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De-lights! De-lights! by Snuppy
Tuesday, 19 December 2006, 9:17am
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WE know everyone and their grandmother has seen this video, but, because it’s so fun and so cool, we figured everyone and their grandmother wouldn’t mind watching it one more time. Believe it or not, there are at least 57,092 versions of this clip floating around in the Blogosphere, and we think we looked at 57,091 of ’em before we finally found the One Version that was in focus and had decent audio. Trust us, this “hunting around for videos” thing is a hell of a lot harder than it looks. Anyway, all we have to say is this: after all our efforts, you and your grandmother better damn well enjoy.

NOW, in the “spirit” of holiday excess, here’s a peek at the light show currently being presented at the Disney/MGM Studio theme park in Orlando, FL. Ever wonder what 5 million Christmas lights look like when synchronized to festive music? Neither did we, but that didn’t stop us from watching.

DON’T think for one minute we don’t know there are more — and better — synchronized holiday light/music videos out there in YouTube Land. We know. Hell, we’ve seen most of ’em. We practically made it our life’s work (for a day) to look through as many as we could find. Know what? Eventually, one man’s outrageouly decked out home looks pretty much like the next man’s ridiculously laser-lit lawn. Still, ya never can tell, maybe we’ll treat you to one or two more “happy” holiday videos over the next few days. Then again, maybe we’ll just stab ourselves in the eye with a sharp-yet-festive light stick.



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apologies for the crappy audio on that second video. there’s only one version of it sans throngs of people, and it showed more of the actual display, so i decided to forego one with the better sound for the only one with the better pictures. seemed like a decent trade-off. besides, last time i looked, that’s what the “volume” knob is for.

in the first one, i think it was especially clever of the folks programming to create the “illusion” of a car driving past. bet that one took some serious wiring (kidding — despite the car, this was still the best quality of this “light show” i could find) and ya know, the first time BoBo and i saw this (last year) we were completely blown away, but then it was turned into a crummy commercial, and suddenly it didn’t seem quite so special. cool, but “commercial”. not unlike the holidays. sigh xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

The amateur pagan bastards (above) have a real gift for decorating, but there’s no beating the professional pagan bastards who work at Disneyworld.

Comment by Al

Love the dancing lights…never get tired of the first video although I do fear our neighbors are headed in this direction.

Comment by Joel

Al: what? your decorations aren’t like this? i’m shocked. (kidding, i kid!) i’m just glad all the pagans elected to use good music. Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Mannheim Steamroller are two of our favorite providers of holiday tunes. (ooooh and speaking of favorites… BoBo and I are completely hooked on EVOC now, too. still knocked out by La Donna, but “Carmen” is running a *very* close second. thanks again for bringing them to our attention!) xox

Joel/BoBo: bite your tongue! altho’, i believe i *did* hear some festive music coming from that direction as i walked past their house, yesterday. i’m hoping one of their construction workers was just listening to the radio too loudly… otherwise, we have to move. (if they keep enhancing their crappy “light show”, we may have to move, anyway…) xox

Comment by snuppy

yikes…forgot my alter-ego there for a moment.

Comment by BoBo

Hiya, Snuppy! Have you listened to their “Flower Duet” yet? Remember: they’re live at Town Hall (NYC) in April. They’re releasing a new album ’round then, I think.

As for my holiday decorations, well, ahem, I went in a different direction this year. Here’s a quote from my 12/15 press release: “It isn’t the length of ther string that matters, but how you twinkle your lights.”

Comment by Al

Necessity is the mother of extension.

Comment by Al

Great vid’s – I have never seen/heard the first one, very cool.

Been to DisneyWorld for the light shows, long ago. Was spectacular, well worth staying for – if you can stay awake that long! LOL

Shall I be politically correct?? NO, damnit1 Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to all! Happy New Year, too! There, I feel better.

D 🙂

Comment by FelineFrisky

Oh My…excess. there are one or two houses I saw alight with the twinkling of a gazillion lights, but nothign compares to this. I canæt believe that si real and I feel sorry for those thousand workers who had to put those lights up and take them down again.
There is such a thing as crossing the line from good taste to excess riciluaire!
Not that I didnæt bob along to the music 🙂

Comment by Penguin

Penguin — don’t feel bad for the workers; to lower their costs, Disney now outsources the job. They ship all the houses to Hyderabad, where they’re dressed and lit for a few Rupis on the dollar, and then sent back and put on display — at this year’s slightly higher ticket price. Ho Ho Ho! and everybody’s happy.

If you wanna feel bad for somebody, feel bad for the local Orlando elves Disney laid off because they asked for a raise.

Comment by Al

Erick and I got back from our big holiday and found that the people across the street……. well it looks like Christmas threw up on them. *LOL* But now I can tell family when they come on Saturday that I am the house across from the the tacky christmas light display and they will know EXACTLY where we live.

I think tonight we’re actually going to take the kids out to look at all the lights.

Snuppy: Yep I got back late last night. It feels GOOD to be home!!

Comment by cj

I have to say I enjoyed the first one more than the Disneyland one mostly because I’m impressed that someone could do that! I expect Disneyland to be able to do that. I didn’t even get my lights up on my wee balcony this year. I thought of it but then it got cold and I thought “Enh, my cousin’s got enough lights on her balcony to light the entire complex.” And she does!

Hm…I’m in the mood to go see the Zoolights again.

Comment by littlebluepill

Here I thought my little menorah was nice…

Actually there is a game we are playing (whether or not Scissors agrees) called One Horse Open Sleigh (OHOS) in which we’ll ride around looking at lights – the kids and I in the backseat with a blanket on and every once in a while we’ll open the window for the authentic OHOS experience. Have I given this a lot of thought? Well we didn’t do it yet.

Tis the season…fa ra ra ra ra… xox

Comment by Lampsha

Now that I am recovered from my seizure from all the pretty lights, I’d like to point out that all the laid off elves have now moved into my neighborhood. Nothing wrong with elves, just saying that with the ticket prices, all the rides are now self serve. 🙂

Btw, on Thursday, I will have some silly Christmas poems, fit right in around here.

Comment by Brian

A laser-lit lawn? Really? Omg
Those are some impressive videos–good job, hard work rewarded! And patience, too.

Comment by actonbell

Actonbell, in the summer, they pump up the power to the lasers and use ’em to mow the lawn.

(Also reduces the troublesome local population of stray Dachshunds.)

Comment by Al

Al: i think i remember reading that… just as long as you’re not flashing your lights in public, it’s all good. xox

FF: we used to go up to the Magic Kingdom all the time when our kids were young, but i don’t think there was anything like this until just a few years ago. as for “politically correct”? i say it’s a good idea to cover *all* your holiday bases… 🙂 xox

Penguin: yeah, it’s a bit overwhelming, isn’t it? pretty, but excessively so. that said, i’m with you… tho’ critical, i can overlook such a blatant waste of energy for a moment or two, especially when the music is good! xox

Al: outsourced lighting? hah! good one. xox

CJ: glad you’re all home, safe and sound. we like driving around to look at lights, too. even as we wonder how much some of these folks will be paying for electricity next month (and yes, that *includes* our neighbors). oy. xox

LBP: yeah, to know someone did all that on their “own” dime does make it seem more impressive. i actually saw a news report about this — apparently one guy (who did a similar thing) spent 100’s of hours on computer programs/lighting, figuring out what went where and when, and to what song it would do “watt”. xox

Lampsha: will you do that in SoHo? (OHOS in SoHo has a nice ring to it…) we used to do stuff like that with our kids “way back when”, too! fa ra ra ra ra. or, as i like to say… fa la la la larrrrrghhhhhh. (my nerves are frayed, even as i type.) xox

Brian: so, wait… are the elves running rides in your neighborhood now? or just driving those golf carts? as for your Christmas poems… sounds like something to look forward to! thanks for the warning head’s up! xox

Actonbell: laser lights on the lawn! i SWEAR! and it’s impressive as hell. well, i don’t really know how impressive hell is, but those lights are pretty freaking cool! oooh, and welcome back, girlfriend. we missed you! 🙂 xox

Al: Dachshunds and/or moles. or is it voles? we seem to have both around here — they’ve constructed a veritable condimoleum in our back yard, much to Bobo’s chagrin. hmmmm. wonder if lasers would help….? xox

Comment by snuppy

Well, very late am I but not loving the vids any less! Nope, neither I nor my grandmother had seen either of the vids and WOW! I LOVED them! LOVED THEM I TELL YOU! ‘Tis the kid in me… such things just fascinate me to no end!

Funkified? FO SHO!

BRAVO on the constant faboo finds oh Snuppy de mi corazon! BRAVO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

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