comment by old snuppy slut on junk

I thought I recognized this song! In New York, During the holidays, this is the music they play when they put you on hold at the Suicide Prevention Hot Line.

Comment by Al

Just my little contribution to the Holiday spirit really. Glad you all enjoyed. Now I’m going to join Pavel at the pub.

Snuppy come on, I’ll join you in a club soda whilst we sing along!

Al, keep holding.

Comment by O'Lampsha

Quite a nice melody and catchy tune I must say! Though forgive me for being too spaced out to focus on the lyrics! For one, I cannot understand the guy well… he seems to mumble and second, I got my molar pulled today and, this being the third go at catching the lyrics, well, all I can say is I like the sound but don’t ask me to tell you what on earth they are saying!

Alas the bohemian is loopier than usual I am afraid but reading the quotes up above, in your faboo post, I must say that this seems to be right up Loverboy’s alley!

Can I just dance along while you guys do the singing? Believe me, you DO NOT want me to sing and the dancing, well, may be good for a laugh or two! 😉

Besos sweet DJ Lampsha and keep them coming!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Al: only in New York. xox

O’Lampsha: (i am SO changing that in the post!) i’ll take the low notes and you take the high notes, and we’ll both get to Scotland at about the same time. oops… wrong Celtic-related reference! xox

CYM: ooooh, amiga! i hope you’re feeling better soon!! as for the words to this fabulous song? you can see ’em for yourself in one of the above links (“Fairytale of New York”) — if you’re interested. but considering what you just went through, why would you be?? besos to you from ME, dear friend! xox

Comment by snuppy

I’ll have to listen from home but this is perfect because I’m going to be Santa tonight. It sounds heartwarming.

Comment by Doug

I’m not so spaced out right now and it’s a struggle to understand, but then again as Snuppy said – why should you? Go rest and feel better and besos to you dear amiga! But when you do wake up, please dance along! xox

For me and my true Snup shall never meet again on the banks of the Starbucks before ye…oh that would be sad, sad, sad!

Doug, if this doesn’t get you in the mood, I don’t know what will! Heartwarming for the downtrodden.

Comment by O'Lampsha


Comment by Doug

I am up and swaying along dear DJ Woman! FO SHO! My fingers have the energy but my body, alas, lacks it still!

And Snuppylicious soul sistah, gracias! I am in quite some pain, but bearable at that, if that makes any sense… but it comforts me to know that this will hopefully be the end of the drama with this damn tooth! This month marks the one year anniversary of the damn problem! when my dentist pulled it out, we finally found the soure of the problem… it had been cracked all along, probably from the getgo, but it only never showed up on the x-rays which is why my dentist wanted to do everything to save it! Ay!

So for now, gaping bloody holes are in! Wooh! I get hotter by the minute I tell you… what with the gaping bloody hole (the damn gauze is finally out!), the thinning hair with all the greys that need dyeing! Ha, ha, haaaa! Yeah, SF here I come. wooh. 😉

Hope you sweet ladies are well amigas mias and Neva, I hope to catch you soon for some good catching up! Although lucky for you I will probably not be as big a motor mouth as usual! *sigh* 😉

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy


CattyYummy! So good to see you able to sway. We’ll just keep you propped there just so. Come on – gray hairs, gaping holes, and still gorgeous – your spirit lights up a room.

Now join in all – “You drunkard, you mag…

Comment by O'Lampsha

Is Pavel still at the pub? Just wondering…

Comment by O'Lampsha

Doug: better *this* tune than the one we played a few days ago (from South Park). altho’, after playing “Santa” for a few hours, you may want to belly up to the bar and belt out a few choruses of Merry Effin’ Christmas, after all. xox


‘Twas there that we part in yon coffee palace,
As they steep, steep the brew o’ me Mocha…
Where in deep crimson cups,
espresso fillters out
And the soy comin’ down is a’foamin’.

*sung while tears stream down old slutty snup’s face*

(this is what you get for inspiring me to look up the lyrics. sigh. could be a long day, no?) xox

CYM: HOLY CRAP! i can’t believe your dentist didn’t find that. i mean, if it didn’t show up in the x-rays, i guess it makes sense, but still… had you known sooner, perhaps a root-canal could have solved ALL your dental problems (not to mention that tooth). i’m SO sorry… but i’m glad to know your gums can now heal, and i know once you get to SF you’ll get it fixed good as new!! feel better beautiful one… xox

Comment by old slutty snup

continues as she cries in her triple skim pint…

The baristas did sing
of triple lattes and things
But the heart it kens
nae or soooomething.
Tho the espresso beans crushed
tho not tis for us
Someone shouted, Ye be holding up the line foreeever.

Ach, so sad a tune.

Well I’ll have to regroup enough for the Office Holiday party where I am sure this will not be playing. But twill in me heart.


Comment by O'Lampsha

I’m back from the pub “hic…” I learned some “hic” new swongs!!!

Four drunk men are sing-ing Christ-mas songs.
They’ve got the spir-it but the notes are wrong.
Voic-es ring-ing on the moun-tain top.
Pray they pass out, may-be then they’ll stop.

Comment by Pavel

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