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Peter Boyle by Snuppy
Thursday, 14 December 2006, 9:31am
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INDULGE us for a moment, will ya? You see, we’re feeling a little verklempt after learning that one of our favorite actors from one of our all-time favorite films of all-times passed away yesterday. We’re speaking, of course, of PETER BOYLE — the man who played many roles throughout his career, including Ray Romano’s curmudgeonly father, Frank Barone, on TV’s EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, and the “monster” in the aforementioned all-time-favorite film, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN— who died of multiple myeloma and heart disease at the very young age of 71.

ANYWAY, we hope you don’t mind if we turn today’s post into a teensie tribute to this lovely actor. Not that it matters if you do, because we plan to do one anyway. Still, we did say “teensie”, which means we’ll limit our “tribute” to a classic clip* of BOYLE at his comedic best. In our own minds, it doesn’t get much better than the following video. By way of set up, the scene you’re about to see occurs after the “monster”escapes Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, and lost and confused, finds himself at the door of a lonely blind hermit, played with needy brilliance by Gene Hackman. As far as we’re concerned, Boyle’s facial expressions alone make this worth the time it takes to watch.  

WE don’t know if any of you guys liked this actor (we’re fairly certain many of you did). We don’t even know if he was well-loved by his peers (we’re fairly certain he was). We do know he made us laugh with his droll delivery and subtle-yet-expressive mannerisms, and we’re gonna miss him.

*You might need to crank up the volume, since we thought the level seemed low. Of course, that just may be old age rearing its ugly-hearing-impaired head at us again. Damn that old age. Bad enough a favorite actor dies, did we really need to have our own mortality rubbed in our faces and/or ears, too?



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hope none of you mind this non-holiday related post — i just felt so sad when i found out about Peter Boyle’s death i wanted to do something. and for me that meant sharing a good memory. hopefully some of you were fans of his work and will share a few of your own. or wax poetic about Young Frankenstein. or Everybody Loves Raymond. whatever.

Boyle just seemed like the quintessential “regular Joe”. maybe that’s because he has Irish roots and i’m part Irish, but he played an Italian so brilliantly, and i’m Italian through osmosis? whatever… he seemed like a good guy. xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

A highly underrated actor. He was brilliant in Young Frankenstein, one of the all-time best comedic films (in my humble opinion), and wonderful as the cranky dad in Raymond. One quick “name drop” mention…a few years ago he sat across from me on a flight from LA back to NYC…ironically, much of the inflight entertainment that day was episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Comment by BoBo

BoBo: the only reason i don’t get more upset when you travel (well, sometimes) is because of the fun company you often find yourself keeping on those flights out and back. Peter Boyle was a great celeb sighting (seating?). and yep, Young Frankenstein is one of “those” movies we “have” to watch every single time it comes on. it’s good to laugh, and this movie never fails to make us do just that! xox

Comment by snuppy

by the way — tomorrow we’ll resume with our regular “holiday extravaganza programming”… in case any of you were concerned and/or gave a shit. xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

His was a funny performance in a very funny film, the next of Mel Brooks’ movies, I hear, to be produced as a Broadway musical.

That anyone so loved should be lost so close to the holidays is a shame, especially for his family.

At this difficult time, I, for one, give a shit. (Sorry, puppy, just couldn’t resist.)

Comment by Al

That really saddens me. I loved Peter Boyle and thought he was great in his roles. And couldn’t agree more on Young Frankenstein.


Comment by Lampsha

OHP, when you referred to Boyle as a “regular Joe”, were you, maybe, subconsciously thinking of his first starring role in a movie?


Comment by Al

Very funny guy. Definitely the best thing about “Raymond.” While we’re name-dropping, the first time I remember seeing Peter Boyle was in a little film called Hardcore (no, not a porn film) starring George C. Scott, directed by Paul Schrader, who is from my hometown and was an acquaintance of my parents. I know, it’s a stretch.

Comment by Diesel

That is one of my favorite movies too. It played on tv quite a bit when I was growing up…. many a saturday afternoons I remember watching it while helping with clothes folding. 🙂

Comment by cj

I always liked him. My favorite role of his was as Wizard in Taxi Driver.

Comment by Doug

Al: i agree. and what are you sorry for? i’m the one who asked the shitty question! as for your other question, yeah that’s *exactly* what i was thinking when i called him a “regular Joe”. altho’ he seemed like one, anyway. xox

Lampsha: BoBo and i both noticed how gaunt Boyle looked throughout the final season of Everybody Loves Raymond, and we wondered if he hadn’t been sick for awhile. it is sad. especially because he wasn’t that old (okay, by MY standards, at any rate) BY THE WAY… you’re lookin’ mighty bright today — i’m guessing you had a good-yet-not-drunken-whored-up time at that office party? 😉 xox

Diesel: no more of a stretch that BoBo’s “hey, i sat across from Peter Boyle (in first class) on a flight from LA to NYC.” and i think you should get as much mileage out of that Paul Schrader connection as humanly possible. xox

CJ: i had the pleasure of seeing it in a theater when it first came out (i was in college). and it was such a surprise and a delight, since there had been nothing like it. the Gene Hackman appearance was total surprise, and an uncredited one, at that. (funny because Hackman won an oscar for his portrayal of “Popeye Doyle” in The French Connection, which was a role he landed after Boyle turned it down). xox

Doug: i always liked him, too. as for his role in Taxi Driver? from what i’ve read, Boyle didn’t love his performance in that film (or maybe it was the part?) still — his career was pretty darn impressive, whether he liked to think so, or not. xox

Comment by snuppy

That is correct – no drunken whorish-ness on my part and still had a good time! Ate, danced and was home by 10:15!

Comment by Lampsha

And no I do not dance like Elaine! The person who used to left the company which made me sad as she was good entertainment. That’s okay, who dirty danced with whom is always good for a yuck.

Comment by Lampsha

Lampsha: and nary an “old slut on junk” in site and/or on the dance floor, right? 🙂 (glad ya had fun, NBFF!) xox

Comment by snuppy

We here as casa de logophilia were discussing his passing last night. We were saddened too. Seemed such a wonderful human being in addition to being a fabulous actor.
Peace to him and his family.

Comment by logo™ with permission of Ariella

A lovely tribute, Snuppy. And, for the record. I give a shit, too, but am happy to read *whatever* you’d like to write, not just holiday stuff. xoxoxxo

Comment by blogitlikeyoumeanit

Oh, hell’s bells. It used my new wordpress account. Like ANYONE knows me there. Duh. Plus, it was TYPEPAD I figured out that I was wanting. Now the cat’s out of the bag. It’s a good thing I’m not in charge of national security. HA! ~ Ang @ Blog It

Comment by blogitlikeyoumeanit

I didn’t like the show Raymond but I did so enjoy Peter Boyle in it. Felt a squeeze of sadness when I learned he was gone.

I’m too lazy sick to imdb – is that Gene Hackman in the clip? Err now that I read up I see that yes…yes it is Gene Hackman. Okey doke…

Comment by littlebluepill

Hi Snuppy!

Yep, it’s me. I’m trying to separate out business and personal a bit better and thought momentarily (as you noticed) about going to Word Press. I’d very much like to use TypePad, but I don’t want to pay the $8 a month. Cheap, I know. xoxoxoxo

Comment by Angela

logo™ with permission of Ariella (and thank you, Ariella!): i’m sure his family is devastated, tho’, knowing he suffered, i’m sure they have peace of mind knowing he’s free from pain and in a much better place now. he did seem lovely. xox

Ang @ Blog it: so wait… are you our Angela? or a different Angela? an Angela we need to add to our side-bar? change on the side bar? i’m confused. very very very confused. not that this is anything new. xox

LBP: well yeah… lazy/sick/whatever… you’re excused for not wanting to imdb. when i first did this post, i added a link to his profile on imdb, but then i changed it to the “what i learned” interview from Esquire, because i thought it was a nice glimpse at the man behind the monster and/or curmudgeonly dad. and, tho’ we actually like the show “Raymond”, i completely agree — his character was the BEST thing about it! feel better. or motivated. or whatever it is that you need to feel today! (and don’t hate me for “beating” you to Miz B’s NEWEST POST. sometimes an old girl can get “lucky”, too!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Angela: hahaha! i left you that comment, then did this one, before seeing that you’d come back to clear things up for me! so?? what would you like to do? new site? both sites? your call, girlfriend (nice new look you have over there, i might add. and, really, WordPress is pretty darn good. i mean, BoBo and i use Typepad for our personal blogs, but i enjoy WordPress, too! and, let’s face it, “free” is a very good thing!) xox

Comment by snuppy

Well, he was very loved here. He even mad eit into the newspaper this morning and that is saying something. I atcually havenæt seen Young Frankenstein *holds head in shame* but i adored him in “Everybody loves Raymond”.
71 is no age, none at all.

Comment by Penguin

Oh my…during my absence some of our blogger buddies *points fingers at G and AL* have changed to beta blogger and now this here Penguin canæt comment anymore.
I tried 10 times until I saw letters all ove rthe place, before I stopped. It is tough!

Doe sanybody know how to help?

Comment by Penguin

Yep! You have to get yourself a gmail account to sign in with that! Do you want an invite? Cause I just switched my email on over and am in the process of prepping an email informing you all. So I can send you an invite and so then what you do with the beta accounts is sign in with your gmail username and password. Beta is being a bitch about it and is forcing users to get gmail as that is what we will have to use when we all go beta! BLACH!

As for Peter Boyle, Loverboy and I have been quite down about it… he was just brilliant and no one could have portrayed Frank on “Everybody Loves Raymond” like he did… and he was TOO young to pass away! Seriously devastating…

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Oh this beta blogger. I don’t know why they’re making it so hard to be a google user. You can’t get gmail unless it’s with an invite and yet you NEED gmail to use beta blogger.

I can hand out some gmail invites too.

And the revolution is coming my friends. Beta blogger is being prepped to become blogger especially since they’ve figured out how to send invite to “group” blogs. I had a beta invite with my blog account but I was too tired to do it so I skipped and now my invite is gone. mutter, mutter, mutter.

Comment by littlebluepill

Ok…I´ll try that! Thanks Miz B!

Comment by Penguin

LOVED him in Young Frankenstein – what a hysterical part he played!! Thanks for the great post.

Comment by tsduff

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