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A Quickie by littlebluepill
Thursday, 21 December 2006, 8:28am
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jenna avatarLOOK who dropped back in to help sort through more Bloggy Beta-Not-Beta-Who-Knows-Beta-Late-Than-Never-Beta-Master-Beta-Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell-Beta stuff… the very delicious, very delightful, and oh-so-snarky Little Blue Pill. That Jenna — under the weather with the crappy flu, still on a “Blogging Break”, and yet, the girl with the gorgeous glitter lips has selflessly risked health and hard-drive for the greater good of this Snarky Blogging community. No wonder we love her so much (‘cuz we do… we really do!). And stop yer bitchin’, we don’t intend to “set-up” any more of LBP’s offerings, we just wanted to thank her “publicly” for the service she’s providing today. Plus it gives us the perfect excuse to stick her festive-yet-sexy avatar on the front page of this blog again. Win/win.

* * * * * * * * *

Just a wee update on the Peer Pressure post.

So, you Blogger users may have noticed you’ve been inundated with invites to the new beta blogger.

At four in the morning Tuesday (wait…is that Wednesday? What-ever…it was 4 am) when I was congested with this damn cold, I did the switch over to not-beta. All of my blogs have templates, I’m the big cheese in two team blogs, a little guppy on a team blog and I own a lot of independent blogs. All changed over…no problem. Templates? A-okay. So you with worries about your templates nothing will change although I have noticed with a few free-design templates there has been some shifting with the name higher up.

All you do is click your change over (or whatever it said…it was 4 am) walk away from the computer or go to a different site (say here for instance) and let blogger do the work. Easy peasy. You will be asked to create a google account…that’s the extent of your hard work.

So for Miz B and Minka and anyone else in love with their templates: ALL templates in your profile will remain as they are in the (old) Blogger.

May the not-Beta force be with you and party on dudes.

Happy Holidays from LBP!!

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A) the more i read about Blogger/Beta the happier i am we use WordPress here (thanks to Kyahgirl) and Typepad for my own blog (thanks to BoBo), and B) how cute is this video?? and no one better mock the fact that i like John Denver again, clearly i’m not the only one around these parts who does!

and thanks again, dear-self-sacrificing LBP for this informative-yet-festive post, hope you’re feeling better today! xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

Merry Christmas y’all!!!

Here is a holiday Haiku and for more, swing on by the hutch.

beta ate my blog
howls of despair soul is crushed
central snark has lips


Comment by Brian

I might like beta…

Let’s see if I grow the balls to do this!!!

*Holds her nose* Will the bohemian take the plunge?

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Yes…self-sacrificing….that is me!

Beta didn’t eat my blogs, Brian.

CYM: I told you…if need be – have a drink. Seriously…it’s not scary at all. Trust me woman.

Comment by littlebluepill

LBP…still glad I don’t use Blogger. Get well! Love the Muppetts!

Comment by BoBo

Thanks for the short and informative post, LBP.

Now, what about that quickie…?

Comment by Al

Well, I do trust you… because to take the risk of lying to a verbose, hoteheaded bohemian who cannot bite her tongue would be foolhardy and dangerous and well, you are not foolhardy and being a Piscean sistah and a Ladee at that, I trust thee FO SHO…

I am two things you see…

a) Lazy

b) Chicken shit


OK… I will say this and follow through… if these buyers give us the damn depost/holding fee/whatever damn label it must have… then I WILL switch or my name ain’t BoheMia!

Ha, ha, haaaa!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Feel better soon madame sparkly lips!

You make it sound easy and safe, and I’m sure you’r right, but I’m still too scared of losing stuff to switch over to Beta. Not till they make me!

Comment by Sar

The Muppets are awesome, aren’t they, Bobo? Now if I can just find Season One on DVD…

Al…did you miss the quickie? Darn. It was great.

CYM: Yep you’re so having a drink before you switch over.

Sar: It is easy and safe although you can always backup (how you do this? shrug, I so didn’t. oops) before you switch over.

Thanks for the well-wishes. I often feel that I’m losing the battle with this cold as it’s been winning for the past week. Oh let’s say two. Sigh. I hate being sick. Oh well on the plus side I won’t be able to taste the crap at this year’s Christmas luncheon. Bonus.

Comment by littlebluepill

John Denver and the muppets. It’s like 1977 all over again. Thank you.

And thanks, as always to the Little Blue Pill for being a beta-pioneer. Good to hear the natives are friendlyish.

Comment by Doug

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock…

Two hours left… although the Spanish are always late… I am awful at waiting, AWFUL I TELL YOU! And I have nothing to do… and no one is hanging out in the blogosphere these days… enough to make me want to scream BAH HUMBUG!


Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock…

You do realize that this is a countdown to my probably going beta! NOW I am freaking out FO REAL!


Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

You know Doug 1977 was a good year. ๐Ÿ™‚

That was pretty nifty. I’ll have to check and see if I can find that holiday special on DVD. I remember many a Saturday nights watching the muppets!

Comment by cj

Ahh yes, Doug, 1977. I remember it well.

Poor CYM. Patient are you not? Yeah…me neither. I gots me four more hours of waiting. Sigh. Waiting blows.

CJ: I loved The Muppets!! If you find the Christmas special on DVD…let me know!

Comment by littlebluepill

1977… I was 2. Ha, ha, ha, haaaaa!

Yes sweet LBP. Waiting blows, BLOWS I TELL YOU!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Talking Heads ’77 makes it a good enough year for me! I will check out the Muppets later from home. Jenna, thank you for this as I am sure it will all be helpful and make sense when I finally sit down and attempt to do some figuring out. For now, I post and comment and hope I will become adept enough to understand the basics.

Thank you for helping to that end. By the way, I do love your sparkly red lips, but have this sensation to lick my teeth whenever I see them because I am sure it would be uncomfortable to have those sparklies on the lips and they would get onto your teeth. But they are purty.

PS: I did see a link somewhere to some FAQ’s on becoming a master beta. If I can remember where, I’ll post a link. TTFN. xox

Comment by Lampsha

This is the link that I mentioned, FAQ’s. Have to read through it myself. I found it on Dan’s Blagh

Thanks Dan.

Comment by Lampsha

My waiting’s over…how’d yours go, CYM?

Lampy: There’s also Beta Blogger for Dummies which has some pretty cool things too!

Not sure I’d want to be a Master Beta…that sounds like a lotta work and work is something I don’t do.

Comment by littlebluepill

I am in the process of switching! It never asked me if I wanted the classic version though so I am about to throw up!


So yeah, the buyers came and gave the holding fee…

I… am… going… to… throw… up!!!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

I DID IT!!!!

Long live LBP! The titties are intact! We even figured out how to kill the navbar! WOOH TO DA HOOH!

I heart LBP! FO SHO!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

Yay and with minimal throw-up too CYM! I

Comment by littlebluepill

what the hell! Where’d the rest of my comment go? Fucking wordpress.


I heart CYM too!

For the record: the “new” blogger doesn’t ask if you want the classic version. It automatically changes over to the Classic mode and it’s upto you, trusty blogger, to decide if you want “Classic Blogger” or “New Blogger”

Comment by littlebluepill

uh… have i missed anything today? actually, it would appear i have. so glad to know SOME of you were having fun while i was taking my dogs to and from the groomers. driving through the traffic from Hell because people are so fucking stupid i can hardly stand it. and did i mention that it was the drive from HELL? that, at one point, when 2 lanes merge into one yet the drivers of 2 cars driving side-by-side are having an argument despite the FACT that there are at least 18 FUCKING CARS BEHIND THEM all honking their horns the lady in the one car who’s screaming at the guy in the other car — both cars of which are directly in front of moi — turns and flips ME off because, despite the fact that all fucking 18 cars are honking (and i’m the only one who’s NOT) she’s decided that I’M the once causing all the brouhaha? so she leans out so far one of her boobs nearly falls out of her fucking cheap sweater and screams at me “WHAT IS YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM, BITCH??” and i smile and shrug my shoulders, because, really, what else am i gonna do — she speeds up and almost hits a parked car (because did i mention the merging lane thing, which had happened a block ago, but this fucking bitch didn’t notice because she was too busy yelling at that guy, and then at ME??) aieeeeee! i hate when that happens.

anyway — at least you guys had fun, today. golly that makes me happy, and not at all bitter. xox

Comment by snuppy

oops. i didn’t mean to say any of that stuff out loud. ignore me… i’m just in a crappy mood after that crappy drive home following that even crappier encounter with that fucking bitch in the cheap crappy sweater. i’m over it now. xox

Comment by snuppy

Snup. I see my sister is home from Spain. Glad you had room.

Comment by Doug

“Snup! Its ok, shhh, its ok, shhh, its ok…” (I used to be a hostage negotiator. I’m good, huh?)

Comment by Al

AHHHH … I LOVE THAT VIDEO! Muppets Christmas is one of the best.

Comment by Anita

Ahh poor Snups. Sit back and I’ll pour you a glass of egg nog. okay it’s more nog than egg. Okay it’s more rum than nog. Okay. It’s all rum.

Comment by littlebluepill

Good work Al, thanks for keeping her calm until I could get here. Jenna, drink up – no rum for the Snupster. There there, now go sleepies (as I tell my kids).

Snuppy, it was a bad day to be on the road. By the time I made my way cross the local streets, I had been flipped off by three different cultures – all because they disobeyed the rules of the road and I chose to drive safely.

Can these holidays be over fast enough? Well for me – no. Everyone’s all hepped up over what they need to do, who they’re doing it to and what they’re getting in return.

Happy Holidays and g’night.

Comment by Lampy

Pay no attention to that stunned collagen lipped avatar – that’s me – Lampy! I mean pay attention to it when it’s Snuppy.

Okay then, nighty night!

Comment by Lampy

ah Lampy: that stunned collagen-plumped pucker (as opposed to LBP’s glitter-glazed glammed up lips) belongs to whoever’s hanging on to the blog key! (in other words, any and/or all of us. and yes, it *can* get tight when we’re all inside that pink lycra hood…)

so sorry i gave in to my inner rant, earlier — so GLAD to know i’m not the only recipient of undeserved flippery and/or fuckery (as in “fuck you bitch”. as if that boob-hanging-out-of-her-crappy-sweatered bitch could drive behind me in a car wash, much less berate me out on the fucking open road. but i digress… and with vulgarities on my not-so-collagen-plumped lips and/or finger-tips, at that!) seriously, Lampy, don’t these people know they’re supposed to stay out of OUR way? do they teach NOTHING in driver’s ed these days??? apparently not. sigh. xoxox

tomorrow’s another day, another potential to encounter more multi-cultural and/or badly-dressed drivers. yeesh. happy freakin’ holidays. ho ho ho. (that’s just what the screaming/crappy driving bitch was, too — a ho.)

G’night dear friends… thanks for the kind words, the offer to soothe my fragile nerves with rum (i find i respond well to chocolate in just these kinds of situations…) — ooooh, and for that fabulous post by our even MORE fabulous LBP!

Comment by snuppy

Goodness me Snuppy that sounds like a horrible drive! Hopefully you were able to relax with your well groomed doggies and catch your breath!

Comment by cj

CJ: missed you! yep, it wasn’t pretty, but the puppies were (and are) — which made the drive HOME lovely. ๐Ÿ™‚ xox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

oops…. those were *my* stunned collagen-plumped lips that time… oy. off to bed. clearly i need to west. xox

Comment by snuppy

Oh no sweet amiga! What an ordeal on the road! You are sounding like me! Fine times we would have on the road I tell you! I am not the model of calm I tell you! Dios mio!

Tell that bitch that next time you will let your posse loose on her sorry ass… or hanging tit… and she will know better than to mess with our snuppy!

Well, off I go to take the kids to school! Lil’ BoheMia’s show is today… singalicious! The boy had his yesterday but cried the whole way through the poor thing! When people clapped he freaked out at the noise and the teacher made him stay up there! Aaaaah! And Loverboy held me down from rushing the stage to grab him! Not good… at least the knowledge that the girl loves being on stage is comforting! So off I go! Besos to all!

Comment by Catty Yummy Mummy

CYM: it should be noted that i am normally patient and polite, but under such circumstances, i believe Mother Teresa would have cussed that ho’s ass off.

as for the pagentry?! how fun!! ‘cept poor Lil’ Mischief…. i SWEAR that sounds like something #2 would have done when he was that age (one year Joel read “The Night Before Christmas” to both boys, and our youngest — who was three — stopped him when he got to the part about the reindeer on the roof and pouted and said “But I don’t like noisys!” … he was worried Santa was going to cause a racket on our roof. and don’t get me started on his antics in pre-K classes (hiding under the table at recess? screaming until the teacher had to call me, because he didn’t want to cooperate?? aieee. good times.) hopefully your experiences will be better, sweet BoheMia — and i can’t wait to hear about both of your kids’ shows! xoxo

Comment by snuppy

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