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Saturday Spin by Snuppy
Saturday, 23 December 2006, 10:10am
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Oh how I tried. I fell asleep trying. To find the Pretenders singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, that is.  Nowhere. I happened to love the album A Very Special Christmas from 1987. It perfectly encapsulated the pop/rock music scene at that time with some very nice renditions of Christmas classics.  But am I offering up any of that today? No. If you own it, now might be the time to dig it out though.  My heart was set on that one song, without it – I can’t go on.

But I will go on and offer up a nice Christmas music assualt alternative in the form of Damien Rice. He is a brooding Irish singer and he’s kind of cute, which is always a bonus (sorry I know that doesn’t constitute useful information for some of you). But I love the building swirl of layers of the piano, their voices, the cello, the drums.  Ah you know what, did I read up on him and do my research?  No. So why don’t we cut to the chase for today.  Below is the video for 9 Crimes from the album 9 which is a recent release.  I think he may even fit in nicely with your last minute Christmas shopping (although there is something about a loaded gun…pay no attention to that part). Oh and lest I forget, here is a link to HIS SITE, which depedent upon whether you like the video or not, is a little Christmas gift for you. There you can check out his other videos and music and you know, fa ra ra ra ra…

~ DJ Lampsha


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DJ Lampsha! always the trooper (said her NBFF, grateful in the knowledge Lampsha has the sore throat and not me…) LOVE this song/video. oh, i might have been a wee bit disappointed that you couldn’t find the other video — but i remembered that we DO have that album (or CD or iTune) so what the hell, i’ll grab it as we dash for the door in “quick! let’s beat the masses to Starbucks and get our TGSNWM’s before everyone in the world gets there, first!” (we hate when that happens) great start to a bleak and more than a little stressed out Holiday weekend, dear friend! thanks!! xoxox

Comment by One Hot Puppy

What’s that Snuppy? I couldn’t quite understand what you were saying behind that surgical mask. You know, I’m sorry that I taunted you with the mention of the first song, but if I didn’t, my post would have been cut in half 🙂

Now run like the wind, you don’t want to get mangled in with the masses for your lattes! Glad you enjoyed and thanks. xoxoxox

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Beautiful song DJ Lampsha and perfect for the decompression necessary after being in the company of the massess scurrying to and fro. Feel better!!!

Comment by BoBo

Nice find, Lampy. Merry Christmas, snarksters, and have a great weekend.

Comment by Al

Oooh that was beautiful. And he IS cute.

Okay…off to tackle last minute shopping. That’s why they invented bookstores y’know. And I’ve decided I’m going to dress up tomorrow night and look all girly but only if the expensive ($110…WTF!) skirt I want is on sale. Oh sure I won’t be able to roll around on the floor with the nephew but I’ll look H-a-w-t.

but if i don’t make it out of the shopping hordes surrounding my home…Merry Christmas, Snarkers!

Comment by littlebluepill

That’s very nice–I really like the cello, and the great contrast between the two voices. Thank you for another nice recommendation.

And I’m sorry you couldn’t find the Pretender song–that’s frustrating. I do have the CD you mention, and agree that it’s a treasured part of the holiday collection–which did not get any additions this year. Hmm
Merry Christmas to everyone!

Comment by actonbell

Oh yes, this here Penguin is very familiar with the song abilities of Mr.Damien Rice.
She is also familiar with his utter good looks, and that always makes for good information in my book 😉
Very nice indeed.
I love the contrast between teh two voices very much, never seen that girl before though, she is a voice to be reckoned with!

Comment by Penguin

Bobo, it is a good decompression song, isn’t it? Thanks, just headachey, sniffley – nothing too terrible…I hope.

Al, I am happy to have found Damien this year. Merry to you and the family.

LBP: Thought you might appreciate himmmmm. Listen, I say buy the skirt no matter what. After all, if you can’t treat yourself at Christmastime, when can you?! Merry Christmas and enjoy your little nephew.

Actonbell, I do love the cello too – it’s such a beautiful touch with their voices. Glad you enjoyed and glad to see you back in town. Merry Christmas to you and Ekim and the entire Pez Family!

Penguin, I thought you might find that information useful. Ooh glad you’re familiar already, I think I may have to pick up this new album of his. In YouTube, I saw her on a few videos dating back a couple of years and I agree she’s got a beatufiul voice – they meld together nicely.

Well Snarksters, enjoy your pre-Christmas prep and your Christmas Holiday. Try to relax a bit in between. xox

Comment by DJ Lampsha

Ah DJ Lampsha: ’twas a hectic day, despite our best efforts to keep things on the down low (or low down, or down town…) whatever ’twas meant to be? ’twas not. sigh. perhaps i should have removed my surgical/holiday mask after all… at least with a sore throat i’d have had an excuse to “chill” out a bit more, and stress out a bit less.

still — this beautiful mellow tune should be the perfect remedy for frayed everythings… so i shall take one more listen before turning back the covers and turning in, in hopes that more than dollar signs — representing all the bills that need to be paid — and/or names (of all who *won’t* be receiving Christmas cards from us this year) will be dancing in my head. sweet dreams? not on this holiday watch. oy. (hope you’re feeling better, girlfriend) xox

Comment by snuppy

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!! Its Christmas Eve here at our house and all is pretty quiet. I have a fancy brunch nearly ready to go. My sister is here for the holiday and our little girls are still in their jammies watching Frosty the Snowman. We went to a birthday party last night for our cousin – so my sister and I are moving slow today. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Comment by cj

Hey Lampy!

Absolutely loved the song, though the guy didn’t do a thing for me (smile.) I look forward to your posts for exciting and new things like this; at least new to me.

Comment by Pavel

C’mon Pavel, not even a little cute? That’s okay I realized that was only useful information for some. Though most importantly, you enjoyed the song which makes me happy to share!

Comment by DJ Lampsha

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